Stig Enggaard Peitersen

February 18, 1960May 19, 2020

Stig Enggaard Peitersen was born in Copenhagen, Denmark on February 18, 1960 to Dan and Alice Peitersen. Surrounded by his loving family, Stig passed away peacefully at home on May 19, 2020.

Stig spent his youngest years in Copenhagen. He had very fond memories of extended family and sailing with his father. He and his family immigrated to Schenectady, New York in 1969, where he learned to speak English among his third grade classmates.

In 1970 Dan moved his family to Caracas, Venezuela. Stig continued his schooling in Caracas and met the love of his life in 1973, in the eighth grade. He had scores of Venezuelan and international friends, many with whom he enjoyed playing soccer and tennis competitively. While in his teens, Stig was an accomplished tennis player and was ranked Number 2 in the country.

In 1977, he had graduated high school from Colegio Internacional de Caracas in three years. He then returned to Denmark to continue an intense education at Soro Academie boarding school for another two years.

Never having been interested in any other girl, in 1979 Stig secretly applied to the University of Oklahoma, located in Norman, Cristina’s hometown. He surprised her by calling her when his plane landed in the States. Stig proposed on the university campus and the blissfully happy couple married in 1982 in Norman.

Attending the University of Oklahoma, Stig obtained a B.S. in chemical engineering in 1985, graduating #1 in his class. However, he set his sights on medical school, after his wife nervously rejected his initial desire to be a pilot in the Royal Danish Air Force. In 1990, he became Stig Peitersen, M.D. He was selected to complete a neurosurgery residency at OU and then a fellowship at Hermann Hospital in Houston, Texas. Dr. Peitersen became board certified in Neurological Surgery in 1996. Later that year, the Peitersen family moved to Lufkin, Texas, where Stig and Cristina joyfully raised three daughters. Dr. Peitersen opened his Neurosurgery practice in Lufkin in 1997 where he dedicated himself and his expertise to serving his community. He so treasured his incredible office staff and his talented surgical team.

In his 40s and 50s, Dr. Peitersen took up running marathons. Initially, his family enjoyed teasing him about running in the ‘Clydesdale’ category. However, he not only succeeded in running marathons, he excelled and qualified for the Boston Marathon four times.

Among many other interests, Dr. Peitersen began beekeeping -- in his backyard. As with everything he pursued in life, he turned to beekeeping with passion and enjoyed sharing his honey harvests.

Dr. Peitersen was also an inventor and was granted a U.S. patent for one of his unique ideas. Many have referred to him as a ‘renaissance man’, able to do or create anything. Yet, Stig was a quiet Dane with a wicked sense of humor, a brilliant mind and a loving, gentle heart. His greatest love and accomplishment was his family.

Dr. Peitersen is survived by his wife, Cristina Peitersen of Lufkin, daughter, Annika and TJ Johnson of Nashville, TN; daughter, Katrina and Shaun Kietzer of Nashville, TN; daughter, Allesa Peitersen of Lufkin; grandchildren, Haagen and Annelise Johnson; brother, Ole and Martha Peitersen of Tampa, FL; brother, Lars Erik Peitersen of Copenhagen, Denmark; brother-in-law E.R. and Kimberly Ashford of Houston, TX; nephew, Frankie Ashford; nieces, Holly Ashford, Natasha Peitersen and Erika Peitersen; his extended and loved Danish family. Many, many very cherished friends and colleagues.

A memorial service will be held at Gipson Funeral Home at 2:00 p.m. Sunday, May 31st.

In lieu of flowers, please consider making a donation to the in Dr. Peitersen’s honor.

Services have been placed in the trust of Gipson Funeral Home. Condolences may be offered at


  • Cristina Peitersen, Wife
  • Annika and T. J. Johnson, Daughter
  • Katrina and Shaun Kietzer, Daughter
  • Allesa Peitersen, Daughter
  • Haagen and Annelise Johnson, Grandchildren
  • Ole and Martha Peitersen, Brother
  • Lars Erik Peitersen, Brother
  • E. R. and Kimberly Ashford, Brother-in-Law
  • Frankie Ashford, Nephew
  • Holly Ashford, Niece
  • Natasha Peitersen, Niece
  • Erika Peitersen, Niece
  • Dr. Peitersen was also survived by his extended and loved Danish family. Many, many very cherished friends and colleagues.

    He was preceded in death by his parents, Dan and Alice (Toftager) Peitersen.

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31 May

Memorial Service

2:00 pm

Gipson Funeral Home


1515 S. Chestnut
Lufkin, Texas


Stig Enggaard Peitersen

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laura Whatley Gray

May 31, 2020

I’m so sorry Katrina , Annika , Alessa and Mrs. Peiterson . I have fond memories of Dr. Stig and my dad playing tennis together . I remember etiquette classes with Mrs. Peiterson one summer . I always admired Dr. Peiterson’s brilliant mind . His hands and mind healed so many people. He has a beautiful family and he will be missed . I will keep everyone in my prayers . . Sincerely , Laura Whatley Gray

Hartmut Junghahn

May 30, 2020

I, like so many, will miss Stig — his shy, humble but firm smile, his wisdom and much more…
Stig and I met as young boys in Caracas in the 70’s, playing sports, competing fiercely yet cavalierly, playing around, and occasionally sharing stories that ought best not told here. But he smiled “…ear to ear…” according to daughter Annika, when reminiscing about those good old days. Stig, although rather quiet, was always good and fun to be around. His brilliant mind came across repeatedly, not least when playing chess, very seriously. On the tennis court, he was a true gentleman, but a tough competitor. Great battles we had…

I remember well when he courted Cristina, both young, still in school. A testament to his love and loyalty…all his life. While most of us dated several different girls, Stig was steady, mature and always in love with Cristina. It was beautiful to observe from afar…

It is a sad and painful irony that someone with Stig’s intelligence, determination, dedication and successful in saving others’ lives, departed at such an early stage. Destiny can be unfair. However, I wish and pray that his beautiful wife Cristina, gorgeous daughters and all relatives, surrounded by their loved ones, will indeed find the strength and courage to move-forward, honoring Stig and everything he touched and so well influenced. I can’t express it better than what Annika wrote to me, “…he was such a wonderful dad, husband, grandfather, doctor, friend and person…”.
Cristina, you know the “Caracas Boys” (and girls) are here, for your support and friendship. We are willing and able to help in any capacity. I will continue admiring Stig’s life…forever!

With deepest sympathy and friendship, always. My dear friend Stig, rest in peace!


Becky Hardy

May 27, 2020

I met Dr. Peitersen back in 2001 when he did surgery to remove a pituitary tumor. He was my blessing and saved my life. Then over the years he did surgery on my niece, my nephew, my son and my grandson for broken bones. Then came emergency surgery on my husband's back. This was his third and he said this one did better then the first two(from someone else). Deepest Sympathy From the Depths of My Heart for Your Loss. And the Loss For Our Community. I Admired and Respected Him Immensely.

Leslie Friday

May 25, 2020

Scrubbed for Dr. Peit for 15 years. He saved many lives and improved the quality of life of many others. As a case became more tedious his calm nature became even calmer and instilled a calmness in those involved with the procedure. He always had a smile, a kind word, and very quick wit. Although others will perform procedures in OR 3, for me, OR 3 will always be your room Dr. Peitersen. Love and miss you and your quirky grin! Rest In Peace. My prayers for comfort and peace to your family in this time of their great loss.

Sherryl Wigley

May 24, 2020

I first met Dr. Pieterson the morning he did surgery on my Dad, FL Campbell, after my Dad had a fall resulting in a subdural hemotoma.
Dr. Pieterson was so kind in explaining the surgery and possible outcome. My Dad survived the surgery and was cared for by
Dr. Pieterson. This gave us some quality time with our Dad so we could have some time to care for him and resolve some issues that we needed to overcome. I always thought so highly of this wonderful Doctor. It was a great day when he chose to come to Lufkin when he could have gone anywhere. I thanked God for him then and I thank God now he gave so much to us. Family, May God bless you immensely.

Luisa Kwant Mackay

May 24, 2020

Both Stig and Cristina are an integral part of my years in Caracas, Venezuela. We went to the same high school, C.I.C., and the same sports club CSC. So many memories. Stig was so loyal, so calm, so dedicated, so well dressed, and he was always striving to become a better person. Under all that quietness there was a very competitive person who also always wanted to make sure he was giving his all to succeed in what ever he choose to do. Stig shall be missed in so many parts of the world by his friends and family but most of all by Cristina, Annika, Katrina and Allesa. It is difficult to understand that such a wonderful person, who dedicated his life to helping others overcome their battles, had to loose his at this young age. No matter where any of us shall be, Stig will always be part of us, and will always be remembered. Wishing Cristina and the family lots of strength and may the great memories carry you through these difficult times. Craig Mackay and Luisa Kwant Mackay. Below the picture of our yearbook of high school.

Karen Reid

May 24, 2020

There no words to express my sorrow over the passing of this wonderful man.
He was my Mother's physician for many years and he provided such excellent care.
I am heartbroken for his family and friends and for his many patients.
God Bless you sir.

Deborah Lankford

May 24, 2020

In 2001 I first met Dr. Peiterson at MMCET. He preformed disc surgery that Oct. and I had complications after a 12+ hr surgery. He was there for my family for the total 50+days I was hospitalized. He saved my life. My follow up was on his 42nd birthday...42 and Scooby Do. He's been there for me so many more times. RIP my friend. Prayers for his family & friends.

mary watts

May 24, 2020

I do not have space to write how I loved respected this man.So I will just say,so glad this nurse was able to be there at MMCET when you came to have been privileged to work with you learn from you and become friends with you.A great loss to the Medical Family but a greater loss to your loved ones.We had some grand old times,wonderful memories,God bless,see you later Doc

Laconia Bacon

May 24, 2020

Dr. Peitersen did surgery on my oldest son when he was only 16 years old to correct a Chiari malformation in his brain and spinal cord. He told us that my son was the first surgery of this type that he had done in Lufkin. Everyone urged us to go to Houston but we put our trust in him and were very glad that we did. He did a magnificent job with my son and we have never and will never forget him. RIP Dr. Peitersen you were a great man and a brilliant surgeon!


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