James Albert Battaglioli

October 3, 1965June 20, 2020

On June 20, 2020, James Albert Battaglioli, beloved son and brother, passed away at age 54.

James is survived by his parents, Berty Mussio and Victor Battaglioli, sisters, Regina Koda and Christa Benedetto, his brother Matthew Battaglioli, and several aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, and nephews.

He will forever be loved and remembered for his charismatic personality and being a true friend to so many.

Memorial Services will be held at a future date.


James Albert Battaglioli

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Stephen DiNofrio

October 21, 2020

I am shocked and very sorry to learn of Jim's passing. I just found this out while "googling" him to see what he was up to these days.
I worked closely with him during the early '90s when we were fellow managers at US Taekwondo Center in Woodbridge, VA.
I remember him as a very energetic and business-minded (entrepreneurial) person who made friends wherever he went. He made me laugh and was the epitome of the fellow who could "sell a refrigerator to an eskimo".
Though he was short and stocky in stature, his personality was huge and his ability to see the positive in everything and everyone stood out. In all of my 61 years, Jim looms large in my thoughts when I think of the most impacting people I've met and known in my life.
Godspeed Jim! 'Til we meet again...

Vicki Lauer

July 19, 2020

The way Jimmy's funny stories would capture a room with laughter at family gatherings will be one of my favorite memories. My heart goes out to everyone who was touched by his kindness.
Sending hugs, Vicki
-a cousin in WV

Jack Smithson

July 19, 2020

For Mr. Battaglioli, my friend, my Brother in the Arts . You always said “life is a journey “. “THE JOURNEY “
Blood, sweat, tears, they all lay
Searching for that purpose, and why
As the belt grows tattered and gray
Just like it, the same as do I.

A driving force, keeping me on track
When and where did it all begin?
How does it happen, this white to black
When all said and done, back to white again.

Scars of the heart, they make a cry
Why then do I want to even care
Forty years plus, and still I try
To seek what is to be found over there.

I’ll make a guess, I could be wrong
But I pray that my aim is true
Life is simply a Journey, poetry of a song
Though, not for everyone, it’s my point of view.

So as I continue my quest, my soul purpose to be
Must be my personal mountain, my personal plight
The truth has always been there, to hear, touch and see
In life’s final chapter, I return to the belt of white. Enjoy your Heavenly Journey 🙏🏻🥋

Jack Smithson

July 19, 2020

I had the pleasure of meeting James January 1993 . I was an assistant instructor at a failing Taekwon Do school here in Franklin Tennessee. He was trying to decide to purchase the business, it was upon our second meeting that Mr. Battaglioli made an everlasting impression on me . I was at my job , a local grocery store, when he comes in the first thing he said was “ let me see your hands”as he proceeded to closely inspect my hands he says “ I’m considering on buying the Franklin Taekwondo business, I’m gonna need a hard working instructor, you have a working mans hands, are you interested? “ I replied without hesitation, “yes Sir “. He then informed me that he can’t pay me anything for three months , but assured me that on the fourth month he would pay me $750 for three months and that my income would increase to $2000.00 within the following six months. He did exactly what he said, if Mr Battaglioli said he was going to do something, he always came through, even though you may not like the outcome , he was brutally honest. I learned from him on how to be a better instructor, student, martial artist, and most importantly, a better person. I’ve retired from the role of instructor after over fourty two years, though I still train. I never workout without thinking of Mr Battaglioli, I didn’t know him long, but I knew him well . He was and forever will be my Brother in the Martial Arts . James always said “martial arts, like life, is a journey , enjoy your journey “ . Enjoy your Heavenly Journey mr Brother, 🙏🏻🥋

Christa Benedetto

July 17, 2020

Part 2
We always looked forward to Christmas time. Every year, since childhood, we'd bring hot chocolate while driving through Victoria Park in Naples, enjoying the Christmas light display. We were always like kids again with wide eyes, smiles and all the aw's looking at the decorated display of lights.
Sometimes, our schedules would get busy and we'd still do our best to make time for each other. So, we'd meet up half way between us at Cracker Barrel to chat, joke around, laugh and most of all share a big Pooh and tigger-iffic brother hug.
I'm unable to share all the beautiful blessed memories that I have on here, I do and will always cherish them.
I thank heaven for the time with him, and now heaven is thankful to have him.
My tigger_iffic big brother will be forever remembered, loved and missed.

Christa Benedetto

July 17, 2020

Part 1
Growing up with my big brother and being the youngest sister, there are so many priceless memories together. My tigger-iffic brother and I have always had a close bond. He always affectionately called me Pooh/ Poohbear and he will forever be my tigger-iffic brother. We'd often get each other something with the beloved characters Pooh and Tigger, it was just something between us.
He was the best tickle monster and could get anything out of me, just by knowing my weak tickle spots, when we were children. Oh, it made me furious, he loved that! I'd find a way to get him back and we"d laugh about it.
Jimmy and because of him, I am huge Journey and Rascal Flatts fan. We enjoyed going to a few of their concerts and always making it a memorable good time. I can"t disclose everything because our parents will be reading this!

Steve and Elaine Kleinsmith

July 17, 2020

Dear Berty and Victor and all your family.......we have several memories of your whole family from back to the early 1970s. The children were very young and they loved playing together. You were special neighbors living across the street in Golden Gate, FL. Sounds like Jimmy turned into a fine man you were proud of. Everyone loved him.

We were so saddened to hear he had passed away last month......we're still shocked and I know you are all grieving. We grieve with you and pray for your comfort through this time of sadness. Always remember how much God loved Jimmy and He loves you all and will give you peace.

The Kleinsmith family has lived in North Carolina since 1985! I still have a picture of Jimmy and Jeff looking out from their tent in the back yard on 41st Terrace SW.

God Bless you. We will continue to pray!
Love, Steve and Elaine Kleinsmith

Rick Meadows

July 16, 2020

I was saddened to read the news Jim had passed. I knew him from our years on the Naples High School wrestling team. Jimmy Batags was a tough, tough grappler with a gregarious personality. He could take you down with a double leg or a turn of phrase just as fast. He was razor sharp and did not suffer fools gladly. But on the mat in the lighter weight classes, he sparked the team to victory way more often than not with a decision or a pin. I dreaded having to practice with him, but really enjoyed being his teammate. Like Darrin wrote above, he made me a better wrestler. When all was said and done Jim would be there with an encouraging word or pat on the back. My heart felt condolences go out to Jim's family.

Kathleen Nowak

July 16, 2020

Deepest sympathies to you and your family Berty.

James Darrin Sparks

July 1, 2020

Though we only spent time mostly in the wrestling room and in classes we shared, Jim was probably the most confident person I've ever known. It rubbed off on you. It made me a better wrestler and student. He will be truly missed.
Stick em!!!