Ruth Alexander

October 31, 1917August 19, 2012

Ruth Alexander was born on October 31, 1917 and passed away on August 19, 2012 in Glendale, CA.


Ruth Alexander

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Judy Greenberg

June 21, 2015

Mother: Another year has passed. Sadly, earlier this year we unexpectedly lost Raymond. His passing left a huge hole in our hearts. The outpouring of love from the family and the plethora of cards and letters from his colleagues in the legal community have been a tremendous source of strength. Love, Judy

Countessa Sha'ri Alexander

January 18, 2014

I love you with all my heart and soul.
your loving Baby girl.


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Countessa Sha'ri Alexander

December 3, 2013

Hello My dearest wonderful ,beautiful Mommy...Well we did all that you asked and as you also prepared us for much, we were ready for all of that also... we just want to let you know we love you and miss you so very much...The birds and flowers you said would show up, sure did ! and the flowers in my back yard are all in your favorite colors... So I know they are directly from you. I never could get anything to grow in that area and you said it would show up when you were gone.. Well it sure did !
You will be so proud of Kaitlynn, her degree is almost here. she will have her Phd degree at the age of 26.. That is so wonderful and I know you are so very proud of her. Lisa is now studying to be a psych therapist and she is doing great also. Wow, now lisa will have four degrees...I am the one with the least degrees only two but I am going to take a few courses in psych also and may go back to what I did before in counseling. I am still working with my clients and that is also still doing just fine. Daddy did like that when I was teaching and couseling , so I thought I would go back and update my education in that also. We are all just fine and truly miss you so very much. We have followed all your wishes and also have taken care of what you wished us to.
Del is really doing great also, and life is really great for all of us. I know you and Daddy are watching over us and we all feel you around us and often.
I can't tell you how many times we all talk about you. You are still the center of our lives and we all miss you and Daddy so very much. We often go to your favorite restaurant for lunch or dinner and hold that same spot at the same table for you each time we go.
Please tell Nana, that I am doing just fine and all is wonderful. I will always remember how Nana made sure I ate breakfast every morning before school and I always remember your strawberry pancakes that woke me up with that great aroma. I have tried your flank steak recipe and think I finally got it right last week.Hooray! It was fabulous !
We all loved it and it made me so very proud to be able to finally do it and have it turn out so perfectly.

I just can't tell you how much we all miss you and how much you are in our lives. You will always be a great part of my life and I am so very Blessed to have such wonderful parents that loved and took you both always such great care of me. I love you...I love you . I LOVE YOU !
your most precious baby girl. (as you always called me.)

I thank you for all you have done for me and still do for me. I feel you around me constantly.

I am forever your daughter and know that I am never alone as you and daddy and Nana are always near me.

Thank you for alwalys watching over me and for being the best Mommy and Daddy and Nana in the world.

I love you. I just felt the need to talk to you here and let the world know what wonderful parents I have.

I love you .
this candle will burn for eternity.
your loving Daughter .


November 4, 2013

HI Mommy, Well all is in order now and we got exactly what you said you wanted and its going to be perfect. It was just as you said it would be but you did prepare me well for this and its all in order and done . We all miss you and love you and you are in our hearts forever ! We all celebrated your birthday just as you asked me to and we celebrate your life and our love for you every day.. Remember that day you sat me down and told me what you wanted and now finally , no longer do we need to worry.. it will exactly as you wish and the way you said you wanted it..
I love you.. I miss you and yes. all is going to be just fine now. Got most of what needed to be taken care of done..
I did exactly as you wished and told me to and its going to be perfect !

I love you .. I love you. I love you..

me... Foever your baby girl , no matter what My age. Sha'ri

"Bubba" Seastrom

November 3, 2013

I have a head full of great memories that I could play like a movie in my head at any moment. I thought I'd share a few of my favorite memories with you.

I remember kicking “our” rock up and down the hill while walking Kindle.

I remember you taking me to the Shrine Auditorium and working as an usher and sneaking me in so I could see the Nutcracker.

I remember adventures like going to the Tar Pits or the train yard or the museum. (I also remember crying when we got lost in the hills and you told me, “Don't worry, we're not lost, we're on an adventure.)

I remember going to Bob's Big Boy with you and Grandpa for a special treat or picking a new restaurant from the big book of coupons.

I remember playing cards until the wee hours in the morning. I may not remember what the heck we talked about but I do remember laughing a lot and not wanting to go to bed.

I remember having a fresh batch of Cottage Cheese and Onions waiting for me whenever I came over.

I remember asking “Why is tonight different from all other nights?”.

I remember Grandpa letting me drink milk even though we were eating meat.

I remember telling my friends that my Grandma and Grandpa had a cat that could say its name. WOW!

I remember going to the complex pool. We would go down the alley (always careful to watch out for the bees). I remember that when it was time to go I would hide my head under the water so I couldn't hear you tell me it was time to go home. And finally we'd go home where I'd nap or play in the living room.

I remember checking out the garage sales looking for neat stuff.

I remember picking up Aunt Sugar to take her to or from work in your little blue Volkswagen Beetle.

I remember always having a box of toys in the downstairs closet.

I remember asking you to wind up the singing birds in the living room.

Most importantly, I remember being loved unconditionally. I may not have appreciated or even understood what unconditional love but I do now. I carry it with me everywhere I go and appreciate it every day. I know that I'm very lucky to have grown up close to Grandparents who loved me so much. Thank you for all the memories and most importantly thank you for unconditional love. I know I'm a better man for it.

Your Grandson, "Bubba"
"Bubba" Seastrom,
San Jose, California

Shari Alexander

November 3, 2013

Hi Mommy... I thought your birthday would be a busy one and knew you would get some postings here. So I had our as usual birthday party dinner for you and made sure all your favorites were there... we all said a prayer to you and it was a glorious and wonderful time.. Your loving friends and family were there and we all spoke of you with great love and wonderful admiration. WE all miss you but have you in our hearts and its a wonderful feeling to know you are always with us..
Give daddy a great big hug and kiss from me and I am thankful for every moment in my life that I have had with you..
I love you more !
Your loving daughter.
Countessa Sha'ri Alexander
"Your baby" as you always called me..

"Bubba" Seastrom

November 2, 2013

Grandma: It's me "Bubba", your one and only Grandson. Thanks for watching over me and Mom and Ray and Aunt Sugar.
Love and noisey kisses,

The Greenberg Family

November 2, 2013

A smile so bright it will never dim in our hearts.
Judy, Ray & "Bubba"

Judith Alexander Greenberg

November 2, 2013

November 1, 2013
You were born on Halloween and it is still "our" special day. You and me... Yes, I received your sign last night and I know you are always up there watching over us. Love you more, Judy, Ray and "Bubba"
Remember G.M.V.

Sha'ri Alexander

May 22, 2013

HI Mommy, just me as usual, lighting a candle and expressing my deep love, honor and respect for you and Daddy.. Just making sure you always know how much I love you.
Like You always say to me,

I say it exactly back to you.

" I love you more, Yes I do. "

Your loving daughter