Scott Hoffman

November 29, 1950October 9, 2018

Commander John Scott Hoffman of Oviedo, FL, 67, beloved husband of Toni and loving father of Scooter and Drew passed away suddenly on October 9, 2018. Known to all those who loved him as “Scott” he was born on November 29, 1950 in Salisbury, NC. He was the son of Nancy Webb Hoffman and Commander Burton Hoffman. He graduated in 1972 from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill and went on to Graduate Study at George Washington University, Washington, DC. A talented singer, he formed a jazz band during his college years. Known as the “John Scott Hoffman and the Light Fantastic” they toured the U.S. and were entertainers on Carnival Cruise Ships. He then enlisted in the Navy and attended Naval Fighter Weapons School “Top Gun” NAS, Miramar CA and Naval Aviation Officer Safety School, Monterey, CA. He served in the Navy for 20 years becoming a Commanding/Executive Officer of the FA-18 Strike Fighter Squadron 37 “The Bulls”. He married Toni, the love of his life in 1992 and they had two wonderful sons. After retiring from the Navy, he was hired by United Airlines and became an A320 Captain where he was selected as a “United 100 Recipient” for exceptional performance and leadership. He retired from United and was most recently employed as a flight instructor for JetBlue University in Orlando. He was a man of great faith, attending church regularly and donating his time to many charitable organizations. He is survived by his loving wife Toni and sons, John Scott Hoffman Jr. and Andrew Elliott, three sisters, Cynthia Broome, Beth Klusty and Jane Banister as well as several nieces and nephews.

Interment of ashes will follow in Cape Canaveral National Cemetery in Mims, FL.

Dear friends, Thank you all for the wonderful memories of Scott. We will treasure them always. Love, The Hoffmans.

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Scott Hoffman

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Brent Hrncir

October 23, 2018

Capt Hoffman had a most significant impact on my life...

I flew two trips with him on the Airbus A320 as he was qualifying me to return to "fly the line" at United after I was furloughed for 11 years.

I remember him talking so fondly of his family. Specifically, I remember the stories of the times he spent with his sons doing "Outward Bound" and making homemade diesel fuel. He conveyed such positive vibes about his family back in Florida.

Scott had the most patient demeanor and was really understanding of a person like me returning to a job after an 11 year break. I remember laying over in New Orleans, and Scott and I walked to the WWII museum. While there, we watched a 4-D movie about the war. .. complete with an "inside snow" recreation. I often talk about that trip to the museum, here 4+ years later.

At the end of my checkout, Scott made a public address announcement to the entire aircraft (passengers and all) that I had just returned to United after many years away. He went to the trouble to highlight a few of my accomplishments in the Air Force (this was certainly unusual and unexpected, as Scott was a Navy man) and the entire aircraft offered me applause about my return to the company. I cannot tell you what a boost to my morale Scott and his efforts gave to me.

I will certainly miss Scott, but my short time with him will always be remembered. I will do my best to emulate him when I can.

I offer my sincerest thanks to his family for loaning me their dad and husband for a few days... days that I will always remember.

I wish the best to you all...


Brent Hrncir
Toano, VA


October 21, 2018

Toni and Family let Sue and I offer our deepest condolences.
My favorite Scott story goes like this: It's April 1986 aboard the USS Coral Sea (CV-43) at about 6AM; Scott is the Assistant Navigator. The ship and CVW-13 had just completed Operation Eldorado Canyon (the one time strike into Benghazi & Tripoli Libya) a couple hours prior. I had landed from the mission in the wee hours and like most of the ship and airing crew was exhausted. The phone rings in my stateroom and it is Scott: "CONDO can you come up to the bridge and Con alongside an underway replenishment ?" "SLUT....I've never been on the bridge of a carrier never mind try an drive the ship". "It's OK CONDO, I just need someone up here and I'll be standing right behind you". " Let me get dressed and I'll be right do you get to the bridge?".
Scott Hoffman aka TARHEEL & SLUT, my and many others personal my thoughts and in the heart of Naval Aviation. CONDO

David Buck

October 20, 2018

Dear Toni, Scooter and Drew, I had the honor of working with Scott at the JetBlue training center.

Having moved away from Greensboro, NC many years ago it was quite a pleasure to regularly hear that ‘ol southern drawl booming down the hall. And, it didn’t matter what he was saying, it always sounded good.

The last interaction I had with Scott was with my wife on Fri Sept 28th (three weeks ago). We were heading to the airport from JBU and waiting for the bus. Scott came outside and saw us, introduced himself to my wife , and asked what we were up to. We told him waiting for the bus and he replied without a second thought...”I’ll take ya - Come ‘on”. He didn’t wait for an answer, he just started walking toward his car. Then he stopped, turned around and said “Wait. Stay there - I’ll come get ya’ “.
That was the best 8 min ride to the airport and it made our day. On the ride over we heard all about you Toni and about you guys moving to Oviedo. We also heard about Scooter and Drew and how proud he was of them. He was a beaming and proud father at that moment who then quickly turned his attention to my wife to ask all about our family.

Scott made such a great impression on everyone. Refreshingly, he also didn’t mince words. A few days earlier he gave me his opinion on a course he was delivering and said one of the slides was an insult to the pilots and that I should remove it. I initially disagreed, reviewed it. Chuckled and then removed it. I told Scott the next day he was right.

I’m sure to your family none of this comes as a surprise. Scott was a man of great character, kindness and sincerity. He was a man’s man. The kind of man many of us aspire to be. He will be missed.

If you need anything at all in the coming days... Please feel free to contact my wife and I. “I’ll take ya - come’on!”

May Scott forever rest in our Fathers arms.

David & Doreen

Antonio Figueroa

October 19, 2018

Toni, Scooter, Drew and family,
Words may not suffice to express the heartfelt sorrow that I feel for the passing of my friend and wingman Scott. A beautiful soul, full of love and faith, ascended to heaven, away from us, but closer to God, leaving us a little loneliness and sadness because we will not see and share with him in body, but always will in memory. We must remember that a person that departs from this earth never truly leaves, for they are still alive in our hearts, through us, they live on. He was loved at JBU. My condolences.

Julianne Maenner

October 16, 2018

To the family and loved ones of Scott,
I had the pleasure of working with and knowing Scott at JBU. He brought music and light in to the classroom and always went out of his way to say hello. The world was a better place with Scott in it. He will be missed but never forgotten.

"We all get this way sometime
Got to let your soul shine, shine till the break of day."

Arthur Glenn

October 14, 2018

My favorite summers were the ones I spent staying at Scott's and going to the pool where he was a lifeguard. I loved having lunch with him at Scott's Grill. I loved watching "The Birds" at his mom's house, (Nancy), and his sisters years ago. The movie scared me, but Scott's compassion is something I'll always remember. Thank you my first stuffed animal, Scott. I still have it to this day. I love you like a brother. See you soon one day.

Rob Weber

October 14, 2018

Scott was my Assistant Navigator on USS Coral Sea. Scott was an absolute dynamo. Nothing was too hard and in most cases what ever needed to be done he had already completed. I warned Scott that with that "can do" attitude he would one day become an Aide to an Admiral. Well he did and he called me to thank for trying to warn him. As usual he did very well. I really appreciated the time I was able to spend with Scott. It was always a learning experience. Our prayers are with the family.
RIP shipmate.

Susan Dirren

October 14, 2018

Dear Toni, Scooter and Drew,
Please accept our most sincere condolences. Like others have stated, we were shocked to hear of Scott's passing at such a young age. His very nature made him seem invincible. Skip and I first met Scott in Naples, Italy where he took Skip, a complete stranger, into his home for several weeks before he found housing at this unique duty station. From my first meeting I sensed a kindness and a sincerity in everything he did. His love of life, his work ethic and his interaction with people were legendary. We were reunited a few years later when we were all stationed in Jacksonville. Scott called many people friends and we are happy to be in that category.
Please know that we send loving thoughts and prayers to you all in this difficult time. Our hope is that the wonderful words of tribute, written by those who knew and loved Scott, will help to ease your pain.
Skip and Susan Dirren

Wayne Cobb

October 13, 2018

So sad to hear of Scott's passing. Scott was one of my very first heroes. Being 4 years younger than Scott, I followed him around like a puppy dog during the childhood summers we spent at the YMCA. I still remember my one and only summer camp experience at Camp Cheerio in Sparta, NC. Scott was one of the counselors for that week. I remember his singing at the campfires at night. I loved to hear him sing. I remember his roles in the high school musicals at Boyden High School. He was so gifted. Add to that that he piloted amazing flying machines in the Navy as well as his years singing in military stage bands - how many folks could have accomplished what Scott accomplished?! Scott was always warm and kind to me, even when I was that kid who always shadowed him at the Y, etc. I remember hearing my father-in-law, Dr. Donald Lomax, talking about how thrilled he was when Scott called him and asked him if he would like to accompany him on a flight that he would pilot that would land on an aircraft carrier. Doc was amazed by it all, and was eternally grateful to Scott for including him on the trip. I enjoyed reconnecting with Scott a few years back on Facebook. I hate that he is no longer with us, but I am so grateful to have known and loved him. I'm sure that he leaves a huge crowd of folks who would say the same. Love to his family.

Jeanne Lane Miller

October 13, 2018

I grew up with Scott at Second Presbyterian Church in Salisbury, NC. He was always kind and everyone loved him. He was a great singer. All of the girls liked Scott because he was good looking and nice. I haven't seen him since 1969 but knew he was in the Navy. Our mothers were friends at church. Do I remember that his father had been killed as a pilot or died early? So sad. He must have been a great husband and father.