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Jeshua Zion Miller

May 5, 2004April 1, 2020

Jeshua Zion Miller passed away on April 1, 2020. He was born on a Spring day on May 5th 2004 in Boulder, Colorado and was a sophomore at Longmont High School. He was 15 years old. Jeshua had a smile that instantly brightened any room and greatly enjoyed having those around him, family and friends laugh along with him. Hi hobbies included playing video games, making music, creating works of art, being outdoors in nature, hiking and photography. The rays of the sun shining through trees were favorites of his to capture photos of. Jeshua always thought of himself as “weird” with a big heart. The chaos of this earth was such that it simply was not a good enough place for him. His amazingly beautiful, kind and loving spirit is finally at peace in the kingdom of heaven. Jeshua is survived by his parents: Richard Sebaduka and Angela Noble-Sebaduka, and his brothers: Judah Noble and David Sebaduka. Survived by relatives: Grandparents Sharon and Cameron Richardson of Yoder, Colorado, Grandfather Ray Noble of Whidby Island in Washington State, Great-Grandmother Barbara Linder of Lincoln, Nebraska, Uncle Jason Noble of San Diego, California, Aunt Prema Noble of Chattanooga, Tennessee, Godmother Christina Fogg of Longmont, Colorado; Grandparent Richard Wakibugu, Uncle Jack Majwega and sister Elsie Nakafu.

The family has planned a celebration of life for Saturday June 6, 2020 at Foothills Gardens of Memory. 14241 N 107th St. Longmont, CO 80504. They also ask that in lieu of flowers please consider a donation towards flowers for his service at A Florae, 931 Main St. or 720-318-7327.


6 June

Celebration of Life

11:00 am

Foothills Gardens of Memory

14241 N. 207th St.
Longmont, CO 80504


Jeshua Zion Miller

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Christina Fogg

May 30, 2020

My sweet Jeshua I remember the day you entered this world you and your mom we're so beautiful together I will never forget that day . You've brought so much happiness and love , and hope into my life. Tyler sees you and your brothers as his brother, and I see you all as my own children we've had so many happy times and I looked forward to so many more you will be greatly missed you were my little buddy and I want to thank you for all that love you gave me while you were here you are truly missed.

Cadence Ledford

May 29, 2020

I don't even know where to begin. Jeshua was such a great friend, he always had the best smile and tried to make sure everyone around had a smile on their face as well. He will be missed so much. We made so many great memories. One time we met up at sunset and he wanted to have a job as a lifeguard and so his mom and him talked to lifeguards, and he got to try out, to see what the actual interview was like and it was pretty cool to see him trying out. Or the time I ran into him at the fair grounds that was such a great time as well. Anytime hanging with him was a great time. He was amazing, and funny, and all around the best person. He always had the biggest smile and always made funny jokes. I was very lucky to know him. I am very sorry for his loss. He was/is loved and missed and always will be. Rest In Peace. Fly high jesh.


May 29, 2020

Jeshua you had the sweetest and most contagious smile. I met you once when you visited Uganda. The time we spent together as family will always be remembered and treasured. You were such a passionate boy. Your family will miss you so much.

One special memory I have of you was your love for Bananas a.k.a bogoya in Luganda one of the local dialects in Uganda.

Rest in Peace sweet soul

Richard Sebaduka

May 28, 2020

Not a day goes by without a vivid memory of your love and kindness. Jeshua you molded me into being alot more responsible and caring. Grand ma and grandma in Uganda remember having enjoyed your very charming smile and playfulness.
Jeshua just had this enthusiasm to discover, new heights. He ventured into unique understandings of different cultures . From Africa to Japan and back home.
I love you Jeshua.
Your Family in Uganda will miss you dearly
Aunties Liz,Ethel,Faith and Uncles Danny and William.
Grandma and Grandapa Ntulume of Konge will enjoy there last memories of u with them for ever.

RIP Jeshua

Adriana Villagrana

May 26, 2020

Jeshua was a really sincere, funny, and caring person. His humor, smile, and that special way to make people smile and laugh will be missed truly. Jeshua made me smile in times were I would feel down he would always ask how I’ve been and I would tell him, and whatever I would talk with him about he never was the person to judge he would always listen and say that everything would be fine and bring a joke or two in the middle of the conversation and that would make my day. I remember we would always walk together to our algebra class complaining and joking around on how we didn’t want to walk in to that class. I would always tell you to sit next to me in that class because I truly enjoyed talking to you and joking around with you. I’m going to miss when you would always ask me if I had a pencil. I’m going to miss when you would send me the amazing pictures you would take and ask me if they were good or not and they were beautiful. You told me you wanted to be a professional photographer in the future and it breaks my heart that you couldn’t make that dream come true. But I know you are in a better place now. Rest In Peace Jeshua. I will miss you a lot. My condolences go out to his family I’m really sorry for your loss.

Jamie morales

May 23, 2020

He always made me laugh when I was in a bad mood and always brighten up my day. Rest in peace.😔

Haylie Nunn

May 23, 2020

I remember hanging out with you every single day at Loo. You were such a kind boy when I met you. You had the purest smile and words of wisdom like no other. Im so hurt that you’re no longer with us, It hurts knowing I’ll never see you again but you’re in a better place. Thank you for being my friend fly high n rest easy. We love and Miss you Jeshua

Cameron Carnagie

May 23, 2020

He was suck a great kid always helped me out even i was having a bag day at school he would come up to me and say can i help you feel better i said yes and he did made me laugh smile i can't believe he is gone R.I.P sweet angle always and forever I my hear

Samantha Wildey

May 23, 2020

Jeshua was a really good friend of mine we had alot of good memories together from middle school to high school he was a great perosn he always knew how to make me laugh ima miss him so so much R.I.P buddy he's up in a better place now and he will be missed i remember this one time we were in class and we were wipring and the teacher asked if we would like to share wit the class i said i its none of you guys bussions and i looked at him and he was laughing he had the most beautiful smile ever he was the sunshine after those rainny days. R.I.P good friend i am going to miss you more then u think I'll see u one day agian

Alexandrya Tully

May 22, 2020

It’s crazy but when he passed, all I could think about is how we would share smiles and conversations anytime we saw each other in the hallways throughout high school. Those conversations were never small talks either, we really wanted to know how one and another was doing. I remember one day he asked how I was doing and I replied, “I’m doing alright how are you?” and he then said, “No seriously Alex, how are you doing?”. Probably the most genuine and humorous person I have ever met. In middle school, he definitely frustrated the teachers with his silly jokes and “distractions”. But I’ve realized that that’s exactly who Jeshua is. He loved seeing other people smile, as I have loved to see him smile. We share the same birthday, throughout middle school we would always have fun telling each other happy birthday because it’s not everyday that you find someone you share it with. I know for sure he is smiling down on everyone he loved and admired. Rest in peace angel, you are loved by many and always will be.


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