Gloria Sadler Day

October 25, 1935November 11, 2018
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I would not have you to be ignorant brethren concerning Gloria Day. She left at 12:15 AM on November 11th to sleep in Jesus.

Gloria was born in Oklahoma City in 1935 to the late Dr. LeRoy and Mary Sadler. In 1957 she was married to Richard Day. They were blessed with three children; Kathryn Vaught, Jennifer Kirby and Richard B. Day; eight grandchildren; and 3 great grandchildren.


I was diagnosed with emphysema. The doctor asked “What made you quit smoking?” My answer – “I got saved!” I would like to take this opportunity to tell you about it.

At age 28 I was convicted of sin. After turning away from it many times I turned away from it to God. “For whoever shall call upon the Name of the Lord shall be saved.” Romans 10:13.

The family had gone to bed. While turning off the TV I flipped to the Billy Graham program. The choir was singing “Just as I Am”. Billy Graham then came on and pointed to me; “You in the living room, you can do this there. I fell on my knees. Looking up with my hands lifted, I prayed “God be merciful unto me a sinner. I believe Jesus Christ died for me and I ask Him to come into my heart and be my savior.” He came in!

The grace of Our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. Amen.

Just as I am, without one plea, But that Thy blood was shed for me, And that Thou bidd’st me come to Thee O Lamb of God, I come, I come.


  • Thomas Vaught
  • Caleb Kirby
  • Josh Kirby
  • Ben Kirby
  • Andy Kirby
  • Winston Kirby
  • Uriah Kirby
  • Rocky Lance


  • Funeral Service Saturday, November 17, 2018

Gloria Sadler Day

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Chad Pettigrew

February 14, 2019

I worked at the Oklahoma County Juvenile Detention Center many years ago. She was very faithful to come and minister to the residents every weekend. The other day this old song was in my head.

Let the Lord have His way
In your heart every day
There's no rest, there's no peace
'Til the Lord has His way
Place your life in His hands
Rest secure in His plan
Let the Lord, let the Lord
Have His way

Gloria had the inmates sing this with her every single time she came. The song was repeating in my mind and I then remembered where I had heard it. I remembered Gloria's name and decided to try a google search only to find that she had passed. My condolences to those loved ones left behind. I know that I cannot be the only one who remembers her from visiting the jail.

Matthew 25:34-36
34 “Then the King will say to those on his right, ‘Come, you who are blessed by my Father, inherit the Kingdom prepared for you from the creation of the world. 35 For I was hungry, and you fed me. I was thirsty, and you gave me a drink. I was a stranger, and you invited me into your home. 36 I was naked, and you gave me clothing. I was sick, and you cared for me. I was in prison, and you visited me.’

Tracy Karstetter

November 29, 2018

Our family attended church with Gloria for a time at Sherwood Baptist Church. There was a couple of young adults that she would pick up and bring to church regularly. The young lady was a regular lice carrier and I would see Gloria hug and love on this young lady. It made me think of Jesus touching the leper. Gloria didn't fear getting lice, it was more important to her that this young lady got to come to church and learn about Jesus. She set a beautiful example of considering others more important than herself. Her love for others touched my heart. She was very special to our family and my mother. We are so very thankful that the Lord allowed us to know her. She was truly the sweetest person I have ever known.

Keith Brown

November 27, 2018

There was one light left on in the church camp dining area. It was just enough so a person could see their way if they were there at night or there in the very early hours of the morning.
I'm an early riser, so I thought I would go into the empty room so as not to disturb anyone, make some coffee and read for awhile... but the room wasn't empty. There was Gloria Day, under the one light in the corner, reading and praying.
She had such a burden for the kids. She cared about their souls and they knew it. We didn't have the fanciest church camp, but we had something special most didn't see. We had Gloria Day praying in the dim light of the camp dining hall at 5:00 a.m.

Sarah Philbin

November 26, 2018

Gloria was always writing rhymes for people, so I wrote one for her:

To My Good Friend Gloria
I don’t know if I could yield more gratitude towards a season than that Fall
The making of a true friend who fully cherished life and people, and sought them
Where to her no person or life was insignificant or small
her every action illustrated pursuit of a holy creature crafted by God; this gem
Her simple actions leaving footprints of joy and love
A trip to Home Depot, the making of an adventure
The pursuit of souls in the shape of rhubarb jam and a work glove

So thoughtful were her ways that she would mail rhymes to all her friends on the Holidays
Thanksgiving cards from Miss Daisy
And of course a visit to Marilyn, her treasured friend she spoke of always
Inspired the adventuresome vacation that proved her love for people is crazy

Always thankful and delighting over tea with sugar and cream
And a general hunger for sweet treats to share with anyone
We ordered pies from Marilyn’s friends, cozy treats and friends our general theme
And let Marilyn throw the blankets in the dryer for extra coziness, addition to the fun.

To have a heart so in love with the Lord that she can’t help but love others with all the joy
Even when her lungs would hardly yield her air to breathe
And an ailing body scarcely permit her garden or do the work she would so much enjoy
Yet maintained perspectives of thanksgiving, refusing her attitude run off to grieve

Thank you, God, that you gave us both that moment in time where our lives embraced
This ray of sunshine bursting into my life in radiance of the Lord
Memories of my dear friend my life forever laced
Into your arms now, this beautiful soul forever stored.

Joey Barnett

November 24, 2018

How I loved Mrs. Gloria, I and my Grandparents met Gloria at SunySide Baptist She came to SunnySide because of Bro. Harry’s radio Program.
What a wonderful testimony she had, I knew everyone at SunnySide and I friended Gloria and fell fast in love with her sweet Spirit.
She did so much for me and blessed me in many ways.
The times of lunch for my Birthday the car pooling Sunday nights and Wednesday night rides to Sunnyside the songs the talks.
Gloria was In charge of VBS @ SunnySide for many years, it was such wonderful times.
The Trips to Falls Creek as well.
Gloria and Maralyn Pollerd went on a Trip on a cruise to the Bahamas , so glad I got to go with her.
The memories that she made me with the scrapbooks of the different things and time we shared.
She isn’t gone she is in Haven rejoicing with our Lord and Savior.
A great testiment to her is the The versus Gal 6:14A “ But God forbid that I should glory, save in the Cross of our lord Jesus Christ.”

Dianne Maddox

November 19, 2018

Many years ago I decided to try swimming at the YMCA for exercise. The very first person I met was Gloria. She was so welcoming and encouraging that I had to keep going back. I would get to visit with Gloria and her friend Rosemary just about every morning that I would go to the Y. Gloria was always friendly and smiling and had such kind ways. I loved that she would always be wearing a skirt or dress. Gloria was simply the nicest person I have ever met!

Carol Daugherty

November 19, 2018

I attended the same church with Gloria Day, so i had lots of opportunities to see her faith and love for others firsthand. She always wore her beautiful smile, and especially sought out the ones who needed love the most.
On one occasion, when my mother was visiting from SD, Gloria prepared a delicious luncheon and invited the ladies of the church to come. When the meal was finished, Gloria asked each in the group if we would like to tell our testimonies of salvation. ( ever the missionary). Her thoughtfulness and hospitality to a woman she did not even know truly touched me. On the passing of my mother, she brought me a flat of pansies for me to plant in her memory. It was a delight to know her!

Suzie Fentriss

November 18, 2018

After the lovely service for Gloria, Jim and I were sorry we could not continue on to the cemetery and the meal. Now, looking at the sweet picture of Gloria on the program brings back so many memories, I will never be able to share them in this space.
Gloria and I met in junior high, were best friends through high school, and roomed together at OU. When we were in high school, Gloria's mother was out of town a lot, travelling often to Mexico. My parents had moved, leaving me with my older sister and brother-in-law. So, I spent many nights at Gloria's that year. I realize now how responsible she was - a teenager alone in that big house in Crown Heights. Her father had been an OBGYN, and before his death had invented a cream for women that was sold in drugstores. One day, Crown Heights Drug called saying they were out of the cream and need more quickly. Gloria and I put labels on jars in her dining room, and she delivered them to the drugstore.
We had lots of slumber parties, sometimes staying up all night to study for tests. No one ever took advantage of the fact that there was no parent there. In those days, Gloria had two dogs. One was a toy French poodle named Celeste. The other was a Boston Bull named Lucky, whom Gloria loved despite his bad breath!
Gloria and I took Spanish all through school and at OU. I remember having loud conversations in Spanish, hoping the older boy next door would hear us and be impressed! We went to El Charrito's Mexican Restaurant a lot, often ordering ONLY soft corn tortillas and butter! We also went to the new El Charrito's downtown, because they had a young Mexican guitarist. The young man was Carlos Cruz, father of the now popular guitarist Edgar Cruz. Gloria would request the song "Y Tu", which she had heard during Mexico trips with her mother. I still sing that song sometimes, and always think of Gloria.
So many sweet memories of my friend Gloria . . . . . .

Patsy McLaughlin

November 14, 2018

Gloria was so young at heart! In 2011 at Incredible Pizza she took my grandson Hunter for a go cart ride, he was 7 and loved it! Missed but never forgotten, love you Gloria