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Joseph F. Belch

July 7, 1945October 20, 2019
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Joseph F. Belch was born on July 7, 1945 in New York, New York and passed away on October 20, 2019 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.


  • Monique Belch, Spouse
  • Jason Belch, Son
  • Kathleen Belch, Daughter
  • Emily Johnson, Granddaughter


  • Gathering Time Saturday, November 2, 2019
  • Memorial Service Saturday, November 2, 2019
  • Reception Saturday, November 2, 2019


Joseph F. Belch

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Janett McMillan

October 31, 2019

I first got to know Joe when we shared a ride to Naples for a Devcon conference years ago. He spent the entire drive talking about his family. He told me how he and Monique met and how he wooed her with his ice skating prowess. He so admired Monique’s nursing, caregiving and singing accomplishments. He was madly in love. Joe was extremely proud of Jason and his work for the company and Kathleen was Daddy’s little girl.

Joe didn’t need to work but he had so much knowledge, satisfaction and pride in what he did that he didn’t want to stop. When Joe talked with a customer, he treated them like royalty. He told us about how he would sing to them—how could they resist! Joe was beaming when he regularly came into the office, delivering stacks of contracts for his big sales. I’m so thankful he eventually had some extra time on the golf course where I’m sure he continued his winning ways.

Joe was extremely thoughtful, sensitive and caring under his tough persona. He often stopped by my office to chat and expressed his sincere concern for people and world events. Of course, he left his coffee cup behind every time! Joe didn’t care about being politically correct. He called me “Blondie” and I didn’t mind a bit. I’m proud to have known him and was truly heartbroken to hear the news.

Just a few short months ago, Joe was there to comfort me in my loss. Now, again in disbelief, I can only express my deep sadness and most sincere condolences to you Monique, Jason and Kathleen in hopes of comforting you. Remembering you Joe Belch—a truly awesome guy!

Marisel Santiago

October 31, 2019

I was deeply saddened to learn of his passing.

Joe interviewed me back in the early 90’s.
He was a bit intimidating, asked for my best, and hired me. People thought he was a little abrasive but he was a kind of heart and gave people a chance to shine.

He was an amazing man, who loved what he did and had a great sense of humor.
I will miss him!

My sincere condolences to his family.

May the heavens embrace you!

Darius Nevin

October 31, 2019

Thank you, Gene Napolitano, for catalyzing the Guardian reunion that gave many of us the opportunity to see this wonderful man one more time. One last chance to see him work the room, making people smile, and reminding us how much we enjoyed his company. Know that you are missed, Joe.

Joe Rogers

October 30, 2019

I have read the many beautiful notes expressing memories of how Joe loved his family and how professionally he performed his job over the years, however, there was one other love that Joe had in his life that cannot be ignod in his passing. That love was the game of GOLF!
I was fortunate to have been invited to play golf with Joe and a few other guys along the way starting some years ago. For several years, we played golf three days each week mostly at the Pompano Beach Pines and Palms Golf Courses. It was obvious throughout this time of Joe's life how much he loved being out there with the guys.
The most amazing thing to me about Joe's golf experience was that, to my knowledge, he never asked anyone to record his strokes on any hole and therefore we never knew what his total score was for any round. He, like the rest of us "Duffer's" would have good strokes, good putts, good holes, bad holes, many lost balls but seldom a good round. He simply didn't care what the score was but loved being out there with the guys. Thanks for the memories Joe.

Peter Quaid

October 30, 2019

I had the pleasure of working with Joe for many years with Devcon. We were fellow salesmen, smoke buddies and friends. So, I had plenty of opportunities to hear his collection of jokes, talk shop, and eagerly listen to his many life stories (often the same one multiple times). I always considered him as not only a friend, but as a father figure because he would give me advice that you knew came from his heart and with the best of intentions.
However, the one thing I will never forget about Joe is that he was a hummer and a singer. He always seemed to have a tune in his head and in his heart. Although I may not remember now the melodies or words that I heard when he was near, his ability to express his internal song soothed me then and guides me now with his passing. Sing on Joe!

Bari Siegall

October 28, 2019

I had the pleasure of knowing Joe for 18 years. He was one of a kind. What comes to mind when thinking of Joe is all the funny moments working with him. Joe came up in a time before there was any such thing as political correctness and he completely opted out. He could and would say the most outrageous things that made me laugh both then and now. Once when still new to Guardian, Joe found me in the warehouse putting away equipment. He said women didn’t belong in the warehouse. I ignored him and he told me to get out. He said he wasn’t going to help and he wasn’t going to watch so I needed to come back when he wasn’t there. A few years later, positions and titles shifted and Joe became my boss. When I asked if he had a problem with my working for him, he said no. He’d gotten used to my being a woman. From Joe that was high praise!

Joe really had a heart of gold. He would tell stories of courting Monique and their ice skating and falling in love. He loved and was so proud of his son Jason. He would talk of him as a baby and share his accomplishments in school, college, and career. Joe adored his daughter Kathleen and always wanted her to be happy. I still remember him beaming while she held puppet shows in his office window. I can only imagine how he would have doted on his little granddaughter.

Joe was a positive force in the lives of so many. I hope knowing this helps bring comfort to his family.

Sheilah Ginsburg

October 28, 2019

Dear Monique, Jason & Kathleen,

I was so sad to hear of Joe's passing. Both Harold & I had fond memories of spending time with Joe. We shared so many lunches together over the years.

Joe was always talking about Monique being Canadian and we would share stories about Montreal, as I too grew up in Canada.

Joe adorned our family and we loved his family as well.

Working with Joe was a joy, he loved a good challenge and was always positive he would get the sale. He always did!

Monique, Jason, Kathleen - your great husband and Dad was the best. I will always think of his kindness and devotion.

Please accept my sincere condolences.
With love and sympathy,

Sheilah Ginsburg

John B

October 28, 2019

It doesn't get much better than Joe Belch. He was a renaissance man with a heart of gold. The more time Joe and I spent together, the more amazed I'd be of not only all that he accomplished but of all the things in life he had done. From the stories of New York City and the horse stables to working on military planes to his history in the alarm industry, Joe was always able to deliver a captivating story.

No story however, compared to the way Joe would light up when speaking of Monique, Kathleen, and Jason. It always seemed that being a husband and a father was Joe's favorite part of life.

My condolences to Joe's family and friends. You will be missed pal.

Jeff Kozdron

October 27, 2019

Sitting in my office and looking out the window at the “guitar” thinking back to when Joe asked me for a favor and walk the inspector for the final at rickys swimwear when the Hard Rock was first opening.... He was the only person I could talk to about the incredible position that was offered to me just after my father passed. He gave me that “JBS” Joe Belch Special Smile and told me to quit this shit show and go for it. One of the hardest but best decision in my life.

At the reunion last year he actually remembered that day was my birthday. He gave me a kiss and said “he was proud of me” when telling him some of my war stories and what an incredible career I now have.

Joe, you were a true inspiration and will forever hold a soft spot in my heart.

See ya on the other side my dear friend.

Rhonda Ginsburg

October 27, 2019

I’m so very sorry to hear about Joe’s passing.

You just loved Joe. He was one in a million, with a heart of gold. Never ever short of a story or an opinion, he was full of life. He had a fabulous laugh and a great big smile when telling a story. I will cherish those long conversations at Guardian, where he taught me about security business and shared all those crazy stories…all-true!
I could always hear him and Harold talking… hallways away – it was legendary.

I loved hearing about his beautiful wife and family who he just loved and cherished. I feel like I knew everything about High School with Jason and Middle School with Kathleen.

Going on sales calls to the Seybold building, meeting his clients was just the best. For over 35+ years, he developed a kind and wonderful rapport with all his clients. He knew everything about his clients, and their families. They all welcomed and respected Joe, he was truly more than their trusted security expert; he was part of their family too.

My sincere and heartfelt condolences to Monique, Jason, Kathleen and Emily. He will be so missed.

With Love & Sympthay,