Conrado Miralpes Almoradie Jr.

October 14, 1948September 2, 2019

On Monday, September 2, 2019, Conrado M. Almoradie, Jr. was called to heaven at the age of 70. He was born on October 14, 1948 in Manila, Philippines to Conrado and Beata Almoradie. He grew up in the city with his parents and brothers George, Jose, Cesar, Serafin, and Rene. At a very young age, he worked in the city market, where he quickly learned the power of negotiation, adaptability, and persuasion. In 1971, he graduated from the University of Santo Tomas, the Catholic University of the Philippines, with a Bachelor’s Degree.

Enticed to come to America by his oldest brother George, Conrad embarked to the great United States of America in 1979 with his best friend and brother Jose. Together, they settled in Brooklyn, New York.

In the midst of his adventures in 1980, he met the love of his life inside a laundry mat. He loved telling stories about the day he met Lourdes, how he courted her for years, and how much he loved her for a lifetime.

A very accomplished businessman with many different roles, he was a great educator, advisor, consultant, and advocate. He was a natural leader and had a compassionate heart to help people build financial stability, find their dream homes, and grow their businesses.

He had a passion for fishing and traveling places with his beloved “Boss.” And he will be remembered for his charm, corny jokes, infectious laugh, and fun-loving spirit.

Conrad is wholeheartedly missed by his wife Lourdes; his children Katherine, Karen, Kristine, Karla, Koni, Ferdinand, Maria, and Clarissa (Bunso); and his grandchildren Ashley, Ryan, Patrick, Angelina, Gabriel, Alanna, and Aiden.

The family will host a memorial service to honor and celebrate Conrad’s life. Please contact Clarissa for details.


No services are scheduled at this time. Receive a notification when services are updated.


Conrado Miralpes Almoradie Jr.

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Maria Almoradie

September 7, 2019

Conrad was a unique man of many hats, talents, job descriptions. He was a scholar and teacher of all things, life coach, tech support, negotiator, financial advisor, and my hero. He saved me from myself countless times with his wise words of wisdom, as he did everyone else he loved. He would relentlessly and unapologetically give his advice and speak his truth, watch me fall on my face when I didn’t listen, and would be the first to pick me up and brush me off so I could try again. He made people strong and made people think. He saw the greatest potential in each person, no matter their trade or craft. He saw a chance for you to make an abundant, rich life for yourself by maxing out your personal earning potential. He saw this in everyone he met.

He was so knowledgeable, intelligent, and witty that he could talk about anything with anyone....politics, current events, science, history, movies, health and fitness, travel, all things MONEY.
He was generous and helped others in need. He opened up his house to you, which is a mini Costco, and let you take whatever you needed as he likely had 4 of the same exact item in different places.
His charisma and commanding presence filled the room. He made people feel welcomed with his hospitality. He wanted you to have the best cuts of meat and made sure your cup always filled with the best drink.

He could make you laugh until you cried. He had some of the most offensive and inappropriate jokes that were all said in good humor. Like a true professional comedian.

Clarissa Dantes

September 7, 2019

I know a lot of daughters would say that they have the best dads, but I truly have the best dad ever. He was incredibly strict, but loving. He was brilliant, generous, and skilled at many things. He was so goofy and playful, especially when I was a child. I remember he would make silly faces or say the most cunning remark when I was grumpy or having a bad attitude, just to make me smile.

When I lived in Chicago, he was just a phone call away. I would call him when I was feeling sad or lonely and in just a few minutes, he instantly made me feel better.

He was wise with his words. Although not always kind, he spoke the truth.

He, along with my mom, taught me how to be independent, think about all possible options, and plan for every possible outcome.

He didn’t hover over me nor did he try to break down every obstacle in my way. He would observe and listen as I attempted to make my own decisions. I only can appreciate it now that I have children of my own; and I pray that I carry my dad’s legacy and pass it down to them.

My favorite Conrad adages that I will always keep with me and strive for are:

“Work smarter, not harder”
“Maximize your earning potential”
“You can always improve”
“Respect is earned”
“How do you want people to remember you”

And the one that truly means the most to me:

“Good job, Bunso.”

I miss him so much, and I pray that I continue to make him proud.

Johmar Gasphar

September 6, 2019

Today, as we gather together as a united family, let us celebrate and remember the wonderful life of Conrad Almoradie. We were privileged and blessed to know such a wonderful, caring, and respectable individual. One thing that comes to mind for me & Czarmaine is the honor of having a mini-Almoradie Reunion take place at the same moment of our wedding 10 years ago. That reunion was very special to us and it was all orchestrated by Tito Conrad. In the short time it was discussed, he was able to get everyone on board to attend our wedding and it was great because it allowed us to get to know family we either haven’t seen in a while or at all. We were able to bond with our other uncles, aunts & cousins and have wonderful & everlasting memories of just the family having fun. We even got to see the Almoradie Brothers DANCE together! These memories will forever be cherished in our hearts and we have Tito Conrad to thank for.

We love you and will always remember you in our hearts.

- Johmar, Czarmaine and MiCza

Cesar Almoradie

September 6, 2019

Conrad as he is fondly called by loved ones and friends is my older brother. The five year age gap between as was no hindrance to building fun, joyful activities that were full of camaraderie and friendship.
He was funny with his wacky stories, real or fiction. The essence is he injected humor to life on a daily basis.
Going back in time, I see our childhood full of fun activities . Coming from school, I anticipate seeing him at home with his hearty laughter and awesome ideas of what he has lined up for us to do that day, from swimming to climbing up fruit bearing trees in our backyard. .
He is an upright person seeing to it that we all follow the rules, house rules included most specially for his younger brothers.
He is staunch and fully grounded, an achiever who got awards from school and from the companies he worked for.
He is a loving and caring son, husband, father, brother and friend.
I will always remember him with fondness. I am still in denial of his demise as I never expected life for my awesome brother will end like it did,
so soon and unexpected.
I will keep in my memories the hearty laughter, his kindness and love. I will treasure in my heart the presence of my brother Conrad, for it is only there that I can go and savor the awesome times with him. In the repository of my heart, he will always be alive, vibrant and joyful. No goodbyes brother..... we will find you again and be with you in a perfect place where life is everlasting.

George Almoradie

September 6, 2019

I remember,Bok,that's what we called each other when we grow up; he used to come up with jokes,sometimes corny.But somehow, I laughed.
At a young age, he showed us his skills in making money. He would go out and watched a movie by himself. And later, relates the movie to Jose,our younger brother. He charged him 10 cents a portion of the movie, and 10 cents each for the next part. When Jose ran out of money, Conrad would say to him "next time when you have 10 cents."
He did good job in the insurance business, collecting so many awards. He was lucky, he married Lourdes or Boss. She stood by him all the way.
I feel gratified, that i was able to talk to him just before he passed away. I would like to remember only the happy times we shared together. Love you,Bok.