Alison Dee Zaret

June 20, 1986June 7, 2018

Alison Zaret passed away on June 7, 2018, two weeks shy of her 32nd birthday. A sweet and caring young woman, she is survived by her parents, Patty and Eli Zaret, her older sister Cortney and many other relatives.

A graduate of Michigan State in Merchandising, Alison dreamed of a career in the fashion industry. She was inventive and creative and wanted only to contribute to the happiness of others.

Tragically, since her late teens, Alison’s life was gradually and profoundly derailed by bipolar disorder and a variety of other mental health issues, eventually robbing her will to live.

In lieu of flowers, her family wishes donations to be sent to: The Heinz C. Prechter Bipolar Research Program


  • Alison's family will hold a private service at a later date.

Alison Dee Zaret

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Andrea Todorovic

August 13, 2018

Eli & Patty,

We want you to know that we are thinking of you. We think of your family and Alison often and hope that this small memory may bring some comfort and peace. The first time we met Alison she had just moved into the neighborhood. She was walking Tyrone down Alice and my son, Layton, and I (Andrea) were returning from the playground at McGregor Elementary School. We both noticed this young, very pretty girl with a tiny dog that we thought looked to be a miniature version of our dog, Sumo. We couldn’t resist stopping them to say hello. Alison greeted us with a welcoming smile and we chatted about her recent move from Chicago. Alison became a regular part of our families’ lives, stopping by whenever she and Tyrone were out and about. We all looked forward to seeing her walking our way and would pop out the door when we saw her so we could chat while the dogs played. Alison was always so sweet and had the most beautiful, warm smile. She spent time chatting with both of our boys, Luka and Layton, with such understanding, patience and kindness. The last time she stopped by was Saturday, May 26th. She was looking forward to that evening when she was to attend the Hip Hop Smack Down at the Fox Theater. She commented on how it would be interesting to see the “juxtaposition” of the old beautiful theater against the rowdy Smack Down concert. Alison and I talked about typical life things that day, including her new position at the pilates studio which she enjoyed and her need to add vitamin supplements to her diet because of her vegan lifestyle. When Alison was leaving that afternoon, she said she would stop by again soon to fill me in on the concert and I joked at how she helped me to remember my younger days as I lived vicariously through her stories. Alison was a wonderful presence in our lives. She is missed and remembered with warmth and great fondness.

Catherine Spear

July 1, 2018

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Zaret,

I just this weekend heard of Alison's passing and have been unable to stop thinking of your family. Though I hadn't seen Alison in many years, I have the fondest memories of her from playing softball together when we were little to playing at each others houses after school and lots of fun times together at BHMS. She had the greatest laugh and was so beautiful and kind. I am so saddened by this news and am keeping all of you in my thoughts and prayers.

With love,


Jake Pradko

June 24, 2018

Eli and Patty,

We are deeply saddened to hear of your loss. It was a pleasure to have met and been friendly with Alison as neighbors. She and the amazing Tyrone were so kind to us. We sympathize with the struggle that Alison and your family have experienced, and will think of all of you as we join you in support of better treatment for mental illness. We hope for peace in your lives.

Your neighbors,

Jake and Erica

Paula Law

June 23, 2018

I’m so sorry for your loss. Thoughts and prayers are with you.

Myriah Cohen

June 21, 2018

I worked with Alison at eDrop-off, and she was always looking out for me. I felt like I could trust her kindness. Her presence made hard days better. We didn’t work together for very long, but she was a constant force for good who could always make me smile.

Steve Conway

June 20, 2018

Stacey & I are so sorry for your loss. We're praying that your heartache will be tempered with strength and peace. Your family is in our thoughts.

The Conways

Omar Abdallah

June 17, 2018

Cortney, Eli & Patty
Please find my solemn condolences for a wonderful soul. My memories of Alison are from a much simpler time of BHMS, Fun-nights, & our comic relief: an 11 year old Ben Affleck that starred in our 7th grade science class documentary. Alison’s sense of humor only came second to her incredible ability to read people. I remember seeing Alison on our first day of 6th grade and I recall fawning over how beautiful she was. She was my instant crush. I remember witnessing her fear of snakes, even if on TV, and hoping she wouldn’t have to see another snake. I remember how red her face would turn when she was embarrassed-which was certainly often when I was around. Alison had a significant impact on my adolescence. Every time I watch Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, I think of Alison.

I hope your family can take solace in knowing that so many of Alison’s laughs, words, smiles & interactions are memories that are cherished by many. She lives on every day in our thoughts and memories.

With Love


Tom Maniaci

June 16, 2018

I had the great pleasure of working with Alison when she was still a teenager. I was art-directing a photo shoot for a magazine story and needed a young model. Alison's father Eli was a friend, and knowing what I was looking for in terms of talent, sent Alison. She looked younger than her age...she was perfect. Contrary to popular belief, modeling can be far from glamorous. It's long hours of people telling you to achieve poses that are often difficult to hold, again and again and again. And it can be humbling realizing that it's actually not about you, but with how the clothes and props look. None of that fazed her. She was a delight, and the pictures were wonderful. Through the years we stayed in touch on social media...I always hoped I might work with her again. We share a birthday, and I never failed to get a message from her. I don't know if anything would have been different if Alison had heard more people speak of the fun and joy she brought to others, but I want to be one of those voices now, at least. I have children, and can scarcely imaging the pain of losing one of them. My heart goes out in friendship and support to her parents, my friends.

Brett Powell

June 15, 2018

When I think about Alison it's hard not to smile. Maybe it's because she had such a beautiful smile or maybe it's because she had a rare ability to make everyone around her smile. She had a sweetness about her. She had such a wonderful sense of humor. Almost every time we saw each other we would share stories of Eli and Don and it would inevitably lead to great laughter. I think we always felt connected in that our fathers are so connected. Or maybe everyone felt that connection because of her kind, gentle soul. I hope she's found peace. I hope that Eli, Patty, and Cortney find peace as well.

Cassie (Cornell) Bosco

June 14, 2018

From her infectious laugh to her signature bronzed face and bright white smile, to her impressive rapping skills to her kind heart; I have so many fun memories of Alison. I had the pleasure of being friends with Alison throughout high school and college and I am so sad to hear of her passing. She was always so full of heart just breaks for her that she struggled behind closed doors. I pray that she is at peace and my heart goes out to your family as you grieve this tragic loss.


Cassie Bosco