Wen Bo Wang

January 15, 1969July 14, 2021
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Wen Bo Wang, 52, of La Jolla, passed away on July 14th, 2021 after a challenging battle with ovarian cancer.

Wen Bo was born on January 15th, 1969 to Yan Qiu and Ti Jie Wang in Qing Dao, China. After graduating from high school in 1985, she went on to study marine biology at Ocean University of China. Then, she pursued graduate studies at University of Newcastle in England, where she earned her PhD in biology in 1998. Upon moving to the United States, she worked in biotechnology for over 20 years. Wen Bo was passionate about cell therapy and advancing immunotherapies to treat cancer.

In 1988, she met Jianzhong Zhang, and they wed in 1990. They went on to have one child, Sophie Zhang in 2000.

Wen Bo enjoyed spending her time traveling around the world, gardening, trying new recipes, exploring nature, reading, and writing.

She was predeceased by her parents, Yan Qiu and Ti Jie. She is survived by her sister, Wen Tao, her husband, Jianzhong, and her daughter, Sophie.

There will be a Memorial Service held at Eternal Hills Memorial Park on July 29, 2021 at 10:00 AM. Wen Bo will be dearly missed by all the lives she touched, and she will forever be remembered by her strong, caring, and beautiful character.


  • Memorial Service

    Thursday, July 29, 2021


Wen Bo Wang

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Sophie Zhang

September 14, 2021

Everyday, I wish I could get my guide back, the one who always helped point me in the right direction.
My mom remained warm and loving until the very end. She told us that we’d be alright after she was gone. She even apologized for putting us through all this, as if what we were going through was somehow harder. After hearing her say these things, I was so amazed at how giving she was, despite having everything slowly taken away from her.
Her caring nature was so apparent then, and it was just as clear while I was growing up. From the way she would play Monopoly and bake pies with me to the way she showed me how to plant hanging baskets in our garden, we shared so many cherished memories.
She really believed I could achieve great things, which meant I believed it too. And she led by example: it was so easy to tell how passionate and dedicated my mom was throughout her career. Growing up, I always tried to mirror her brilliance, and I will continue to strive to make her proud.
My mom traveled frequently for work because she got invited to speak at international conferences. In that way, her job meshed perfectly with her adventurous nature and propelled her to explore the world. My dad and I often tagged along with her, and it was in this way that I had the privilege of visiting 5 of the 6 continents (I don’t really count Antarctica) by the time I was 15 years old. At that point, I joked with her that maybe we should go to Africa. To my surprise, she took me seriously: a week later she was floating the idea that we fly to Morocco over my spring break. She made my dream a reality, and it ended up being my favorite trip ever. My mom quite literally gave me the world, not only by bringing me into it, but also by sharing its richest parts with me.
In so many ways, my mom is an inspiration, to me and many others. Although she is no longer with us, she will always live on in our memories as a caring, resilient, brilliant, and fun-loving spirit who'll always be my guide.

雪梅 吕

September 12, 2021

文波,你是我们班年纪最小却最聪慧、最有成就的同学,怎么也想不到你会早早地离开我们,老天太不公平了。四年同窗,朝夕相处,满满的都是美好的回忆。那些无忧无虑、快乐的点点滴滴至今难以忘怀。文波安息,愿天堂没有病痛,愿我们来世还做同学和好闺蜜! 雪梅。

Jianzhong Zhang

September 11, 2021

亲爱的,还记得33年前的一个夏日吗? 记得是贝类实验课的最后一次,当你做完实验,走出门口的一刹那突然转回头, 那时我们四目相对。从此你的美就深深烙在我的心上。记得你穿的是白裙子,白色无袖上衣,再加上你那张年轻,单纯美丽的脸庞和乌黑长发,此情此景我永生难忘。

记得我们婚后好多次聊起此刻,你总是说 “那都已经是过去,我早已不再是19岁的我”,记得我总是说 “我爱19岁的你,也爱现在的你”。 是的,岁月老人总会在我们每个人的脸上画上几笔,那又何妨,我爱19岁的你,也爱 29,39,49, 永远的你。我爱你的聪明美丽,爱你的温柔贤惠,更爱你的纯洁善良。

说起温柔贤惠,还记得有次我们在八关山上散步,我说起我家的烦事没忍住眼泪,当时你将我半搂在怀里边擦边哄说 “虎宝宝,别哭” 。当时,我的身心全被你熔化,发誓这辈子一定要和你在一起。

说起纯洁善良,我想问:你还记得第一次带你去见我的父母吗?当时我的老家还是土坯茅屋,简陋得很。我想在你了解了我的家人和家境后, 肯定会说些好听的,动人的分手话。可是你没有,你不仅没向我提起半个字,也没向你的家人透露半分。我们照常一起吃饭,读书,散步和逛街。多年来,我一直想问你那次拜见后的感想,可一直也没顾及,总想着还有以后,等退休了再慢慢聊。虽然上苍不再给我任何机会,但我能想象出你的答案,你一定会说 “那时傻呗,让你骗了” 。

还记得你说过,你妈妈曾问过你 “建中有什么好的,比你大了7岁?” ,你回答她说“他人好”。 我想我又找到了上述问题的另一个答案。谢谢,谢谢你给我的“好人“评语。我会继续做好人直到我们来生相见,到时我希望我依然符合你的“好人”标准。
我的爱人,我的文波: 我和姐姐文涛一家及所有的亲人祝 你一路走好! 安息吧! 愿你天堂之上得到永远的安康,快乐和幸福!永远爱你的,老公建中。

玲诺 肖

September 11, 2021

文波,我亲自到若尔盖大草原拍的青藏高原的格桑花,她有高贵的品格和令人爱怜的花姿,被人世代讴歌。你就是亲人朋友心中的格桑花,永远存在于我们中间!愿远去的路上永远高贵、永远美丽、永远可爱!表姐, 玲诺。

Claudia Zylberberg

August 23, 2021

I met Wen Bo when she started at CDi….Wen Bo and myself shared many times and memories together building the Standard Coordinating Body and much more. Through the years ( many) working together we enjoyed traveling to Japan for ISO meetings and sharing knowledge while building the industry. Such a humble, beautiful person. Her daughter was her life always proud of her!

Will miss you Wen Bo!!


Mike Rice

August 18, 2021

Very sad to see this news. I knew Wen Bo for almost 15 years. Her passion for cell biology was obvious!

My condolences to Wen Bo’s family. All are in my prayers.

Ji Wu

August 13, 2021

"Let life be beautiful like summer flowers and death like autumn leaves”. -Rabindranath Tagore

My family and I got to know Wen Bo and her family in 2008 and the two families have been good friends ever since.

We were energized by Wen Bo’s passion for life. She loved to cook and was a fantastic chef. She loved to garden. Whenever we visited their house, the yard and the living room were surrounded by beautiful flowers and plants. She loved to travel and always had fascinating stories and pictures from different parts of the world. She loved nature and we had many family outings together all year round.

Wen Bo loved to entertain friends and she was a wonderful hostess. Since her family moved to Madison, WI, their house quickly became the epicenter for parties among our circle of friends. It has become a tradition for us to spent Thanksgiving evenings at their house. The sweet aroma of the wine, the delicious taste of the food, the cozy air around everyone although it was freezing outside, and the happy sounds of the laughter felt like yesterday. In those happy memories, Wen Bo would always light up the room and bring so much happiness to everyone around her.

To us, Wen Bo was a caring friend, a passionate and loving person, someone who touched the life of many others with positive impact. They say the best kind of people are the ones that bring something bright to your life. Wen Bo is one of these people, the once in a lifetime kind of people.

This summer, Wen Bo left us, but we will always remember what a beautiful life she lived. Wen Bo, our world has been and will continue to be a better place because of you. We thank you for the years when we crossed our paths. You are always with us.

Ying Gao

August 10, 2021

Dear Wen Bo,

it has been so hard to believe that you are gone. It was only a few weeks ago that you were giving me like-hearts to all of my WeChat moments posts. Now we can still see your flower avatar but we know you are no longer be able to share your thoughts, your beautiful flowers, your happiness and your travel experiences. Being friends for more than ten years, we have lived in each other’s lives. Before you moved to St Diego, we had become so used to going to your home to celebrate thanksgiving night. Besides the roasted turkey wrapped with bacon that was so tender and delicious, and the baked sweet potatoes that was so sweet, with syrup flowing out of the surface, we sat together to chat, talking about interesting stories, talking about life, talking about TV shows, or playing cards. The children were laughing and playing in the basement, having so much fun! The thanksgiving nights spent in your home in those years were the warmest and most memorable ones!

Wen Bo, you have left us so many beautiful memories. You were so smart and elegant, so gentle to your family and so kind to all people around you. You loved life, loved your family and your family also gave you a wonderful and happy life. Jianzhong is such a considerate and supportive husband, and your daughter is so beautiful, gentle, and talented. Even though your life is short, it was so beautiful, full of love and sweet moments.

Wen Bo, we are so thankful to have such a good friend like you and more so for the precious friendship you have given us, which is unforgettable! Please be happy in heaven and we will be your friends again once we meet in the next life.

Web Bo, rest in peace! Your wonderful and gentle soul will remain in our heart forever!

Ying, Enhai and the Family

Judy Arcidiacono

August 9, 2021

I worked with Wen Bo on ISO projects and traveled with her many times. She often spoke of her beautiful daughter. She was a joy to be around. I will miss her deeply.

Qing Liu

August 5, 2021

Dear Wen Bo, we miss you very much.  No words can express how sad we all are.  Although your life was cut short, you will live in our hearts forever.  You are not only such a great wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend, but also such a wonderful leader in your field. You are inspiring and we all admire how much you accomplished.  During the last few months of your battle with cancer, you showed your great strength and braveness to fight, and at the same time, you still cared about your family and friends.  Every time I talked to you or messaged you, you always showed a positive attitude.  You are and will be our role model. I will always remember your sweet smile, your signature Thanksgiving Turkey dinner, and our conversations about our same age daughters.  Dear friend, rest in peace.  We are your extended family and will support each other forever.
Love, Qing and Xiaohong


This was her last best photo taken on 03/20/2021. Forever, we will remember her smile in her favorite flower field!


Wen Bo was born on January 15th, 1969. This is her at 8 months old.


She grew up with her older sister and parents in Shandong province, China


She had a lot good times with her sister, Wen Tao.


She attended university at age 16 in Qingdao to study marine biology.


She enjoyed campus life as a student. She enjoyed studying outdoors.


Her mother visited her at university frequently.


She liked to hangout on the beach with friends.


She was a loving daughter and granddaughter who took great care of her family.


She met Jianzhong in 1988, and they got married in 1990.