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Christian "Chris" Contreras

September 1, 1976August 7, 2019
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Christian "Chris" Contreras, age 42, of Converse, TX passed away on Wednesday August 7, 2019. "Chris" was born September 1, 1976 in San Antonio, Texas.

A visitation with a rosary recited at 7:00 p.m. for "Chris" will be held Monday, August 12, 2019 from 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM at Colonial Funeral Home, 625 Kitty Hawk Road, Universal City, Texas. A funeral mass will occur Tuesday, August 13, 2019 at 1:00 PM at St Monicas Catholic Church, 501 North Street, Converse, Texas. An interment will occur Tuesday, August 13, 2019 at 2:00 PM at Holy Cross Cemetery, 17501 Nacogdoches Road, San Antonio, Texas.

Fond memories and expressions of sympathy may be shared at www.colonialuniversal.com for the Contreras family.


  • He is survived by his mother Sylvia, wife Sarah and his three children Serena, Analise and Tiago.


  • Visitation with a Rosary recited at 7:00 p.m. Monday, August 12, 2019
  • Funeral Mass Tuesday, August 13, 2019
  • Interment Tuesday, August 13, 2019


Christian "Chris" Contreras

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Jason Ogrin

August 19, 2019

Christian- thank you for all of your help and warmth welcoming me to the chapter last year. I moved from very far away and you helped to bring me into the SA Chapter family, and I appreciate everything you did for me personally, and all you did for our incredible chapter. You will be missed. God Bless, Rest In Peace, Christian.

Bill Moore

August 19, 2019

Christian always had a way of helping without making you feel like your questions were dumb. His sense of humor was unique. Several years ago while working a TYFA game with him, he flagged the coach before the game started after the coach made a nasty comment. I thought, “I love this guy”. He was loyal to his family, friends, the game, and the Chapter.
He will be missed.

John Grindrod

August 15, 2019

I met Christian for the first time at a meeting at Hero's Stadium.
after the meeting, He took the time to visit with me. This simple act meant so much to me. He became a friend and a confidant when I was learning to cope with the death of my father.

Christian always took the time to talk football and life, was empathetic towards me, and yet a very private individual. It seems he always knew that just lending an ear would help , no strings attached.

He always had a smile that was genuine. j

I will miss him as a mentor on the field and as a friend off of it.

Truly, I am heartbroken for his family. There are no words to make it easier, or better. Life instantly becomes different without "Dad".

Know that you all are in my prayers, as I hope you are able to find peace quicker and easier than I did.


John Grindrod

Rodolfo (Rudy) Mancha

August 15, 2019

Christian my crew Chief, brother I will miss you. I would always look forward to being on the field with you, from the time we would see each other it would always bring a smile to my face. thank you for all the good times. I will always remember you and will always let people know that you was my Friend. Love you Brother and till we see each other again. Will always raise a beer for you.

Juan Munoz

August 14, 2019

I remember inviting him to lunch at Spaghetti Warehouse. I showed up to meet him there and to my surprise he was wearing a guayabera shirt (black with a white stripe). I was wearing a similar shirt. We both looked at each other and laughed. The waitress asked if we planned this and Christian commented "We are in a mariachi band". The waitress laughed and it set the tone for a very enjoyable lunch.

Amy Vaughn

August 13, 2019

Christian and I worked together for about 12 years. We both left our previous employer about the same time but ran into each other last November at a conference in Dallas. I hadn’t seen him in two years!! But it was like seeing my Big brother! He was one of the first “corporate” people I met when I started with our old company and he quickly became the known jokester. He said I was an easy target because I was “blonde” but I had my comebacks!! For years it was email jokes and VPN pranks. One year during a training in San Antonio I locked my keys in my car on the last day of training as I left my hotel. I was over an hour late to class and as I walked in he of course had to embarrass me. He stopped the class and everyone started clapping and then in true Christian form he posted a picture on the screen of my face and hands peering into a car window with keys sitting on the seat and some smart comment on the heading about my being blonde. I still don’t know how that guy was so good at memes and photo shop!! I will miss him and my heart goes out to Sarah, the kids, his mom and the rest of the family!! Prayers for all who loved him!

Elizabeth Owens

August 13, 2019

So sorry for your loss. Condolences to Sarah,Christine,Serena,Analise,Tiago, and Sylvia. Remember all the good times you had with Christian. Hope you find comfort during this difficult time.

Henry Campa

August 13, 2019

After h.s i kinda lost contact with alot of friends i was living in houston but i was here visiting family. I went to Heb on kitty hawk and from clear across the store i here GoTexans. So me being a fan i turn and look and we reconized eachother met in the middle and it was my old friend Christian Contreras in his watt jersy and i was in my johnson jersy we talked about the team and connected on fb. I love all the funny jokes about the cowboys he would send me and post.. Us Texans stick together. He invited me several times to go tailgait and to games even when i told him i was sick and broke he always offered to come pik me and my kids up to go to a game with him i always told next time when i get back on my feet. He said Henry dont worry i got you. Now eveytime i watch a game and we win or have a big play i know its cuz he is there yelling at the guys to play harder.. You will be missed and never forgotten . rip my Texans Brother. Go Texans Go

Mike McWilliams

August 13, 2019

People come into our lives for a Reason, a Season or a Lifetime. If it's possible, I think Christian came into mine for all of those. We know God has a plan for all of us and when needed, He will give us "course corrections".

I first met Christian when I became a TASO Football Official in 2002. He was on the crew for my first game as Back Judge with Ron Jenkins. I also worked semi-pro with Christian with the last being the "State Playoff Championship" game at Wheatley Heights. In 2016, I ran for President of TASO-SA and lost by a narrow margin. I was going to run again in 2018 and had talked with a few fellow officials, with Christian being one of those. We exchanged emails and spoke about what we wanted for the Chapter. The things I wanted to see change in the Chapter were the same as his. I decided NOT to run based on other factors as well, but the primary reason was that I was comfortable with him directing the Chapter. Because of Christian, I might run again to finish his term and what he started. I would be humbled by his guidance from above

As a coworker at ISS, Christian helped guide me through JD Edwards ERP software and because of the time I spent with him, I now have an awesome job at Whataburger that started as Lead Software Quality Assurance Analyst over JDE and now encompasses our ordering app, along with JDE. My time at ISS with Christian was short, but part of His plan for me. After leaving ISS, my wife and I started Dive In Pool Service & Repair and it is still going strong. Shortly after starting that business, I received a call from Whataburger and they "made me an offer I couldn't refuse"...so I now do both.

I say all that to get to this point...We never know why someone comes into our lives, nor do we know the impact they will have on us. Christian was a tremendous and great man, and I will miss him dearly.

Greg Sherman

August 13, 2019

Christian was a great guy. I have been going to the chapter meetings the last few years to stay up on the rules as I am a sports broadcaster. Just saw him 2 days before he passed. He was always good on letting me know about rules changes and such.

He will be sorely missed.




When someone is identified as a natural leader, certain images come to mind. First thoughts are of a dedicated and disciplined person. This accurately describes Christian Contreras who was indeed a born leader. He will be remembered as being highly organized, practical and realistic individual who loved to joke around. He was a person who always carried a strong sense of duty with him throughout his life. Possessed with traditional “old school” morals, "Chris" was an individual who clearly communicated to those around him just who he was and what he was all about. Everyone acquainted with "Chris" knew him as a well-respected man.

"Chris" was born on September 1, 1976 at Northeast Baptist Hospital in San Antonio, Texas. He was Maria Sylvia Contreras’ one and only child. "Chris" was raised in Universal City, Texas. Even as a youngster, "Chris" learned to be objective and decisive.

Christian's matter-of-fact attitude about most things was developed during his childhood. As a young boy, "Chris" enjoyed being part of teams, organizations and groups where other kids shared similar interests. "Chris" took part in football, Boy Scouts and actively attended Religious Education. In his spare time, he loved collecting baseball cards, reading and making his friends and family laugh. One of Christian's most memorable achievements included earning his Eagle Scout Award.

In school, "Chris" was as close to being a model student as one could possibly imagine. He sought to achieve perfection in all of his classes. He would eagerly complete his homework, and often put in extra study time when he felt it was necessary. A logical and focused thinker, "Chris" was always good at following directions and meeting his schedules, whether they were set by his teachers, his mother, or were self-imposed. Christian’s personal motto could well have been, “Do it right the first time.” He graduated from Samuel Clemens High School in 1994.

"Chris" was always so straightforward in how he approached relationships, friends and family knew that what they saw was always what they got. He enjoyed the camaraderie of being with a group of friends. He wasn’t afraid to confront his friends and family, when necessary. Those close to "Chris" came to expect his high standards of performance. While growing up, some of his close friends were Tony Lara, Harmin Aguilera, Sergio Ayala and Maricelle Hernandez. Later in life, he became friends with Steven Martinez, Bruce Loder, Melissa Garcia, Marisa Reyes, Richard Uresti, John Canedo, Dave Maultsby, and Evie Nava to name a few.

On April 26, 2000 "Chris" exchanged wedding vows with Sarah Martinez. One of Christian’s most endearing qualities was his uncanny ability to remember important dates/anniversaries and making them special. He always brought laughter and humor to their relationship.

"Chris" loved his children with all of his heart. "Chris" supported their personal interest. This has allowed them to grow and explain other interests. He also allowed the kids to make their own choices, redirect them if needed in order to ensure they had the skills to be successful in their own life, "Chris" was blessed with three wonderful children who loved him very much; two daughters, Serena and Analise, and his son, Tiago.

Being a hard worker who praised efficiency, "Chris" was always striving to make improvements where they were necessary. He was able to analyze situations and problems, keeping everything and everyone on track. "Chris" was a person who could quickly make decisions based on the information available. He worked cooperatively and expected the same from his colleagues. In both his personal and professional environments, "Chris" upheld his standards. He was employed by EPay Systems Inc. as an Account Manager this past year in which "Chris" was a team player who certainly lived out the motto of “give me a job, and I will get it done.” He not only demonstrated this there but also at ISS Facilities and Six Flags Fiesta Texas.

"Chris" approached his leisure time in the same manner that he approached his life. He appreciated the hours he was able to devote to his hobbies. His favorite pursuits were playing poker, refereeing High School football games, watching hockey games, pin trading at Disney and making his friends laugh. "Chris" was content to enjoy his favorite pastimes alone but would rather share his interests with others.

Playing by the rules was a natural thing for "Chris" to do in life and that carried over to his enjoyment of sports. In high school, "Chris" played football. He also enjoyed recreational sports such as softball, soccer and Fantasy Football. He also was something of a sports fan and enjoyed watching his favorite events whenever he got the opportunity. On his list were Football, Hockey, the occasional baseball game and Soccer games. Let it be known the soccer games were just to irritate his daughters by asking questions like, “Why is soccer the only sport to have its time count upward rather than go down to zero?”

Throughout his later years, "Chris" was an active member of the San Antonio Football Chapter of TASO. He was a member of TASO for 20 years. During that time, he served a few board positions and ended as the President of TASO, San Antonio Chapter this year.

When it came time to travel or take a vacation, "Chris" used his scheduling expertise to make sure everyone and everything was ready to go. "Chris" had a knack for making sure that everyone who was involved had voice on what they would do or see. His favorite vacations included Las Vegas, Boston, New York, Disneyland, Disney World, Universal Studios, 4 Corners New Mexico, Devils Tower, Mount Rushmore and Canada.

"Chris" was a lover of animals and cherished his pets. "Chris" loved Lady and Oreo his Yorkies. They were best of friends for 9 Years.

"Chris" passed away on August 7, 2019 at his residence in Converse, Texas. Chris experienced an unexpected heart attack. He is survived by his mother Sylvia, wife Sarah and his three children Serena, Analise and Tiago. Services were held at St. Monica's Catholic Church. "Chris" was laid to rest in Holy Cross Cemetery in San Antonio.

All who knew him would agree that "Chris" was a pillar for his friends and family. He lived his life with his feet firmly on the ground. He had a strong work ethic, was pragmatic in his thoughts and acts, and constantly sought the means for self-improvement. He was willing to share his ideas and knowledge for the benefit of others, so that they could accomplish more in their lives. Christian believed that everyone should laugh each and every day and not be afraid to cross lines or boundaries that most dare not to cross because laughter has no boundaries. Christian Contreras did his best to ensure that his family, friends, loved ones, co-workers, and everyone whose life he touched was given the chance to become a better person.