Kinh Minh Nguyen

May 15, 1974October 4, 2020
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Dear Family and Friends, It’s with much sadness that we tell you of our younger brother’s Dominic Kinh Nguyen sudden passing. He was 46. Please pray for his soul his wife Hien and our mom. We are all devastated by this news, but especially our mom and his wife.

Kinh Minh Nguyen Biography

Kinh Minh Nguyen was born on May 15, 1974, in Xuân Lộc, Long Khánh, Việt Nam to Bội and Thay Nguyễn. He was the youngest child in a family of 7 children, which included 2 boys and 5 girls. On April 27, 1975, at just 10 months old, Kinh along with his parents and 5 surviving siblings immigrated to the U.S. as refugees (The oldest brother passed away in 1975 in Vietnam). He started his new life, first in Woodburn, Oregon, then in Mt. Angels, Oregon. In 1978, he and his family moved to Oceanside, CA, where his mother and several of his siblings still reside.

Even as a young child, Kinh’s caring and nurturing personality was evident. He would name his parents’ laying hens (Mrs. Tommy, Mrs. Ugly, Mrs. Red, Mrs. Beautiful…) care for them, play with them, and even mourn their passing when his mother would prepare them for dinner; refusing to eat them. He published his first poem, “I Was Six, Now I Am Seven,” in the first grade. The following year he went on to win the Second Grade Spelling Bee. In his free time, he would devise plans on how to prank his father and annoy his older sisters with his mischievousness. Kinh enjoyed playing G.I. Joes, kickball, marbles, and spending long days at the beach bodyboarding. In high school, Kinh joined the marching band as a clarinet player, spending many weekends competing at tournaments or entertaining the football fans. He also joined the wrestling team and perfected the chicken wing move on his unsuspecting sisters. As an adult, Kinh enjoyed traveling, hiking, exercising, and in particular, going out with his friends and family. He was also a big jokester, often engaging in April Fool’s practical joke battles. Kinh was very fond of his nieces and nephews. He plied them with affection and gave attention to their needs. To the older ones, he was more of a brother and friend than an uncle, and was best man at his nephew, Giang’s wedding. Kinh was a constant at all significant family events and was the life of the party. His smile lit up the room. His laughter was effusive and his hugs were genuinely felt.

After high school, Kinh obtained a certificate in Computer Repair. He then went on to receive his Bachelor Degree in Business Communication from California State University, San Marcos and subsequently a Masters Degree in Information Systems, Summa Cum Laude, from the University of Phoenix in 2010. Kinh worked in the IT industry in San Diego, CA, at SAIC and Leidos for over 20 years where he was recognized as a “Super Star” for his hard work, dedication, and patience. His talented troubleshooting and technical skills also came in handy at home where he tirelessly fixed family computers and was the go-to electronics guy. Kinh also devoted many hours to volunteer work from supporting canned food drives to gathering furnishings, toys, and clothing for needy families. In 2004, while traveling in Vietnam, a mutual friend introduced Kinh to his future wife, Hien Hoang. After 3 years of dating, they married in Vietnam, on April 13, 2007. Kinh was a loving and devoted husband. He took great care to never raise his voice nor say an unkind word to his wife. He strived for Hien’s happiness and contentment and supported her in all her endeavors.

Kinh was loved for his infectious smile, gregarious laughter, easygoing manner, kind heart, and generosity. He lived and enjoyed life to the fullest. Kinh will be remembered by family and friends as a loving son, husband, and baby brother, a fun loving cousin, doting uncle, great friend and great with computers and electronics. Kinh was the first to celebrate others' success, ready to console and give support in hard times, yet reluctant to lay his burdens on anyone.

On October 04, 2020, Kinh Nguyen was called home to be with God at the age of 46. He is survived by his loving wife of 13 years, his 88 year old mother, his 5 older sisters and their spouses, 10 nieces, 5 nephews, and 1 grandnephew. In life, he was dearly beloved, in death he will dearly be missed. May Kinh’s soul and the soul’s of the faithfully departed rest in peace. Amen.

Đôminicô Nguyễn Minh Kính sinh ngày 15, tháng 5, năm 1974 tại Xuân Lộc, Việt Nam. Nguyễn Minh Kính là con của ông bà Nguyễn Bội và Thay. Kính là người con trai út của một gia đình gồm 7 anh chị em, trong ấy, người anh cả đã qua đời tại Việt Nam và 5 người chị hiện đang sống tại miền Nam California.

Ngày 27, tháng 4, năm 1975 khi vừa mười tháng tuổi, Kính cùng với 5 người chị đã được cha mẹ đưa sang định cư tại Hòa Kỳ. Nơi cư trú đầu tiên của gia đình tại Hoa Kỳ là thành phố Woodburn, Oregon. Sau đấy, gia đình dời đến sinh sống tại thành phố Mount Angel, Oregon.

Năm 1978, Kính cùng gia đình di chuyển về Oceanside, California và định cư tại đây cho đến ngày nay.

Ngày 13 tháng 4 năm 2007, Kính kết hôn với Hoàng Phượng Hiền tại thánh đường Giáo Xứ Giuse, Nha Trang, Việt Nam. Kính đã cùng người vợ mà mình hết dạ yêu thương, xây dựng một gia đình đầm ấm, vui vẻ, và hạnh phúc trong suốt 13 năm qua.

Kính là một người con, người chồng, người em út, và người cậu rất hiền lành và thương yêu hết mọi người. Ai ai cũng thương mến Kính.

Ngày 04, tháng 10, năm 2020, Đôminicô Nguyễn Mình Kính đã được Thiên Chúa gọi về với Ngài nơi Thiên Quốc.

Vĩnh biệt con, chồng, em, cậu “Gogen”


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    Monday, October 19, 2020

  • Funeral Mass

    Tuesday, October 20, 2020

  • Committal Service

    Tuesday, October 20, 2020


Kinh Minh Nguyen

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C5 Nhớ Em út Kính

October 27, 2020

Thương Hoài ngàn năm ❤️🌹🙏
Missing you, my little brother, Kính, missing dad & our older brother too. Praying for you, Kính. Remember to say HI to dad & chào anh hai for us. Until we meet again❤️🙏
I am still in a shock state that you left us so suddenly.
But I believe God has his plan & his time for you.
Aiden now can says HI very well. HI ông Kính said Aiden ❤️🙏

Maria Gause

October 22, 2020

Wanted to share some of the many entries received on the SAIC Facebook page regarding Kinh. We have all been deeply blessed having a part of Kinh in our life. Please accept our deepest condolences. Praying over the family for strength and comfort during this time.

Skipper Donnelly
What a loss of a well-respected and loved man. He was always one of Cost Accounting's favorite tech guys with his knowledge and prompt responses. 💔
· Reply · 6d

Jomel Fampulme
Omg. How sad! Kinh was always so helping with my IT needs.
· Reply · 6d

Barbara Strait
Kinh was so patient and knowledgeable! I loved working with him...
· Reply · 6d

Jeniece Grogan Moran
I ditto every one else’s sentiments. He was always happy, kind and helpful. I am sorry for the family’s unexpected loss.
· Reply · 6d

Daozhen Abramson
Oh NO! He was always soft spoken and nice!!!😢
· Reply · 6d

Jeff Ellingson
I remember when Kim started good friend an a amazing site support specialist 🙏🏻🙏🏻 prayers to his family he will b missed
· Reply · 4d

Brenda DeMartini Ruhl
Oh my gosh, I'm just incredibly saddened to hear this news. Kinh was an amazing site support tech, but he was also just an incredibly nice guy who always had a big smile and friendly words.
My deepest sympathies to his family.

David Ball

October 22, 2020

Kinh was a great friend and one whom I could always count on for computer questions at SAIC. He will be missed. My prayers and deepest condolences go out to Kinh's widow, mom and brothers and sisters. May Kinh rest in peace in God's arms.

Karen Swafford

October 21, 2020

Kinh and I worked together at SAIC and as everyone can attest, he was our favorite IT tech. Kinh not only took care of my computer but he always ensured I had the latest and greatest. He would often tell me about the new "cool" software and encouraged me to learn new things.

Outside of his work ethics which were impeccable, he was an amazing person, he always inquired about me and my health and we shared many stories about our families. It was evident he loved his family and loved sharing stories from travel adventures.

I am so sad to hear of his passing - but to the family you will miss him here on earth, but he will still be taking care of us from above.

My prayers are with you during this difficult time.

Nguyen Dao

October 18, 2020

There are moments when words are never enough to say, hugs are not strong enough to give and regardless how many hugs are given, they are never enough to comfort the ones that are still in this world after the loss of their beloved. However, while the physical life is limited, the other life in the other world is infinity.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you, by all means they are also words of condolences, empathy, support and great love.

May Anh Kinh's strong spirit be always with you, to love, to care, to watch over to you.

If you are crying, remember that we are also crying with you, because we feel you, and feel the pain you are undergoing.

Love you, as always, Hien oi!

From Nguyen Dao and Dì Hà Family.

Steven Nguyen

October 18, 2020

I will always be missing you Brother! In your honor, I wrote a poem. For now, I will cherish the memories and will see you someday. Prayers and kindest thoughts from me and my family.

Phuc Huynh

October 18, 2020

To my dear friend and brother, Kinh. You left this world too soon leaving a great void in all of our hearts. You, me and Viet had a special kind of bond that only comes once in a lifetime. I will miss our weekly conversations, jokes, laughter and above all, our friendship. I hold you in my memory until we meet again. May God's peace be upon you and remain with you forever.

Phuc Huynh

Michael Donnelly

October 16, 2020

Kinh was one of my favorite computer tech guys. He always showed up promptly to fix whatever was wrong in the Cost Accounting department and always refused my attempts at bribery (usually with beer). What a well loved man. You will forever be missed by many.

Denver Miranda

October 16, 2020

I’m at a loss for words. I worked with Kinh at Leidos/SAIC. He was a machine. He was such an extremely smart tech and was adored by everyone. He also had so much energy and always moving at 100mph, and he never complained. He was the go-to guy for the users and management. Kinh also was a good soul. Always selfless, kind and generous. He was very unique. Always collecting stuff. I saw his cubicle a few months ago. It was basically a large pen with memorabilia, several systems he is working on, and random hardware. It was like a mad scientist’s lab, but it seemed to work for him. He also made a name for himself with the business unit he was supporting, being such a vital part of that group.

It is hard to believe he is no longer with us. Looking at the family pictures here, I can tell he also had a loving family. My heart goes out to the Nguyen family. My sincere condolences. I will miss you Kinh. Thank you for being a great worker and above all, an awesome friend. Rest In Peace, my friend.


Tram Ngo

October 15, 2020

My husband and I met anh Kinh back in 2011 in Vegas. It wan’t take long to know him. He’s funny, warm hearted, and very gentleman. I love how he poses for pictures. We laughed and had a good time. I miss you, anh Kinh. Life is just unpredictable and unfair sometimes. You’re a good person. Rest in peace anh Kinh!


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