Brian S. Keane

August 19, 1957May 10, 2018

Brian S. Keane was born on August 19, 1957 and passed away on May 10, 2018


  • Helping Hands of Myrtle Beach
  • The Cheyenne River Youth Project

Brian S. Keane

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Richard Wilson

May 29, 2018

I am saddened to hear of Brian’s passing. My prayers go out to his family. I am still in shock. Brian was one of kind and larger than life. Brian and I had been friends for 36 years. We met in the summer of 1982 at the Monroe Nautilus Fitness Center. At the time he was the instructor there and we quickly became friends. I am so glad that I was able to tell him how he influenced my life. He was a mentor and the brother I never had. He was flattered and humbled by it. I last spoke to him 2 years ago and we laughed as we always did. We reminisced about the past. Brian loved to make you laugh. His sense of humor was mischievous and contagious. I have so many great memories. As I read through the guest book I am reminded of all the Brianism’s and nicknames that he created for everyone. Brian had a unique ability to make you feel good about yourself. Brian was caring, funny, honest, and loved life. He was a loyal and dedicated friend. He was always upbeat and positive. I never knew him not to be happy. I miss all those summers long ago at Fairfield Beach and working out at Fitness World. I feel so grateful to have met Brian and I will cherish our friendship forever. I am a better person for having known him.

Scott B.

May 27, 2018

I met Brian at Gold’s Gym back in the late 80’s. He noticed I was wearing a T-shirt from a high school in Connecticut and walked over and introduced himself being from CT too. He was always kind to me and we’d always get excited when we ran into each other around town over the years. Brian was big and tall and could probably be a little intimidating if you didn’t know him but was very soft spoken, polite and a lot of fun. My fond memory of Brian was when we were at the gym and he learned a body building contest was just announced and he asked me if I thought he should enter. I told him absolutely! I was no where near Brian in the world of body building but I was flattered he asked for my input and support. The contest rolled around and I was so proud of him at so many levels. He wasn’t the biggest or best body builder out there but we knew that going into it. I admired the courage he had to do it and we even had our own cheering section for him that day. I don’t think he placed in the event that day and he was a little disappointed. I thought he did fabulous and was my hero that day. It’s amazing how an old sweaty Joel Barlow High School Tshirt I was wearing that day brought us together as friends. It was truly a privilege to know him.....

Your friends at True Benefit

May 23, 2018

Words cannot express how deeply saddened we all are for the world's loss. We are humbled by all the love and caring you express for us everyday and are confident that Brian felt that love and more.
A small measure but nonetheless heartfelt, is our donation in Brian's name to the Cheyenne River Youth Project. What a beautiful legacy to leave behind.
We love you Tori and pray for Brian.

Frank Colacurcio

May 17, 2018

This is a tough one. Brian was a great friend. I never laughed as much as when we got together. He was always a positive person. Talked to him about a year ago and we didn't miss a beat. Nothing but great memories. From young Frank to Brian (your dad) miss ya brother

Dave Johnson (DJ)

May 17, 2018

Tori, so sorry to hear about Brian, I always considered him a good and loyal friend. Even after he moved south, if we ran into each other he would pick up the conversation as if we had seen each other the day before. Your parents and mine were close so I got to know your family pretty well. I will remember Brian for a couple of things... his loyalty to his brother, his slightly warped sense of humor, when he and I would strap his sunfish to the roof of his Javelin and go down to Long Island sound and pretend to sail, and the time we spent in Colorado. He will be missed.

Glen Prentice

May 16, 2018

My sincere condolences to Tori and family. Brian was a good friend growing up in Monroe. We played football together and shared many good times. It has saddened all of our friends upon hearing of Brian's passing. Please know that he and everyone else in my thoughts and prayers. He will surely be missed.

Phyllis Jones-Mejia

May 15, 2018

I Offer My Sincerest Condolences To The Family Of Brian Stefano Keane. Stefano And I Became Acquainted October,2014. We Became Very Good Friends And Would Share And Talk About Many Things.Stefano Was A Confidante,Prayer Partner And Very Hard,Dedicated Worker.Stefano Adored His Family,I Felt As If I Knew Them Personally He'd Speak Ok Them So Fondly.I Miss My Friend Dearly,If I Needed Advice Or A Laugh Or Prayer I Could Always Count On Stefano As He Could Me. Rest Easy Stefano! Love Always. My Thoughts And Prayers Are With You Family And Friends 🌹❤

Scott Rose

May 15, 2018

I am saddened to hear of Brian's passing, but so glad to know that he is without a doubt in Heaven. Brian was always so kind to me as a kid growing up next door to him- 12 years younger. His mother, father, sister (Tori) and Dennis- all were so kind. I have thought of you all many times throughout the years, be it Brian playing basketball with me (and letting me win), Dennis coming over to borrow eggs, Mr. Keane's duty in WW2 (I wrote a report on this my sr. year in HS), etc.
I stopped in unannounced on Brian a few times over the years- just to check up and let him know that he meant a lot to me. He was always gracious- stopped what he was doing and made time for me.
Tori, I am sorry for your loss. He is a truly good man; I look forward to seeing him again one day.

Jennifer O'Dell

May 14, 2018

Just about a month or so ago, Brian said to me, “I think I met an angel today”. He painted a pretty vivid picture of the unusual interaction. I wish I could remember more of the little details, but what I recall is still pretty awesome.
Brian was at the pharmacy picking up some scripts. While he was waiting, he was browsing around and an old man approached him in one of the isles. He said to Brian, “Young man, are you going to heaven?” Brian answered, “I am”. The old man asked, “How do you know you’re going to heaven?”. To that, Brian replied as he held the cross around his neck, “Because I know Jesus Christ is my savior”. The old man told Brian he was impressed that without hesitation Brian declared Jesus Christ as his savior and that it had taken him a much longer time in his own life before he was able to speak of Jesus’ name to a total stranger. Pleasantly, as you’d then imagine, the old man said, ”God bless you son” and carried on. Almost immediately, Brian followed him, but when he rounded the corner, the old man was gone. Brian said he was nowhere in sight. He believed he encountered an angel, and wondered if he would ever see him again.
At the time, Brian told me that he may tell his sister about this, but probably no one else because it was so strange-sounding. Tori, if Brian told you about this, I hope you recall even more of the details. In case he didn’t tell you about it, I wanted to make sure you knew about it, and I hope it brings some comfort to your aching heart as it does mine.