Nellie Dabuet

January 19, 1937February 11, 2021

Nellie was born January 19, 1937, in Sagay, Negros Occidental, Philippines. Oldest of 7 to Harry Herbert and Carmen Salcedo. She survived a World War 2 Prison Camp with her family in Bacolod, reportedly endearing her 7 year old self to their captors by memorizing and singing back Japanese jingles to them which she still remembered as an adult. She was a music lover, having learned to play classical piano at a young age. After the war, they settled in Nasipit, Agusan del Norte. She graduated with honors from high school at Father Saturnino Urios College in 1955. She also attended the Philippine Women’s University JASMS and excelled in advanced Math, Chemistry and Varsity Swimming. She vied to represent the country for the 1956 Summer Olympics. She went on to college at the University of Santo Tomas Manila.

She met her husband Alexander S. Dabuet Jr. in Nasipit during the town fiesta’s beauty pageant when she was crowned 1st Princess of Nasipit. They were married in Manila 2 years later and had 6 children. She and her husband have resided in New Jersey for the past 20 years.

She was a devoted wife and mother, soft spoken and kind with an infectious laughter and great sense of humor. Beloved by her siblings and friends, she was warm and welcoming to everyone. She would often open our door to displaced ethnic minorities in Nasipit to share whatever little she had from her pantry or fruit trees in season. Most often the first to visit and lend a hand to neighbors or friends in crisis.

A tennis player and enthusiast for most of her adult life, she could somehow retain foreign sounding names of players and knew their love lives even as she started to struggle with dementia. She loved her grandchildren with a fierce devotion. She wrote down snippets of her interaction with them so she won’t forget the details. She was a big fan of dogs, mangoes, Frank Sinatra, crossword puzzles, mahjong, lechon, jackfruit and orchids. Her green thumb is legendary.

Nellie lived her life with meaning, love and the Catholic faith. She lost her parents at the age of 21 and wholeheartedly cared for her younger siblings even as she started having kids of her own. She often wondered if she would live past 42 years, the age her own mother passed. Yet she went on to double that number, celebrating her 84th birthday with aplomb and passed away on Thursday February 11th, the same month as her mom just to show off her resilience and fortitude.

Nellie is survived by her husband, her children Anne Karen, Patrick, Sheila Fara, Myra Grace Mitty and Kenneth Alfred; daughters-in law Mina, Michelle and Theresa, 16 grandchildren, 4 greatgrandchildren, her sisters and brother-in-law, Honey Wells, Jane and Jun Reyes, and Czarine Mclean, countless nieces and nephews and cousins. She is pre-deceased by her oldest son Alan and 3 other siblings.

Nellie spent her few remaining years in the company of her devoted and loving husband at Magnolia Gardens Assisted Living Facility. She tenderly held his hand as she passed peacefully while her favorite Bisaya song was sung in the background.


  • Mass of Christian Burial

    Tuesday, February 23, 2021


Nellie Dabuet

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Lynnette Dompor Abante

February 22, 2021

This picture was taken when we (myself,
brother Ronald , sis n law Joy) visited the lovely couple in Temecula in 2012

Lynn Tonelli

February 20, 2021

The timeless and boundless love between Alex and Lila has stayed with me since the day I met them. What kind, and special people. Thank you for bringing that love to this crazy world. ♥️

Edith Lopez Alcedo

February 19, 2021

Neneng Nelly is my first cousin and my best friend. She is lovely and soft-spoken cousin. During our college years, we lived together in Project 4, Quezon City with our other cousins, Raquel, Baby, my sister Ludy and me.
We were shabby then that we tried to take loss weight pills.

Our college life was fun. At night, together with my sister and cousins, they usually go to the movies while I was left alone at home studying.

Then, we moved to the City of Manila where my mother and my father put up a boarding house in front of University of Santo Tomas where we studied.

After a while, Neneng Nelly went to home Nasipit. Then, I knew that she got married to Alex.

Over the years, while they were in Nasipit we were not connected. In many occasions we got together when they came to Manila.

The last time I met her was at the Nasipit Town Feast in the house of my cousin Honey (her sister) in San Francisco.

I will miss Neneng Nelly. May you Rest In Peace!

Edith Lopez Alcedo

Nonette (Trillo) Surbaugh

February 19, 2021

In third grade, my brother and I were in the same class (Grade III- Chico) as Sheila and Mitty. I remember that on days that are nutribun distribution days in school, Mitty, who sits close to me was always generous with her chocolate flavored margarine. Many recess periods were spent going to their house, which was just a block behind the school and those were my earliest remembrance of Manang Nelie. I remember how amazed and ecstatic I was when Manang Nelie made us sandwiches; if you grew up in Nasipit, a sandwich was luxury food to many. Imagine my surprise when Manang Nelie, warned us against climbing the tambis/macopa(?) tree in such a warm, motherly voice in English! It was really a wow moment for me. Then, their family moved to Manila the following year. I got reconnected with Manong Alex and Manang Nelie when the Catholic Charismatic Movement peaked in Nasipit. Still the same warm, friendly, and caring people I’ve known them to be. Rest in God’s eternal peace Manang Nelie...

Ronald Dompor

February 19, 2021

From my earliest recollection growing up in Nasipit, the Dabuets were not just neighbors. They were family to us though unrelated by blood. Occasionally, when my mother would cook I would be sent on an errand to bring a dish or two to Tita Nellie in time for lunch or dinner with the food still hot. Tita Nellie would do the same.

Tita Nellie, my mother Jo and their cronies had a call sign "Mars" to address each other. I had no idea what it meant but it rubbed off on us. So one day, Allan and I began calling each other " Mars". When we got to be teenagers, the Dabuet residence became our gang HQ. Our range of movement was restricted by a defined radius and our parents required prior approval, The one password thats almost good as approved whenever we go out to see our friends was " Dabuet". Tito Alex's and Tita Nellie's presence provided the safe zone for us youngsters to mingle with friends. Because we were so loud and visible, no secret can be kept. The transparency provided comfort to my mother ( as she related many years later) How hospitable can they be for making their place the HQ of Kumatsu.

Being in that neighborhood, growing up together with the Dabuet brood and seeing our parents in the same circle defined what home was to me or any association to it. Ten years ago I had the chance to see them both in Temecula on our way to LA on a vacation trip. That short reunion brought out a lot of fond memories for me though I felt a certain sadness for seeing what advancing age can do to the body. But above that, I saw how a loving relationship can beat all the odds. Kudos to Tito Alex.
Now at the end of life, I would only like to remember her kindness as a person and wish to thank her for making our youth years in Nasipit memorable and meaningful.

You will not be forgotten Tita Nellie. One day when i have grand children sitting with me to hear of my life in Nasipit, I will tell them of the password and the safe zone.

God bless your soul.

Lynnette Dompor Abante

February 18, 2021

How can I forget Nang Nellie? I was a very young new mom back in 1981 with my eldest daughter Nikki in Nalco. It was time for my baby’s very first bath but my mom was out of town with my dad. I immediately called Nang Nellie and asked her if she can help me with my baby’s bath and of course she welcomed my request . She was singing to my baby while taking her bath and she also showed me how to do it properly.
Rest In Peace my dearest Nang Nellie. You were so much part of our Nalco family . Go with the angels Nang.. say hello to my daddy for me..
Below is the picture of that baby with her husband and son

Tess Miller

February 18, 2021

I was at least fourteen when I first met my cousin, manang Nellie and her husband manong Alex. They come to visit us to see my aunt Rebekah and my dad Jose.That was the beginning of recurring family get togethers that she and her husband arranged! A very humble woman, sweet , loving and with an unforgettable laugh! I think I laugh just like her, but maybe a bit louder. My neighbors could often hear me
laugh at a distance. I will always remember her generous and kind nature. Rest In Peace manang Nelie. Thank you for your inspirational life. I love you!
- Tess(Bing)