Justin Cole Tucker

July 14, 1994December 3, 2018

Justin Cole Tucker (Tarkes Verdain), was born to Richard and Ruth Tucker on July 14, 1994 and passed away on December 3, 2018.

Justin, a life long Marina resident. He was a kindhearted brave soul, that touched many lives in his short time on this earth. He had an extraordinary ability to connect with people and or animals.

Justin was raised in a home which he felt pure love and everything that word implies. Family was his top priority in life.

Masking his own, Justin placed others feelings and issues above his own. Always making time to reach out and help others by encouraging and protecting them. His friends knew that they were considered family.

His life was presented with physical challenges, which he persevered due to the strong devotion he had for everyone. There was never a question of how much his family and friends adored and loved him. He was caring, with a great sense of humor and lived life to his fullest, with and through music, anime, and his first true gaming love Halo and latest being Sea of Thieves.

Justin volunteered from Jan 2016- April 2017 over 2200 merit hours at Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula. He made so many new friends, sharing that space at The Fountain Court, the atmosphere there again became family which he cherished including his favorite K-9 Hugo.

Gaming expanded his world and allowed him to have another identity which was not tainted by his physical issues. He was able to be strong, charismatic, powerful and become the person he always was inside, a Warrior. The names of his gamer family was a worldwide community of wonderful individuals. Gamertag Family Names are the following: Detton Verdain, Chris Chrimbo, ABipolerMandingo, Ragu Pastafangu, Isna Ranvalen, HastyOutburst, Twisted, BadMomRaven, Draxian Izar, xXMoonLight1Xx, Trenticon, Yoghurt Chops, Elesis, GardenKerensky and Candace's Discord and many many more.

His nieces and nephews, Aryana, Connor, Cadence and Casey had indicated that Justin was bright minded, intelligent, good person and an amazing uncle.

Justin is survived by his parents, Richard and Ruth Tucker, brothers; Richard Tucker (Michele and Aryana) and Jeff (Meghan, Connor,Cadence and Casey); Grandmother; Marion Tucker, Aunts; Nora Hegarty, Cora Maloney, Jean Farley, Betty Hegarty, Claudia Tucker; Uncle; Paul Sasaki and many cherished cousins. He was preceded in death by Grandfathers; Richard T. Tucker and Cleo A. Hegarty, Grandmother Helen M. Wheeler and his Aunt Patricia A. Sasaki. He was succeeded in death by his cousin Dolores (Dee) K. Goodwin.

The two worlds Justin blessed are now missing the light of his soul, and sound of his laughter.

We love and will miss you, forever!


Justin Cole Tucker

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Nora Hegarty

January 7, 2019

I will always remember the time I spent when down in Marina for our dad's funeral, his patience and kindness he shared with his cousins showing them "Snakey no feet", he never once made it scary for them but rather slow and reassuringly. His love for his parents and brother was a beautiful thing to behold and theirs in return to him. He will always be remembered with Love.
God grant you His Peace young man.

Noah Perez [aka LittleArsonist]

December 31, 2018

Day or night, good times or bad, Tarkes was there, you could count on him to be there, to be at the ready to ensure you weren't alone. He filled every space where people felt alone, weather it was just in a chat room, in a voice chat, or when someone was streaming and needed someone to just hang out in their chat. He distracted us from bad times and embraced the good times when they came. He welcomed myself and my friend into a community that was having a very rough time, but he was there to comfort all, even those new who only had lurked before hand.
While now there is a void where Tarkes once was, myself and all those who knew him, will fill it with the love and kindness that survives his passing.
Rest easy my friend, may you suffer no more. I will miss you, until I myself return to the dirt, and see you again.
PS: Attached is the very final messages I received from Tarkes, they were just dumb little things that made me smile and laugh.

Jesse DC

December 28, 2018

I never knew Justin very well. I knew him as Tarkes Verdain, on twitch, where I would see him sometimes in Peeve’s chat

We didn’t talk much, but he was nice to me and others in chat.

Me deepest condolences to his loved ones. I hope you all recover well

Erina Nguyen (PandaKouhai)

December 28, 2018

I knew Justin as Tarkes. I had met him through Draxian Izar’s party on Xbox.

From the time I met Tarkes all the way up until now, I had enjoyed every conversation with him. When I didn’t understand or know something, he’d take the time to explain everything to me. When I was down and needed help, Tarkes was there. There have been countless times he’s made me laugh, and I’m sure he’s made plenty of others laugh too.

I only wish I had gotten to know him more, to talk to him more, and to be able to help him like he helped me.

I may not have known him as long as others have, but he was still my friend. I enjoyed being in his company. I enjoyed being able to know him as a friend. I hope that wherever he is now, he’s always smiling.

Cora Maloney

December 13, 2018

Justin will be remembered and missed every day of every coming year.
During his short life he grew from a sweet boy into a caring man.
We were indeed blessed to have him in our lives.

Dylan Smith (Detton Verdain)

December 11, 2018

Justin, or Tark as he always preferred me to call him is one of the most amazing people I could have ever met.

We started playing games on Xbox together about 11 years ago, and we instantly became best of friends. I have spent more hours gaming, talking, and sharing with him than I have with anyone else in my life. Anytime we played it felt like we could read each others minds, know each others next move, and anticipate what the other needed.

He was like a brother to me and was one of the most kind, caring, and honest people I have ever known and ever will.

I miss you Vode, may we meet again someday, until then you shall always be in my heart and mind.

Holly Yanez

December 10, 2018

Beautiful baby boy with golden curls . Grew up to become a kind gentle human being . Took a picture of my dog Idaho and me across the street next to the tree, still have it. Always a sweet smile on your face that I will dearly miss. My heart is broken and I will always love and remember you as one of my own family member. Rest In Peace my friend until we all meet again. The Heavens welcome a new angel❤️ Justin Cole Tucker❤️