Mr. George Charles Polacek

December 3, 1947July 30, 2018

George Charles Polacek was born on December 3, 1947 and passed away on July 30, 2018


Mr. George Charles Polacek

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betty Aardema

August 4, 2018

Dear Joann

This is Sat. A.M Aug. 4th and I just saw the death notice. I wish I had known a day sooner. I would certainly have gone to the memorial service. I loved working with George at Green Oak Church. He was one of the best directors and musicians I have met over my long career as a church organist. I also loved him as a person. We had some great times with the choir at Green Oak. I don,t think any group gave such fun parties as they did.

I will be remembering you and your family in mt prayers. Sincerely, Betty Aardema

Doris Tronstad

August 4, 2018

So many great memories from your time in Alaska. You and your family were a big part of my life as my pastor and friend. I loved playing the piano and having you sing. I know you are singing in heaven....praying comfort for your loved ones left behind.

Daniel Prokop

August 2, 2018

Dear George
A long time ago when we were kids and on a retreat from St Peter and Paul Church made the mistake of playing touch football against you. And sprained my ankle when I hit this wall called George. You gently picked me up and carried to my room. Not only that but when we left
You carried me and my suitcase on the bus and off the bus found my father and said sorry Mr Prokop I broke your son. I never forgot your kindness even after 50 some years you will be missed. And if God has a football team the opposition has no idea what's coming. May God Bless You as you are one of the great ones. And you will always be in my thoughts and prayers

Diane Norris

August 1, 2018

Pastor George who shared the enthusiasm of life in general with my youngest girl Cathy - unforgettable Pastor George who shed a few tears in response when he first learned we were leaving, moving away. Pastor George who loved so well and was so well loved. My deepest sympathies to your loved ones.

Susan Polacek

August 1, 2018

Dearest Cousin George, the oldest son of the oldest son. From my first roller coaster ride at 4 in Chicago's Riverside Park, wrapped safely in your football player arms, to my first bridesmaid gig in your wedding at 8, to reminiscings of our grandparents with whom you lived, to your beautiful mother's fawning (Dorothy as my Godmother and 1st communion sponsor), to shared Slovak "delicacies" in your home for the holidays and Carpatho-Russe and Florida history lessons, to the Orange Bowl game of your Colorado alma mater, to the private Alaskan adventures you escorted my parents on, to opening the door for me to move to Wellington, and therefore make the dear friends I treasure there...I will cherish your memory always. Your were a man of God, who unconditionally loved your girls, Carrie and Bekki, and grandkids, Christian, Eva and Brooklynn, whose long and loving marriage to Joanne, set a venerable example. You served your fellow man with love in your heart. With your beautiful voice, the choir of angels in heaven have upped the ante. Rest in peace, dear cousin.

Cathy Dunham

August 1, 2018

Praying for the family. My Dad passed away yesterday so I understand the sense of loss. I know Pastor Polacek is resting in the presence of his Savior.

Shellie Huffman Wilson

August 1, 2018

George was a great pastor and friend. Lots of great memories are swirling in my head. You will be missed! Praying for Joanne, Carrie & Becky. Rest in God’s comfort. ❤️

Sue Kuoppala

August 1, 2018

From being there when Rob had legionnaires to the “hot tub”...... and so many other memories. You touched peoples lives more than you’ll ever know.

Susan Nelson

August 1, 2018

Pastor George was a big gentle giant! Thankful you married Robert and I! You dedicated Sarah to the church after she was born. You came to the hospital when I was scared to have emergency c-section. You let Heather come home with a kitten, that you found on the side of the road! Most of all, you help me start my walk with Jesus! So many memories that I carry with me. You will be missed

Donna Lambert

July 31, 2018

George was visiting at ISU while I was sick in bed. I had a fever of a hundred and six and refused to get medical help. George picked me up and carried me to the hospital and saved my life. I'll always be thankful for his cool head and his decision to make me get medical help. I will miss you George. Love Donna