Joshua Daniel Togade Javier

January 18, 1997January 18, 2021

Joshua David Togade Javier passed away at home on January 27th, 2021 at the age of 24, in Scarborough, ON. He is survived by his family members: his parents, June and Steven; his sisters Jan and Florence; and his niece, Jyn.

Joshua was born in the Philippines, on January 18th, 1997. He was born with 22q11.2 microdeletion, a genetic mutation that occurred on its own. He lived his life as normal and happy as can be, despite his complicated health condition. He is remembered by his dear friends, from both high school and online, as the person who made them feel welcomed, the one to make you laugh, who shared memes and terrible jokes. He is also remembered by the Filipino community for showing his love and fascination for technology and food - lots of food.

He is deeply missed and cherished by his family, his relatives overseas, and his many, many friends

Arrangements are entrusted to the Giffen-Mack funeral Home. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the funeral service will be limited to immediate family only on Friday February 26, 2021.


  • Memorial Service

    Friday, February 26, 2021


Joshua Daniel Togade Javier

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Gigi Rimsa

February 27, 2021

My best memory about JJ is me and my BF Damian went to the CNE with him in August 2016. Going on the rides and stuff. I also remembered he refused to go on every ride due to his health. At least, he was such a funny and awesome guy I gotta admit. To be honest, he looked healthy and strong at the time. That is the only memory I have.

Zackary Davies

February 11, 2021

I remember when I first met JJ. Sitting there in the middle of a grade 9 math class, didn't know a single soul there. We got to chatting when the teacher assigned us groups, and we came to the conclusion that minus a few in the class, everyone was a goof. By about half way into the year we knew each other's music tastes which was dubstep, Skrillex and Excision. After that we figured out we shared a tonne in common in our YouTube videos as well, and I knew then that it was gonna be a fantastic friendship. All throughout highschool we were bouncing ideas off of eachother, getting into calls and trolling around the internet looking for a good laugh. I remember when he was teaching me about Team Fortress 2, what was good, what was bad and how to get some good hats in the game. I'll never forget when he got that special hat in a trading room that was worth some 50 dollars.
It feels like just yesterday we were all hanging out in the cafeteria, JJ would be there with his laptop, most likely editing a funny video that he was gonna post to youtube later on.
I remember when I brought the Rum and Cola coolers to his birthday and we had that awesome all-nighter playing battlefield 4 on his laptop, listening to music and just chatting. That was an amazing amount of fun, and I wish I could relive it again.

He was so happy go lucky, he was so full of energy, he was my best friend, like a brother. And a friend like that comes once in a lifetime.

I will miss him. May he rest in peace.

Brandon Santos

February 11, 2021

All my life, people called me a trooper because of all the surgeries I had to go through. Ever since Joshua's passing, I'm starting to realize who the real trooper is.

Admittedly, in the weeks preceding Joshua's death, I had been kind of an asshole. I'd either ignore his messages or explain to him that I was too busy to talk. And that's particularly why his death hit me so hard. I took my best friend for granted, and now I live with it for the rest of my life.

Hopefully, one day - when I'm laying on my deathbed - we'll meet again as I head into the afterlife.


Boris Bonilla

February 11, 2021

Remembering Joshua Javier

My name is Boris Bonilla, my family had known the Javier family for many years, longer than I can count and I am proud of that, I was especially close to Jan-Louise who has grown to become a remarkable woman.

Many family parties were thrown, with so many karaoke sessions with June Javier as the lead singer and performer I can still remember her singing songs by Shania Twain and had a wonderful voice. The Bonilla had bonded with the Javiers through the good times and now we will remain here in support during a difficult and unimaginable time.

Joshua always had such a positive energy to share amongst everyone, he was never a troublemaker and had so much potential for a bright future. I was devastated when I heard the news, I mourn now for his loss as he will never get the chance to see where his life could have taken him, I mourn for Jan-Louise and Florence as I will never know what it is like to lose a brother, and especially for June who lost a son which is one of the most painful experiences that I can imagine and it takes great strength to push through.

Know that these memories will always stay strong as we are all united.

Thank you.

Tyler Pennells

February 11, 2021

Good afternoon i hope you are doing well Joshua will be in my heart forever i remember meeting Joshua in elementary school we instantly bonded like brothers his smile and sense of humor coul light up any room he walked into, i remember the overnight party at Zackary Davies place it was all us guys partying and playing dubstep and video games mostly call of duty and five nights at freddy's which josh introduced me too. Every time i see anything related to that game i think of him i remember we had a epic paintball match the night of zacks birthday and a epic nerf battle within zacks house i remember trying to stay up late with the guys but i dozed off early i was sitting with josh on the big cozy sofa and curled up as i was closing my eyes i remember feeling a foot in my face and hearing Joshua's voice saying don't you dare fall asleep now 😂 we reunited in math class at bishop Allen and are bound was everlasting i remember in muskoka woods when he actually gave me advice on how to pick up a girl at the dance. I still remember his laugh and enthusiasm that will now live on in me i plan to remember Joshua as soon as this pandemic is over i am talking to my parents about doing a memorial possibly with a tiny plack and a small tree in his memory even though he is gone he will always be my brother ♥️🤘
Thanks Tyler Pennells