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Patrick "Finn" John Michael Robins

January 13, 1970December 22, 2019

Patrick "Finn" John Michael Robins was born on January 13, 1970 and passed away on December 22, 2019 in Seattle, Washington.


Patrick "Finn" John Michael Robins

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Sean DuTremaine

January 10, 2020

Patrick was my boss at JLL. Patrick was a cool cat. One time I watched another co-worker slam a trash can into a wall and tackle the door in rage while he exited our meeting; Patrick was on his laptop, briefly looked up flatly and said “that’s not impressive” and continued typing. He traveled on behalf of our robotics department to retrieve softwares that we needed during the Amazon deployment in Shakopee. He worked his ass off in the role he was in and achieved a lot. He was very logical and made everything seem possible. He was a wealth of knowledge and even now remains one of the smartest human beings I have ever met. Incredible how he made time both educating and working full-time. I remember him saying to me before his shift started “When I die I want my son to have my skull, even though it’s probably not legal”. He loved motorcycles and told me about a Harley he was interested in picking up. Tragically, Patrick told me stories of friends he had lost from motorcycle accidents, and he even said if he were to die, he would want to go on his bike. Patrick told me stories about how he met his wife and how proud he was of his children. The last thing he said to me is attached below.

Andrea Nast

January 10, 2020

First time i met finn was when he and ross walked into the magic lantern theater for rocky horror hawks up facepaint i thought wow we get some weird ones in here, finn and i had a love hate relationship at first but after awhile we became family i help finn and kisha with the kids and vice versa we became like brother and sister after the death of my youngest and we all lived together in St Helen's i am really going to miss him since he was a brother to me and a uncle and father figure to my son i do promise him that he doesn't need to worry i will help and take care of kisha and support her and the kids, love you finn and miss you may you be at peace 😢💔

James Willig

January 4, 2020

I met Finn my first night at Pano. As intimidating as the massive club was, Finn was somehow more scary! He looked at me like a Gargoyle in Carharts, with the scrutiny of a craftsman. I attempted to break the tension with a joke, it did not work. Instead my little attempt at humor ricocheted off him like Teflon. Finn knew the importance of the person at your back when danger popped up. Despite the first impression, he gave me a chance. He rode my ass, not for any ego trip, but because he saw something in me. I wasn't just a co-worker, I was one of HIS blackshirts, and that made me want to try harder. And even after such funfilled games like, "Silverado bag check", "Patdown at the Pride Beer Garden" and of course, "Hey Jim, does my flashlight look weird?", we all understood that Finn knew how to push us, because he wanted us to keep getting better, to go further and to never overlook someone who's different or needs your help! The tragedy of his passing can't be undone, so we must pass on his wisdom, compassion and continue to keep those around us safe! We love you and miss you, Finn.