Vincent Vu Vuong Hoàng

June 5, 1993May 14, 2019

Vincent Vu Vuong Hoàng 1993-2019

Vincent Vũ Vương Hoàng, loving son of Khang Vũ Hoàng and Oanh Kim Trần, was born at 11:06 on June 5, 1993 in Garden Grove, California. As a child, he was playful, affectionate, inquisitive, and full of life, energy and mischiefs. After preschool and kindergarten, he attended Tamura Elementary School in Fountain Valley, then Mesa Middle School in Huntington Beach. Vincent graduated from Ocean View High School in Huntington Beach in the year 2011. He then continued with a major in Chemical Engineering at the California State University, Long Beach where his father still lectures. Vincent was kind, caring, attentive, thoughtful and generous to everyone - his family, his friends, even homeless people on the street. He loved all living creatures, all species in the animal kingdom, taking in stray dogs and newborn cats in the neighborhood, feeding wild bunnies and birds. He loved camping, the outdoors, and the ocean. An adventurer at heart, Vincent loved to explore fun places, enjoyed surfing, deep sea fishing, lobster harvesting even though he was not as fond of water as a little child. Vincent passed away at 18:44 on May 14, 2019 where he loved most, the Pacific Ocean, just a few weeks shy of his 26th birthday. He touched the lives of all his family members and friends in so many special ways. He will be sorely missed by many who are fortunate enough to know him for such a limited time. He will forever be in their hearts!


  • Khang Vu Hoàng, Father
  • Oanh Kim Tran, Mother
  • Mai To Hoàng, Sister


  • Visitation Saturday, May 25, 2019
  • Celebration of Life Sunday, May 26, 2019


Vincent Vu Vuong Hoàng

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Carley Casali

June 5, 2019

Happy Birthday Vincent

Anthony Thông Unknown

June 1, 2019

While others are strolling on Las Vegas Boulevard, or speeding down chasing the water on Lake Havasu, or just hanging around the pools and chugging down a few bottles, I quietly sat here on this bench and stared straight at his face. His eyes does not blink anymore. He looked so vibrant with a huge smile, so energetic and full of life. But yet, behind his picture, he lay there in a half opened wooden coffin. This is the first time I met him. I wished I rather met him somewhere else. As much as I want to understand why, I believed we were born with a purpose in life and when we accomplished our missions, we will be moving on to another place and be assigning another mission. So it must be it. As Gandalf , the Wizard, said in the Lords of the Rings III, "Life does not end with death as death is another path that we all must take". I condoled myself. As the last rose was offerred, the lid was slowly lowered and shut tight. It was time for him to be on the new path. I did not know how to say good bye to him. It was hard! It was even harder to say good bye to a nice, sweet, caring and loved young man. I took a deep breath and exhaled in length trying to prevent tears from rolling down my cheeks. But I could not. I grapped a few tissues to dry my eyes. Oh Angels if you hear me, take him to his new place as he was hurried to leave here. I will shed tears no more as I will not slow him down. He would be 26 years old comes June 5th, and today, it was Sunday, May 26, 2019.

Jennifer Jones

May 27, 2019

Vincent, the last time I saw you was at what had to be one of the greatest parties I had ever gone to. So many people from OV were there and it was an accidental, but incredible, reunion. You were so fun and full of life, so welcoming and happy. That was such a great time in all of our lives. I’m literally laughing as I’m typing this, which is crazy, because this is such a sad time. But that’s the thing, it’s practically impossible to not associate you with a happy time. To not smile when thinking about you because that’s what your presence brought out of people, what your memory will continue to bring out of people. I hope things are beautiful, wherever you are. With you there, it has to be.


Shannon Hough

May 27, 2019

I always enjoyed talking with Vincent and I’ll miss him. Sorry that the world will be without such an awesome soul like you.

Carley Casali

May 27, 2019

Dear Vincent,
I'm Sorry baby you were the Sun and Moon to me.. I'll never get over you..You'll Never get over me..
You were and will always be the love of my life.. I wish so much that things were different. This doesnt seem real.. Like a horrible Nightmare I am to never wake from... I Wish I could have had the chance to tell you everything.. I have never known a love greater then the love i had with you.. i dont know what I am going to do with out you.. out of everyone in this world you knew me the best. before you give up remember the reason you held on so long..
my heart will always belong to you and and i'm sorry i never got the chance to tell you.. I forgive you and I'm sorry.. My world will never be the same without you and you were right . I wish I could have opened my eyes soooner maybe things would have been different I wish i would have listened.. i guess i just thought you would always be here. And that i had more time to figure it out I keep hoping this is all some sick joke. what happened i want anwsers and part of me is so mad that we didnt have the time to make it back to eachother.. i wish we could have had a chance at our happily ever after.. what am i supposed to do without you.. i wish i could have been stronger believed in our love in you and in myself. but i was too scared.
I feel hollow without you.. what i would do to see your smile hear your voice . what i would do just to feel you one last time. i will never be the same.
i know your in a better place and ill forever be waiting to be reunited with the other half of my soul. your last words to me were maybe in another life and i will be waiting till the sky falls down for the better half of me for now i have to go it alone..ill see you in the next life and hopefully we will get it right this time.. My heart belongs to and alwayts will. I love you always and forever.. and i dont know how i am going to get through this without you ... till we meet again ill be waiting Love always C

Marina Garcia

May 27, 2019

Vincent was a wonderful sunny light throughout my time in middle and high school. His kind and funny disposition made him a friend to not only his peers, but also his teachers. He was one of few who I could count on to put a smile on my face whenever I saw him, be it in class, or in the hallways at school as teenagers. I was shocked to hear of his passing, he definitely left this world far too soon. My heart goes out to his family 💛

Sarwat S

May 27, 2019

I'll never forget what a hilarious energetic intelligent clever (if at times a bit mischievous) rambunctious guy Vincent was. Vincent and I went to high school together and I cannot tell you how many amusing stories I have from that time that start with something he did or said in class. You could always count on him to up to some shenanigans. He livened up any classroom he was part of. He was always so full of life and excitement; I can't remember a time he wasn't bursting with energy. Many of my classes would've been a lot more boring if it wasn't for him. Even online, his presence remained a relevant part of my life. His posts were always something that resonated with me -even the darker ones- and I found myself relating to his feelings as I'm sure many of us have. We probably experienced those same emotions too but just didn't share them with the same brave honesty he did. He was always so honest and genuine with who he was and I will always remember and celebrate that authenticity; he was never afraid to be himself. He brought such warmth and happiness to the world and I'm honestly heartbroken to hear about his passing. My love goes out to his close friends and family; the world truly lost a bright light. He will be dearly missed.

Linh Hoang-Schmidt

May 25, 2019

Dear Vuong,
I regret we didnt meet this year when we were in California, thinking we will meet next time but life taught me a lesson.
I still remenber the time we met in Vietnam. We had so much fun when ong was taking a nap we went out on the street, buying some sugar cane juice and were wandering around, you were my little translator.
And I will never forget that you teached me what a knuckle sandwich is!
I will never forget these days!
Rest in peace Vuong!

Ngoc Hoang

May 25, 2019

Cháu Vương ơi,

Cả hơn một tuần nay, ngày nào cô nghĩ đến Vương từ lúc vừa mới trào đời đến lần cuối cùng cô gặp lại là khi bố Khang và Vương đến đón cô đi ăn trưa năm 2013. Lúc đó Vương đã 20 tuổi, ăn nói lễ phép, đẹp trai và nói tiếng Việt rất rành. Trời ơi, cháu của cô giỏi quá.
Cô còn nhớ khi Vương hơn hai tuổi, Vương không chịu ăn mẹ Oanh phải đi mua PediaSure cho Vương uống. Khi bố Khang đón cô và em Quỳnh-Như ở phi trường về, Vương và chị Mai ngày nào cũng xin bế em cho cô. Hè năm sau cô đến nữa, lúc đó Quỳnh-Như đã được 13 tháng mà vẫn không dám đi nhưng khi thấy Vương và chị Mai đi, QN đứng dậy đi luôn. Hai hôm sau, cô thấy Vương ngồi dưới bàn ăn mà không chịu ra, cô mới hỏi ‘tại sao Vương lại ngồi dưới đó? Vương thì thầm nói ‘Vương trốn Quỳnh-Như tại vì Như cứ lấy đồ chơi của Vương hoài.’ Cô buồn cười quá mà không dám cười tại vì Vương trốn ở dưới bàn ăn thì ai cũng thấy được hết.

May holy Mary, the angels and all the saints welcome you now that you have gone forth from this life.

Cô Ngọc

Veronique Hoang

May 25, 2019

Hi, Vuong,

I don't think we got the chance to see each other past when we were kids, but I still have great memories of going to Disneyland and spending Christmas in Cali with you and the family. I remember you had sparring swords in your room and you got yelled at for teaching me how to fight with them. You were such a trouble maker who never failed to make me laugh, and I admire you for that.

We love you, and we miss you.


VINCENT EULOGY (Dr. Hương Lan Dương)

My name is Melanie Duong. I am a longtime friend of the family. When Dr. Khang Hoang-Vu asked me to speak at Vincent’s celebration of life, I was not quite sure of what I would say and how to say it.
As difficult as it may be, I have decided to speak from the heart.
First, my family, my entire staff and I would like to extend our deepest condolences to Dr. Khang and his family on the passing of their beloved son, Vincent Vuong Vu Hoang. There are no words to describe the pain, the sorrow and the sadness that you are enduring. My heart aches for you. May you find peace and comfort in the fond memories of Vincent.
As we travel through life, there was a beginning and there will be an end. We all came to this world with nothing and will leave this world with nothing. However, let us not forget all the moments in between that we call life. Today, as we bid our tender goodbyes to Vincent, let us celebrate his life as well. I would like to invite everyone to come up here to share with one another all the happy memories, cherished moments, funny stories that we all had with Vincent. Vincent would love to hear from you.
I had the privilege to see Vincent grow up from a boy to a young man. He was kind, sweet, generous, thoughtful and considerate. Vincent was the kind of person who would give anyone his last penny.
I had so many happy memories visiting the family over the weekends. Vincent always greeted me with his big smile, a bear hug, then helped me with my bags. He was always the first person to wake up in the morning and ask me what I would like for breakfast. Mind you, that boy can cook. He can whip up eggs Benedict with Hollandaise sauce, a mean chicken Alfredo, or a tasty mussel a la Provence like a pro.
Vincent was a great handy man to have around the house. I cannot remember how many times Vincent helped me with all my house projects, from fixing the balcony in Rancho Bernardo, to cleaning up the yard around the Big Bear cabin, even fixing a broken underground water pipe. Vincent was a hard worker who did not mind sweating in the sun to finish any project.
Vincent was full of life, energy and adventures, be it blue-fin tuna fishing in Alaska or raising chickens in Hawaii. I still remember the time he came up with his dad and his buddy to the cabin. He wanted to surprise me with a gift by making a small bunny out of snow (he knew I love bunnies). As he carried it inside, one of the ears fell off. It was still awfully sweet! I cannot forget the summer we rented a motor boat at Big Bear Lake. Little that I knew, Vincent and his dad had no boating experience. Thus, instead of a nice relaxing time on the water, enjoying the mountain breeze, I found myself hanging to the side of the boat for my dear life, as Vincent managed to almost crash into the boat ramp twice.
Vincent loved to explore fun places and a good party. I remember the time we threw a graduation party for his sister, To Mai at my Villa Solara; Vincent dazzled everyone on the dance floor with his cool moves!
His 25th birthday we celebrated in Hawaii. Vincent loved to paddle out to the ocean for hours before we went back to uncle Minh’s home to cook dinner. He whipped up a whole pitcher of wicked margarita, which he concocted, with a half bottle of booze, half a pineapple, five mangoes and two pounds of lychee. Yes, that was Vincent! He loved to experiment with recipes! We can’t help but love Vincent.
I can go on and on with more stories. I always have a soft spot in my heart for him. Life is full of ups and downs, joy and sorrow, trials and triumphs. My cup may be full or empty at times, but I always cherish the limited time I shared with him. He made me now realize that Life is fragile. Life is precious. So as you hustle and bustle about in your hectic life, do not forget to stop for a brief moment to hug your loved ones. You never know when will be the last time you take a stroll in the park or sit down to share a meal with someone.
June 5th will be Vincent’s birthday. He would be 26. So, here to you Vincent, perhaps a little early but I want to be the first to say – Happy Birthday!
I will have a Bellini waiting for you!


Good afternoon, I am Hoang To Mai, Vincent’s sister.
Thank you for coming out today to honor my brother.

Many of you have traveled long distances to be here; my family and I are very grateful for your affection. Everyone’s love and condolences have helped us through this difficult time.

Although I am older than Vincent by only a couple of years, I cannot recall a single day where he was not in my life. As I sifted through our childhood photos and videos these past couple weeks, I realized that we were inseparable - photo after photo of me cradling him on my lap, videos of me pulling him out of his rocker to play. I was excited for a sibling; I loved him, because, as my parents said, I had a new toy to play with.

We did everything together, countless camping trips, fishing on the pier, tennis lessons, soccer camps, riding back and forth on our bicycles in the cul de sac where we grew up.
As we were so close in age, I saw a lot of Vincent, having him trail me through Tamura Elementary School, Mesa View Middle School, and then Ocean View High School.
I remember waking up at 7AM on the weekends to quietly watch Pokémon.
I recall going to the beach every day during summer breaks, ending with dinners and fort building at Bac Tao’s.

I recollect our smoothie-making contests as well. Speaking of smoothies, my brother somehow transferred his smoothie obsession to both my parents. You could not come home without being offered one. I guess that was the trick to get us eating fruits.
Vincent loved to cook. It is a running joke in our family that I love to watch the Food Network, but my brother was the actual chef.
He always made snacks after school. I would often decline his offer to make one for me, then I ended up eating half of his, and he wound up having to make a second for himself.
Vincent also perfected a chicken broccoli Alfredo recipe from scratch; we debuted it during a summer trip to Germany for Co Binh and Chu Rainer. I abandoned cooking halfway through, because you know, cooking is such a chore. My brother did finish his masterpiece. It was a huge success, but it also resulted in three loads of dishes for our aunt and uncle to clean up. If you ask them, they will gleefully show you photos of the disaster we made in the kitchen.
Vincent enjoyed sharing his love of food, whether it was his latest find of the most pungent blue cheese on the market, the coffee encrusted bacon from Whole Foods, or the newest hole-in the-wall sushi place. You knew Vincent loved you if he was trying to cook for or feed you.

Vincent was never calculated or judgmental; he loved unconditionally and truly cherished people. I was afraid of strangers growing up, but Vincent could befriend anyone, or animal for that matter.

He earned the nickname, “Little Mai,” in high school, but he was at times more like the bigger brother. He would always remind me to “don’t worry” or “stop stressing so much” as I rambled off the list of tribulations in my life. Last year when I was preparing to move out of Orange County to Los Angeles for a new job, I remember fretting about budgeting my paycheck, when my brother offered to help pay for a portion of my rent. I replied, “you got jokes, dude.” He always knew how to pull me back up when I was down.

I cannot say our childhood was perfect and that we never squabbled, but memories of those instances have faded over the years. Vincent has unearthed so many memories of joy in my life, taught me the virtues of compassion and munificence. He is the most selfless, generous, trusting, and carefree person I know. My brother was a fun-loving guy, an adventure seeker. He was never about what car you drove, but how and with whom you got there. However, Vincent did care about what snacks you would bring on the road-trips, or whether or not we would stop at Casa de Fruta to get his favorite freeze-dried corn.


There is so much I wish I would have said to you back then, and there would have been so much more to say as time goes on.
I am so sad that you left this world and all of us so early; that you will not get to meet your future nephews and nieces; that you did not get a chance to see “Detective Pikachu.”
However, I am certain that you are in a happy place now with Ong Ba Noi and Ong Ba Ngoai, who will spoil you endlessly.

Farewell, little brother!

VINCENT DANKSAGUNG (Prof. Dr. Cường Vũ Hoàng)

Tôi tên là Cường, Hoàng-Vũ-Cường, là em của anh Hoàng-Vũ-Khang. Vincent, Vương là cháu ruột của tôi.
Trong những ngày vừa qua, gia đình chúng tôi đã phải trải qua một sự mất mát vô cùng to lớn, đó là sự ra đi vĩnh viễn của người con, người cháu, người em, người anh thân yêu mà chúng tôi hằng mến yêu.
Giờ đây khó được tương phùng
Âm dương đôi nẻo muôn trùng cách xa
Tuy ở nhiều phương trời khác nhau nhưng đại đa số các cô, các chú, các dì, các cậu đã họp mặt về đây hôm nay để đưa tiễn cháu Vương.
Thay mặt toàn gia, chúng tôi xin trân trọng gửi lời cảm ơn sâu sắc tới cùng các gia đình họ hàng, thân bằng quyến thuộc, bạn bè thân hữu gần xa đã đến viếng, gửi hoa chia buồn và tiễn đưa cháu chúng tôi về nơi an nghỉ cuối cùng.
Xin cảm ơn nhà đòn Dignity Memorial đã tận tình giúp đỡ trong việc tổ chức tang lễ được chu toàn và trang trọng.
We would like to thank Dignity Memorial for support and assistance us making it bearable in this unbearable time.
We have relatives and friends from Germany; therefore please allow me to say few words of appreciation in German.
Im Namen der Familie möchten wir Ihnen für Ihre große Anteilnahme und das Mitgefühle herzlichen bedanken.
Trong lúc tang gia bối rối, có điều gì sơ suất, gia đình chúng tôi mong nhận được sự cảm thông và lượng thứ.
Sau đây xe tang sẽ cháu tôi đưa đến nơi hỏa táng. Quý vị có thể lái xe theo để tiễn cháu đi đến nơi an nghỉ. Sau đó hài cốt của cháu sẽ được đưa về nhà.