Karen Mendy

October 21, 1947February 7, 2019
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On behalf of my sisters and I-I ’d like to thank everyone for coming tonight. She would be so happy to see all of you here. Some of you knew her as Karen, others knew her as Mrs Mendy, or dog, we knew her as mom. Our mom was a lot of things...she was a daughter, a little sister, big sister, and A twin. She was an Aunt, a wife, a grandma, and a friend. No matter how you knew her, we all know that she was extraordinary. With emphasis on the EXTRA.

She was extra loud, extra stubborn, extra dramatic, and extra inappropriate. She was also extra funny, extra loving, and extra loyal.

It was impossible to tell my mom how to act, or what to do. We all know That she didn’t follow the rules, she made her own.

Some of her rules No stopping to use the bathroom on road trips, unless we were gassing up. We had to rotate turns in shotgun-and the dog got a turn too. We must have Pepsi in the house at all times. You don’t have to be a medical professional to wear scrubs all the time. No talking during movies, and forget about walking in front of the tv. Each day- all activities had to be finished by 1 PM So she could watch all my children. Shoulder pads make every outfit look better. Your room must be clean before you leave the house. Smoking sections do not apply - even in Disney world. Do not stand up or walk in front of her camcorder when she was videoing me dance. And. There is nothing a man can do that a women can’t.

One day when I was getting home from school I saw that my mom had pulled her minivan (the silver bullet) under the tree. She was standing on top of the car, cigarette hanging out of her mouth, with a chainsaw in her hands trimming the trees. When I yelled at her to get down because it was dangerous, she screamed “the f****** trees aren’t going to cut themselves ERIKA”!

That is just one example of what a pit bull she was. She was the toughest woman I have ever known. She kicked cancers ass, walked away from a 22 mm aneurism, and survived a massive stroke. Towards the end it got difficult to see that giant personality trapped in a weakening body- but still she held her on for us. And I’m so happy she did because she got to meet her grandson Charlie-who could always make her smile.

I really think she wanted to make sure that my sisters and I had found someone to take care of us and love us as much she did. She saw that we were all happy, and safe, and that it would be ok for her to move on.

Selfishly I wanted her to stay, but I am so happy for her. She is no longer a prisoner in her body and She is with her favorite person ever- her mom.

Now she doesn’t have to wait for Charlie and I to come visit, because she can see us all the time. She is watching over all of us. Sitting next to my grandma in their special chairs. Pepsi in one hand, cig in the other. Talking trash about everyone down here.

I miss her so much. Her stories will be passed on for years because she was a f****** legend. And I am so proud to have her as my mom.


  • Jenny Putzig, Daughter
  • Tracy Mendy, Daughter
  • Erika Etzo, Daughter


  • Gathering Time Friday, February 15, 2019
  • Memorial Service Friday, February 15, 2019
  • Reception Friday, February 15, 2019

Karen Mendy

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Theresa Dubick-Ivory

February 16, 2019

Some of my memories of your mom include fun car rides in the convertible, driving us up and down “The Strip” on A1A! I think she enjoyed it more than we did! Bon Jovi and Skid Row come to mind! She was always so welcoming and ready to take us places! I am so sorry your family has lost her! All my love and prayers to help you during this sorry I couldn’t be there to say my goodbyes. Love, Tree!

Jenny Putzig

February 16, 2019

I’m Homesick for
Cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate
Garage sales and thrift shops
Windows down and music up
and singing loud and cigs
Gods country and minivans
Pepsi with extra ice
Paintings on windows and Christmas
Laser light shows and mediations
Dogs and cats and birds and fish
and hamsters and iguanas
Laughing loud and knee slaps
F-bombs and grills
Scrubs and shoulder pads
Lifetime movies and all my children
Miss America and Elvis
Chips and dip
Mixed tapes and road trips
Painting nails and laying out
I’m so happy for you mommy,
but incredibly sad for me
I’ll see you again...but I’ll be homesick till then.

Janice Basile

February 16, 2019

I always believed, Id see her again.....Hug,hold her. I never thought that would happen for in at heavens door and not here,on earth. Many years have gone by, but memories have not left my heart, nor will they. We will find that joy again ,at our fathers table. Prayers have gone up for all the family,at this time, as many others. I am comfortable in my missing each and everyone of you,You to will find a peace in time.God bless, hold, lead. Today,I told a store ,to a recent friend, of trip to Disney,When you girls where young, I laughed. To read this, now, I can still smile, because she is the lite,the wind, the rain, the sun rise and sunset, as we all shall be in time. When speak, of our past, she know, I love her, and all the family. Love and joy to hold,I send. Please send sever information, I would like to attend.

Carlos Aristi

February 16, 2019

Karen fue siempre directa,frontal,honesta,divertida y una gran amiga.Inolvidable con suerte nos volveremos a ver❤️

Pam C

February 16, 2019

I have so many fond memories of your Mom and all of you when you were young! I am so sorry for your loss. My heart goes out to you, Jenny and Erica. Your Mom raised some very fine young ladies. XOXO ❤️😘😘😘

Vionette Torres

February 16, 2019

Im sad to hear you are gone. Your girls were your pride and joy . You always made me feel welcomed and appreciated. Youre a pretty cool lady, generous and kind. Your girls will more then ever carry out your traditions and ideas. They will be more like you everyday and smile when they see you in themselves. You did real good with those girls! You're now back with your own mama looking onto them all. They will see you again too, but until then they will miss you. 🐾🌼🌈

My condolonces family and friends of Karen Arnholdt Mendy

Jenny Dalton

February 16, 2019

Mama Mendy you will be so very missed. You and your daughters are the most favorite of my childhood memories. I loved your fire 🔥 and the way you supported and loved your girls. You always made me feel like I was part of the family. You loved the mountains and it was a joy to come see you when you were here. I love you forever and miss you always.

Erin McPhail

February 15, 2019

Oh! and watching Pure Country
-❤️ George Strait lol

Seth Christian

February 13, 2019

So many great memories. From dinner parties with the whole crew and fresh homemade empanadas. To your Mom whatching over all of us in her living room with the dogs as we watched a Hurricane come in over SoFl.
Or the time we kidnapped her to get her first tattoo for her B Day.
She was so amazing to everyone & opened her heart & soul to all of us.
I am privileged to have known her.

Sam Williamson

February 13, 2019

I have so many memories of your mom through the years from school, dance, sleepovers, parties. She was at every performance rooting us on. She was always fun to watch or make a movie with. Erika's room always had to be cleaned before going anywhere. She was the person who knew you could only have grilled cheese on white wonder bread, candy bars were always better frozen and you need a lot of ice in your drink. She loved you girls so much, you were her life, well her dogs were her life but guys were a close second :) j/k I will miss your mom and know she will always be with you guys giving many memories to think of. Love to you all!