Dan Maddox Sr.

February 14, 1931May 30, 2018
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Mr Dan Maddox Sr, age 87, of Stone Mountain Georgia passed away on May 30, 2018, of cardiac arrest after complications from a fall in his home. “GP” as his family called him was born in Evansville, Indiana to Susan Marie Egloff Maddox and Maitland Mahood Maddox. His father Maitland worked for the L&N railroad during the depression; this was a strong influence on GP as he loved trains and collecting railroad memorabilia throughout his entire life.

He married Joann Marie Zeller in 1952. Together they had 4 children over the next 8 years. His beloved wife of 55 years, pre-deceased him in 2006 and he was never the same. He wrote shortly after her death, to his only daughter, Rebecca Joan Maddox, of Naples Florida, “I will never get over your mother’s death.” And he didn’t. During her battle with stage 4 cancer, he was at her bedside everyday, all day, never wavering in his commitment and love.

GP served in the United States Army Reserve Corps from 1956-1957.

His career was divided into two parts.....the first part was as a manager and executive with Nabisco and Austin Biscuit Company, among others. As he was tapped for increasingly larger responsibilities and promoted regularly, the family moved and lived in multiple locations including Chicago, Westfield, New Jersey, Cary, North Carolina, Delaware, Ohio before settling in Atlanta.

Once he retired from corporate America, GP found his true love-real estate. He began buying rental properties in and around Stone Mountain. He renovated the properties and rented them for over 30 years. The family has been moved by the outpouring of emotions and stories about GPs generosity and kindness to so many of them over the years. According to his tenants he never passed up an opportunity to help....whether by a referral, a little extra payment, giving someone a second chance. Some took advantage of him but most used the opportunity to improve their lives and that was a source of great happiness for him and pride of family members.

GP was an avid collector of trains, railroad memorabilia especially the L&N line, pocket watches, toy soldiers and clocks that didn’t work. He would spend hours working on a clock to get it to run. He loved the challenge. He loved the folks in his clock group that met monthly. When asked what the clock group did, he would say, “work on clocks a little and swap a lot of old stories”. He was a student of history, reading throughout his life about individuals who made a difference. Among his favorites were undoubtably Winston Churchill and the US Presidents.

In addition to his daughter, Rebecca Joan and Nancy Maddox, GP is survived by his three sons and Daughter-in -laws; Dan Jr and Deborah Maddox of Alpharetta, Georgia, Thomas P and Linda Maddox of Mooresville, North Carolina, Brian Lee and Patty Maddox of Virginia Beach, Virginia. Eight grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren along with his four grown children was the source of great pride for him. Asked shortly before his death, “Dad can you believe how well your kids and grandchildren turned out, how much they accomplished, how they grew into such successful people?” In what was his understated way of handing out compliments, he simply smiled.

Several days after GP died, his youngest great grandchild Mercedes Jeanne was baptized. After the baptism the family went to Mercedes parents house. Over the kitchen table, hangs a sign

Obey mommy and daddy Don’t hurt yourself Don’t hurt others Because we are Maddox’s ......and Maddox’s are nice people.

That kind of sums up his legacy.

Visitation is scheduled for July 6,2018 at the Eternal Hills Funeral Home in Snellville, GA. from 6-8pm including a reception. A memorial service will be held at Saint Stephen the Martyr Catholic Church located at 5373 Wydella road, Lilburn, Georgia at 11:30 on July 7, 2018. All who knew GP are welcome to join the family at the reception on Friday night.


  • Visitation Friday, July 6, 2018
  • Memorial Mass Saturday, July 7, 2018

Dan Maddox Sr.

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Susan Smith

June 12, 2018

A good, kind and giving man has left us. I am so very proud to be part of his family and have very loving memories of he and Joanne as I grew up. He is my Uncle and like a second father. I could always talk to Uncle Dan. He was a giver not a taker and is greatly missed. I have no doubt he is reconnecting with family who have gone before us. Peace, Uncle Dan.


June 12, 2018

Mr. Dan was the kindest soul and the best landlord a person could ever have. We loved our little house on Crestland Court. My daughter was tiny back then but she remembers talking with Mr. Dan one day when he came to fix the shower faucet. I am so sorry for your loss.



Dan Maddox Sr. Celebration of his Life on Saturday July 7th at 11:30 am.

Dan Maddox Sr. was born on Saint Valentines Day February 14, 1931 in Evansville , Indiana. His family was Catholic and he was raised Catholic. He was an altar boy and went to 12 years of Catholic school at Reitz Memorial in Evansville. He met my mother Joann Marie Zeller at Reitz Memorial , who was also Catholic and raised Catholic. They were married July 26, 1952 in the Catholic Church and they were married almost 55 years until her death in 2006. If she had lived they would have been married 66 years this July. When they had been married 25 years my mom’s mom Marie Zeller and her husband Ben Zeller organized an event at the same Catholic church so my parents could renew their vows. They were able to have the same priest and people who in had been in there wedding and their family and friends attend and celebrate with them. They were inspiring to their 4 children who have been married almost 100 years combined.

Every Sunday, no matter what, the entire family including us 4 kids were up early to go to Mass. Mom and Dad did not have much financially but they worked hard and expected us to work hard so we could have the money to pay our tuition for 8 years of Catholic education at Saint Mary’s Catholic School in Delaware, Ohio. We were very active at the school and Church, we were altar boys, lecturers, boy scouts, girl scouts and my parents were involved in PTO, ushering and many of the church sponsored events. I can remember my Dad being the organizer of the annual Church social which was a large event for all of the parish families to attend. The example my parents set regarding the importance of a Catholic education and involvement with the church resonated and inspired me. I sent both of my boys to Marist Catholic School here in Atlanta. My oldest son Nick who has 3 children has sent his first two school age sons to OLA Catholic school and plans to continue the Catholic legacy set by my parents and send his third child to OLA and all 3 of his children to Marist.

My Dad and also my Mom fully understood and actively practiced Jesus’s command to “Love they Neighbor”. Dad had 30 tenants and Mom over 50. They also had numerous workers who they provided jobs, income and advice and coaching. Most of their tenants and workers were members of society who were on the lower end of the socioeconomic spectrum, basically living pay to pay check. While Dad was strict about his tenants paying on time he had too big of a heart and allowed many of them to pay late and not charge them a late fee. Dad would often after hearing about their daily struggles, and without them knowing it, put money in their mailbox to help them out. Dad would loan them money interest free to help them. Saturday before Dad died we were together for 6 hours and for at least 5 of those hours we talked about his tenants and workers. We had just got back from a two week vacation and he asked me nothing about the trip and instead wanted to talk about his tenants and workers. I was good with that because he loved them and I was inspired by his stories of how since he was so Blessed he could help them both financially and emotionally. When Dad passed I spoke to many of his tenants and workers and they broke down and cried. I found myself consoling them. They told me he was a friend, a mentor, a coach not just their landlord. He was fair and honest and like a father to some of them. One tenant asked me where his grave was so she could go and periodically put flowers on his grave. Most of his tenants and workers have been with him for on average 10 years. When we would go to Norcross Train station for dinner there was a waitress who worked there who would go every Tuesday and feed and clothe the homeless veterans who lived below the underpass. She told us that story and after that Dad would routinely secretly give her hundreds of dollars to buy things for them.

Dad would have dinner twice a week with Barbara and Norman. They were good friends for a long time and even after Mom died they continued this tradition of going to dinner together. Dad would often tell me that even though they were all about the same age he felt Blessed that he had his health and could help them get in and out of the car and into the restaurant. We often laughed together about this and without him they would have been pretty much home bound.

When I spoke to Bob Stouthammer who used to work for Dad at Nabisco, he told me that Dad never wanted to talk about himself but was more interested in Bob’s family. Yes he talked a lot about his own family but never about himself. He said Dad was a natural born leader who people loved to work for. He was a mentor to Bob and many others at work. His tenants said the same thing.

Dad and Mom taught us about having a strong work ethic. Dad used to laugh and tell us when we were growing up he would make messes in the house and garage so that he could get us up early on Saturday to do our chores. I attribute the success of his 4 children to him instilling this very strong work ethic in each of us. We truly have been Blessed by God for all that we have and I thank him every day for my parents and what he has bestowed on me.

Dad and Mom did not go to college but they were determined that all 4 of their children would go to college. They encouraged us to go and insisted that we earn the money to pay our own way. He was always calling each of us well in advance of Christmas or summer break to make sure we had lined up a job so we could continue to go to school. All 4 of us completed college and other advanced degrees. My first semester at college I got all B’s and he told me if I could not do better than that I would not be going back. I took his advice seriously and did much better but I laugh now because I was paying my own way to college.

Dad was a wealth of knowledge about rental properties. All of his children also own rental properties and would routinely call and seek his advice and wisdom. We all will miss him as an irreplaceable encyclopedia of knowledge!

On the day of our wedding my Dad told Debbie and I his best marriage advice was to never go to bed mad. It was great advice and one I will always remember. We just celebrated 40 years of marriage. My Dad and Mom were great role model in how they loved each other and treated others especially the poor and marginalized.

He loved his dogs especially Satch. I had never seen him cry, even at his Mother’s funeral but he cried like a baby when Satch died. He also cried a lot after my mother passed as he loved her to the moon and back and missed her and wanted to be with her and they had so many things in common that they liked to do. They both loved their tenants and workers and took care of their needs even when we were on vacation. They loved antiques and garage sales and going out to dinner together. As we have started to clean out Dad’s house we have found over 25 Madonna’s, numerous rosaries and Bibles. My parents loved Mary the mother of Jesus. I cannot speak to my Dad’s prayer life as he was a very private person but I do know that he understood and actively practiced the command to “Love your Neighbor”.

We were thrilled when Dad agreed that his and mom’s remains would be placed in our Columbarium at Saint Brigid’s Catholic Church in John’s Creek. We wanted them to be together here on earth and also with our Lord and Savior in Heaven. I wanted to be able to have our children and grandchildren, my siblings etc. be able to come to a sacred place and pray and give thanks to God for all that they have been given including the awesome example of my parents. Hopefully this gives you a sense of who my Dad was. He was an outstanding example to me and my 3 siblings on how to treat everyone with dignity and respect and how to lift up and Love thy Neighbor!

Dan Maddox Jr.