Adeline Ketcheshawno DuBoise

June 8, 1933February 14, 2019
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Adeline Ketcheshawno DuBoise, 85, resident of Shawnee, OK passed away February 14, 2019. Adeline was born June 8, 1933 in Meeker, Oklahoma to Willie and Alice Ketcheshawno. After high school Adeline joined the United States Air Force; she served three years and was honorably discharged. Adeline enjoyed sewing; she was an outstanding Native American designer and seamstress. She made shawls for fashion shows; she also made ribbon shirts for Sac & Fox, Shawnee, Kickapoo, Prairie Band Pottawatomie and is a member of the Thunder Clan. She made ribbon shirts for Wes Studi and Michael Horse and a dress for Elaine Miles on Northern Exposure. Adeline collected Scottie dogs. She enjoyed antique shopping, watching wheel of fortune, basketball and softball. Adeline was very active, she enjoyed exploring mountains and even had the opportunity to hike the Grand Canyon. She enjoyed the Grand Canyon so much she even rode the mules down too! She rode in hot air balloons and rode in the nose of the B25 from Maryland to Oklahoma. Above all else Adeline loved her family. She was a devoted wife, mother, grandmother and friend. She will be dearly missed by everyone who knew and loved her. Adeline is preceded in passing by her parents, Willie and Alice Ketcheshawno and Willie, Amelia, Shirley, Robert and Willie Ketcheshawno. Adeline is survived by her loving husband of 54 years, Larry DuBoise; son, John Rosser and his wife, Robin; son, Paul Rosser and his wife, Jeanne; son, Larry DuBoise and his wife, Alesia and daughter, Alice Pfeiler and her husband Karl; grandchildren, Julie Bliss, Ryan Rosser, Jennifer Rogers, Joey Bliss, Casey Rosser, Jaclyn Rosser, Amber Shepherd, Jacob Filer, Anthony DuBoise, Brenna Hertz, Jami Rosser, Allen DuBoise, Alyssa Hertz; great-grandchildren, D’Anna Murray, Landon Rosser, Tripp and Jett Rogers, Presley Rosser, Brooklyn O’Brien, Izabella and Sylus Humphreys, Stella Rosser and numerous other family members and friends. Visitation will be 4-6 pm, Sunday, February 17, 2019 at Resthaven Funeral Home Funeral Service will be 11:00 am, Monday, February 18, 2019 at Resthaven Funeral Home Chapel.


  • Joey Bliss, Pallbearer
  • Ryan Rosser, Pallbearer
  • Anthony DuBoise, Pallbearer
  • Allen DuBoise, Pallbearer
  • Chad Rogers, Pallbearer
  • Josh Shepherd, Pallbearer


  • Visitation Sunday, February 17, 2019
  • Funeral Service Monday, February 18, 2019
  • Interment Monday, February 18, 2019


Adeline Ketcheshawno DuBoise

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Ken DuBoise

March 18, 2019

A fun memory is the best way to remember Addie. When I was but a mere Lad I worked at Gibson's Discount Center in Shawnee. Every summer the merchants in Shawnee's downtown would have a festival wherein all the worker bees in the stores would dress up in outrageous (for the times) costumes. A lot of people would come in for the festival to shop and gawk. I decided that I wanted to be a caveman. I had gone out to the woods and selected an appropriate club with a triangular rock and had bought leather strapping to tie it to the club. Memory does not remind me who made the leopard spotted terry cloth cloak. Somewhere I found or was given an orange-ish colored Beatles wig to wear. Addie took somewhat used chicken bones and made me an amulet to wear around my neck on a piece of rawhide and gave me a leg bone to tie into my wig. She took a pair of my sneakers and cut out an 18" or so foot shape, stuffed the things with batting, and sewed them over the sneaks. The last thing we did was the most fun. A costume shop in town had artificial rope hair. You could snip off pieces of the rope, fluff it up, and glue it to things with rubber stickum. I stood, in costume, in a kitchen chair while my mom, Anita, and Addie snipped, fluffed, and stuck THREE ropes of artificial hair to every square inch of exposed skin plus my Ally Oop style feet. For two hours. Really. I, ahem, did win the men's award that day. We still have a photo around our house here somewhere of me in all that glory. It would not have happened without Addie. Good times!

Rita DeLozier

March 4, 2019

I met Addie when she and Paul, John, & Alice (Baby Doll) moved next door to us. My family enjoyed Addie & the three kids so much. When she & Larry started dating, I was their babysitter. The kids and I always had a good time. After they married I also got to babysit Kid some too. One of the sweetest memories of Addie was when my sister passed away she came to the house to be with us & told my mom to let her have my wedding dress & she would finish it. My mom & I were so greatful to her for that. Addie was very special & had such a talent for sewing. It has been several years since I have seen her but I have such sweet memories of her. I know that her family will miss her so much, because I know how she loved her family. Wish we could have been at the service to be with all of you but just wasn't able to at this time. You all are in our thoughts & prayers. She will forever be in your hearts. Love you, Rita


February 25, 2019

The picture of Addie chosen for the obituary is a great example of Addie's strong enjoyment of life. She smiled and laughed often.

She was extraordinarily creative in many ways.

Years ago there was a style of handbag that looked like a small wooden picnic basket. Addie designed one for me that was lined in dotted fabric and on the lid had OSU and a cowboy and a cowgirl. I still have it.

There are many photo albums covered with fabric and trimmed in lace and ribbon that Addie made. These are beautiful things that contain old photos which help us remember the fun and laughter the family had together.

Many things in our home remind us of Addie and her creativity and her love of family. She is missed.

Jacquelyn Southern

February 24, 2019

I always loved going out to Larry and Adeline's house, so peaceful and quite, watch the birds, and feel the cool fresh air.
We would walk around and talk about our families, our trips, laugh, and share memories.

I am so glad I have an "Adeline" jacket, ribbon work shirts, and clan feast dress to wear, these traditional dresses will keep her in our heart and thoughts forever.

Peggy Acoya

February 24, 2019

Adeline had the same personality as her father. Uncle Willie was so kind. I always knew I was his favorite niece, only to find out when I got older, all the family felt the same. Adeline kept that Ketcheshawno trait going , as is shown by her lovely family.

Jaclyn Rosser

February 23, 2019

As I sit here wrapped in my baby blanket you made me, I cant help but think of your warm loving hugs and how extremely greatful I am to know that each and every stitch of this blanket was sewn with love. The fact that you might not have know at the time, the amount of loving warmth you were leaving behind for me and the keepsake I can pass down to my future children.

I will forever cherish the memories I have with you. Our nature walks in the woods when I was younger. How much fun it was to be a model in your fashion shows. Our trip to Louisiana where I got to be the only grandkid for a week. Your ability to hide Easter eggs, even from yourself somtimes. But most of all how you were one of our biggest fans on those extremely hot summer days at the ball park. There were no amount of miles that could keep you from coming to watch my sisters or I play.

I will miss you every day but find comfort knowing I will see you again on the other side when it's my time. Until then I will hold on to these memories, keepsakes and the family members you left behind. I love you Grandma Addie!

Love always and forever, Jac

Larry DuBoise

February 21, 2019

I was very privileged to call this wonderful lady "my wife" for almost 55 years. We went lots of places and saw many wonderful things. She was always ready for a new adventure. We hiked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. We stayed in a Lighthouse on the shore of lake Superior. We rode a hot air balloon. We rode a jet boat on the Colorado river. And, rode the Durango train numerous times.
And, above all she loved her family very deeply.
Life will never be the same, now she is gone. I really miss her.
The picture is her resting from a jeep ride near Moab last summer.

Amber DuBoise-Shepherd

February 20, 2019

Grandma I love you and I will miss you greatly. My heart is broken, but I know it will heal, and my love for you has helped began to mend it, as well as the memories I hold dear. Some of the memories I have with my grandma was sitting in her sewing room as we looked over patterns of indian dresses so I could use them in my artwork. I have the memory of me, my little brothers, my mom and dad going to grandma and grandpas house in Pink and going to the pond and fishing, or building fires and eating hot dogs and marshmallows cooked over the fire. Thank you for all the gifts you have given me over the years, and I will always treasure all the dresses and clothes you made for me. I will miss your laughter, your smile, your loving hugs and kisses. We will be sure to take care of grandpa for you and keep him smiling, and laughing to, and give him hugs and kisses, because we are a part of you as well! Love you grandma, and we will see you again.

Words from your loving grand-daughter Amber "Lou Poot"!

Dale and Janice Broudrick

February 19, 2019

Dear Larry and family, We were so sorry to hear about your great loss. We were talking about the time you three came to our house to play music and how good your son was. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all. Dale and Janice Broudrick

Alesia DuBoise

February 18, 2019

The first time I met Adeline and her husband, Larry, was when they let me take shelter in their home as a tornado was doing damage to mine. I hadn't known their son for long, but it didn't matter, I was in need and they could help. I have since heard from all their children, family and friends tales of caring generosity. Adeline knew difficult times, especially as a girl growing up, and was determined to give help she never received from her family. She was an Air Force veteran, seamstress, collector, adventurer, avid reader, wife, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother and friend to so many. I loved her laugh, ever present smile and humor! Thanks mom and dad for raising my loving husband, and welcoming my daughters and me into your family. Thank you for the time I knew you. I love you and will miss you until I can see you again!