Karen J. Ippolito

May 5, 1952July 8, 2018

Karen J. Ippolito was born on May 5, 1952 and passed away on July 8, 2018


Karen J. Ippolito

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Steve Clark

July 15, 2018

When I first learned of Aunt Karen's passing one of my first thoughts was she's now with Uncle Rick again. She will always be an inspiration to us. I told her how amazed i was that she could take on her health challenges with so much strength. She would often keep family informed of the procedures she had to endure to continue on, but would relate this in such a way that did not reflect the seriousness of the situation. So glad we were able to spend time with her over the holidays last year. I have found myself fondly reflecting on that a lot today. Love You Aunt Karen.

Ann Brna

July 14, 2018

I loved Karen Ippolito. But I never met her. My Episcopal church in North Carolina prayed for her including the day she died, but she never visited us. My husband David Lott and i are dear friends of karens sister mary jolene and husband, john. Mary jo loved karen devotedly. We will miss sharing the happiness karen gave Mary jo. Their mutual Catholic faith was profound. Although karen is now healed, mary jo is not. We will do all we can to help her. Ann and david Lott

Dawn Shannon

July 14, 2018

It has been my pleasure to work with Karen for almost 25 years and our jobs kept us in close contact daily. You could always count on her as a co-worker AND a friend. Her advice would never steer you wrong and was always the right thing to do. Karen was the most positive person I ever met and her faith never allowed her to be angry about her health and was not afraid of death.

It was my good fortune that she met Rick down here in Florida and very happy we met back at our Cypress Creek facility. She is an inspiration to everyone that knew her. My thoughts and prayers are with Karen’s family as I know she was a blessing to each one and I too morn her loss.

For the rest of my life, I will miss her dearly. But when I remember her wonderful smile with those beautiful blue eyes and gorgeous blonde hair, I will smile, dance a few steps, and hum a few bars of a Golden Oldie or Eagle’s song and remember that Karen is no longer in pain and is in heaven beside Rick again forever.

Love you Karen and thank you for being part of my life,
Dawn Shannon

Shannon Krahn

July 13, 2018

Karen was a wonderful, loving aunt to me and to my daughters. We were fortunate to be able to spend holidays with her and spend some everyday time with her while we lived in Ft. Lauderdale from 2003-2008. I remember one Easter where she had an Easter egg hunt with coins in the plastic eggs. This was a new tradition for us and I so appreciated all the effort she went to so Easter would be special for us. She made every holiday special. One thing that always comes to mind when I think about Aunt Karen is her vibrant smile. Whenever she greeted us she always made us feel welcome and that she was so happy to see us. She was so supportive, always helping me and my daughters however she could. She told us she prayed for us everyday. She would take my daughters to her house for sleepovers where she would give them special treats, play barbies and read to them. I know they loved spending time with her. We were so fortunate to take a trip to St. Louis in January to spend a few days with her and she greeted us with that same beautiful smile. I am so thankful that we had that special time with her. I know she is in Heaven watching over all of us as we celebrate her life and the gift she was to all of us. We love you Aunt Karen and miss you deeply. Shannon, Sidney and Brooklyn

Pam Carter

July 13, 2018

I first met Karen in 2010 when she came to visit us in Florida for a day. I well remember sitting there and visiting with her, feeling like I had known her all of my life. Every time I was ever around her, she was warm and loving. Though I was not related to her by blood, I loved her as if we were related. A friend of mine calls that related by love lines instead of blood lines. Karen's eyes and smile radiated love and her hugs were always meaningful. I remember watching her enjoy Therese's wedding - walking her down the aisle and laughing and dancing and having a grand 'ole time at the reception. I can never hear the song "We Are Family" without thinking of that day and Karen and the rest of this wonderful family. She was sick then too, but no one would have known it. Every time we ever got together with her, she was fun to be around. Never dwelling on how she felt, she knew how to have a good time and light up a room. There are people in my life who have qualities I sure would like to emulate. Karen is one of those. She is an example of devoted faith, love for her Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ, determination, love for family and friends, unselfishness and all things good. (And oh how she loved Judy's fudge, which makes her aces in my book!) She was determined to see the glass half full and enjoy life, which is probably why she was able to enjoy it as long as she did. I can only imagine the reception she received in Heaven. She was well deserving of all the love that was waiting for her there. So long Karen - I will see you again one day and I will keep memories of you close to my heart!

Dwayne Carter

July 13, 2018

My first real memories of Karen are when her mother was sick. Carol, Buck and I stayed 10 days-2 weeks at their house swimming in the pond. Being 12 years old, I didn't know what was going on for sure. I had conversations with her at the time, knowing she was a wonderful person even back then when I was only 12. After that, we lost contact with Karen and her sisters. In 2010, we had a lunch/dinner - all day party in Ft. Myers with the Schultz's. Karen drove over from Ft. Lauderdale to enjoy the day with us. After she got sick, Pam and I and Judy rode over to see her. Suzie came over too. Karen loved Judy's fudge, so Judy fixed fudge for all of us. YUM! In 2015, we had Shelley and Stephanie Mitchell, Karen and Suzie & Ted & Carol all stay with us at our house in Ft. Myers. On Friday we hosted a party for everyone staying at our home. Kathy and her family, Stephen Ippolito and Judy & her family all came. It was so much fun to be all together. In March of 2018, I heard that Karen was in St. Louis and we pass through St. Louis on the way home from Florida. We stopped to see her and brought lunch to her. We were there for a couple of hours and had a wonderful visit. It was so good to see her! We will miss her.

Mary Jo Teague

July 13, 2018

When we were young we lived out in the country at Kanes Edition outside of Sterling Illinois. Karen loved to go to the creek and explore the area. She loved being outside out there. In the summer we used to swim at Lake Jude and ice skate there when frozen over in the winter. Moving into town after mother died we shared a room. She had a twin bed with a bookcase and a princess phone. She was always loving and kind to me. Some times we would fight but it was play fighting. She loved BBQ, tomato soup and fresh white bread. She also loved cheeseburgers and French fries. She let me drive our yellow mustang long before I was eligible for even a learning permit. She took care of me..cut my hair, taught me how to shave my legs and pluck my eyebrows. After mother died she made sure I had a typical child's Easter. She colored eggs and hid them all over the house so I could hunt for them the next morning. I felt very close to her growing up. At the age of 22 she got married to her wonderful husband Rick. I stood up for her in her wedding. She was a beautiful bride. She remained in Florida, raised her wonderful children. It was always great fun when we got together. Raised Catholic I became agnostic for many years. It was Karen and Rick that brought me back into a rich Catholic faith that continues to grow. I will miss Karen with all my heart..we shared so much in our 62 years heart is broke..but I know she is right with God and will be in heaven watching over all of us.

Stephanie Rawson

July 12, 2018

Karen was my cousin and we were less than a year apart. I believe my mother was her godmother.

I remember spending a week at her house in the country where we shared a bed and spent the nights talking away trying to stay cool in the very hot cornfield nights in Illinois. Being in the country there were not many things to do so we had to make our own play and fun. One night while a gentle breeze came through the window, we decided to have a picnic the next day and to walk down the road and find a perfect spot to lay our blanket and stare at the sky. We were about 10 or 11. I remember Karen going into great detail about the sandwich she wanted to make for our adventure. Bologna with mayo and CRISP lettuce. Then she said UMMMMM. Typical Klocke talking food!

Another memory I have was when she introduced me to The Cat in the Hat, and she gave me the book! No one had ever given me a book from their own collection. We were in first grade or so. I never look at a Dr. Seuss book without recalling that memory.

The last time I saw Karen was around two and a half years ago in Florida. Susie, Karen, Shelley, Carol and her husband, Dwayne and Pam and I spent a weekend at Carter's condo.
We spent a long time in her bedroom talking. Both of us shared our widowhood experiences with husbands dying of prostate cancer. Karen got me through some difficult times, during my husband's illness and again after he passed. She knew when to call me with the right words.

Like my husband, Karen handled devasting illness with dignity. She enjoyed each moment of living yet did not fear death. We must learn from this good woman, all the life lessons she showed us by living her life with cheerfulness and dignity.

I am proud to say she was my cousin.

Susan Danreiter

July 12, 2018 I was saying.....I started my journey back to my faith at Rick's funeral. I took one of the free plastic rosaries and medals and was excited to have them. I had said a rosary through my teen years until my Mother died. I would have to say, that is what shattered my faith. Anyway, this is about Karen. Karen became my spiritual counselor and encouraged me every step of the way with all of her spiritual wisdom. She would send me things to read and answer my questions. Her deep faith inspired me....and mine began to grow. The last prayer she introduced me to was this past year when I started saying the Divine Mercy on a daily basis. Karen was such a believer in its power, especially if said at the 3:00 hour. Interestingly, Karen died on a Sunday during this time. Years ago she sent me the Divine Mercy picture to hang in our home in Florida. When we moved to Wisconsin, I decided to put it on my bathroom counter so I could talk to Jesus throughout the day as I went in and out of the bathroom....which is a lot these days. If nothing else, I read the caption Jesus, I trust in you. Thank you Karen for giving me one of the best and most important gifts that anyone could ever faith and love of God.

Susan Danreiter

July 12, 2018

Where do you begin when you have been a sister for 66 years? Childhood....We were a year and a half apart in age. We played together a lot but we also fought a lot. One thing I remember her saying to Mother....I always have to wear Susan's hand me downs.....I thought she should feel privileged! LOL! We shared a room when we were small. Karen was in a crib and I was in a bed with guard rails...I probably got booted out of the crib when Karen came along. Karen had pulled a hot coffee pot off the counter and it spilled all over her arm. Her arm was wrapped in a bandage. I remember waking up in the middle of the night and watching Mother or Dad pulling the bandage out of her mouth because she was chewing on it and started choking. Karen had a way of getting herself into "predicaments" all through her life. Sometimes I was mean to her but I don't think she was ever mean to me. She was too kind. I am telling you right now Karen how sorry I am for anything I ever said or did you make you feel bad or sad....I know.....A little late. In our teens we seemed to become closer. We would sneak cigarettes together, took the car out once (neither one of us had a license) and cover for each other. When I came home from a night out and been drinking (yes I was still a teenager), I would be hungry. Karen go to the kitchen and make me some food and I would stay in my room and she would bring it up to me so I didn't get caught. We shared boyfriend issues and things only close sisters can talk about. She knew I would never break her confidence. She stood up for me when I got married. Karen lived by me for a while in Chicago. She moved to Florida and met her husband to be while working with him. We drifted apart as we both raised our families. I should have made more of an effort. And I also drifted from my faith. That changed start at Rick's be continued