Mark A. Williams

September 14, 1962July 23, 2018

Mark A. Williams was born on September 14, 1962 and passed away on July 23, 2018.


Mark A. Williams

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Bridget Erichsen

September 28, 2018

I had no idea Mark had passed ! his Birthday was a day before mine , I knew when I didn't hear from him something was wrong as he always sent me birthday wishes and we always spent our birthday together wether together or in spirit .. I kept texting, no answer I finally had to check to see if something happened :( ,,,I knew he had his own place finally and we had plans to get together , but then he got sick again,, I wish someone had checked his phone and looked at his contacts and let me know he had passed !! , I just found out ..I am devastated I would ve gone to his service ? My first memory of Mark he asked me to go see Shawn Chambers in down town new port richey We had a blast !! He always had a good joke to tell and a smile on his face .. I always thought he would ve made a great radio host with his voice ,,I know he loved his boys and was upset he did nt see them more ,,I wish he could've spent more time with them,, life is short don't take any thing for granted. I have such good memories with Mark I wish I could ve at least said good bye :( to my beautiful friend I will miss you forever I have all of your cards you gave me ..some were cards just to cheer me up every card he chose I know he read them and picked them out . He loved that ranch dressing and his coca cola chicken !! . He was a hard worker and took pride in his work .... I have so many words to say, he always made me feel special, he was a special man, but Jesus called him home... he is with his Mom and Dad now out of pain and dancing away in Heaven until we meet again my beautiful friend ... from your forever friend w Love Bridget

Jeff Gaines

July 28, 2018

Wow Mark,

Was so, so saddened to hear this news. I haven't seen you in over ten years, but as kids, we had some amazing adventures, didn't we? Partying, camping and swimming at the Hudson lime pits. Mowing down on Pizza and pitchers of Pepsi (and as we grew up, BEER!) at Pizza Hut. (We knew the numbers to ALL the songs on that jukebox by heart!) Hanging out and looking at the stars through Budvido's telescope, listening to Doctor Demento. Laughing hysterically as we ran through Monty Python skits as everyone looked on in total puzzlement because THEY wouldn't discover them until YEARS later!

Building underground forts in the North Woods. You, Budvido, Zeke and I playing pinball at 7-11 for hours and hours. Watching Bands, chasing girls and playing Foosball or Pool at the Touch of Class Teen Club. You gave me my first Imported beer . . . a Lowenbrau. I will always owe my passion for those German beers to you and it was fitting that Budvido bestowed you with that moniker.

All through Jr. High, sharing a seat on the school bus. You, Matt, Tom, Buddy and I cruising around late night on our bikes for hours. Hanging around in the Jasmine Lakes sign with hijacked beer or getting free bags of Burgers from Burger Queen when they closed at night! Jousting with shopping carts on our bikes in the Winn-Dixie parking lot. Sitting up all night in Jimi's room after climbing in through the window or going on endless space cruises with him and Raymond in the Toyota.

(RIP Jimi Carlsen)

Sneaking into the nudest Colony and skinny dipping! Always cracking up at the school lunch table. Swimming in my pool and terrorizing my sister and her friends. (Allegedly) Trashing that crook Fast Eddie's produce stand after he refused to pay us for a full day of picking watermelons!

Good times, indeed . . . Some of my most precious memories.

I can only pray that you know that I wouldn't trade my youth or you in it for anything in the world and you will be sadly missed my old friend.

Buddy W.

July 28, 2018

I am totally devastated by this news. I haven't seen Mark in a number of years but he was one of my closest friends in my youth. He was a good decent hard working guy, always had a smile on his face, great sense of humor, always fun to be around and a good friend you could always trust. He loved Pink Floyd and we went to one of the biggest Pink Floyd concerts ever in Tampa stadium back in 1977. He will be missed by all who knew him. I know he is one of those people who you know went straight to heaven. He is with God now and I wish him peace. I will always remember him as a good kind and funny guy.