Barbara L. Pickering

August 17, 1942April 16, 2021

You know it's going to happen, but you're never really ready. As I write my sister's obit, my heart is crushed into a million pieces, never to be whole again. It is with the deepest sorrow that I announce on April 16, 2021, the passing of the greatest sister and aunt two people could ever have. Barbara L. Pickering, a 1960 graduate of Bay City Central in Michigan, passed away in complete peace from Glioblastoma Brain Cancer. This is a deadly and quick moving cancer, but she lasted 18 good months with no pain or sickness. It was discovered when she had an auto accident in Oct. 2019 and the tumor was jarred. She went into what you would think was dementia. She had surgery in January, 2020, did 15 days of chemo and radiation, then went into Holistic care in Indiana instead of using western medicine further. She wasn't fond of sticking to the very strict protocol of the care. If she had, she'd probably be alive today, but we feel that the initial radiation took more of her cognitive thinking away than if she had only done holistic care. No one can "beat" this cancer no matter how hard they try, but Hospice was amazed at her health and longevity.

I need to say this about Barb's picture. So many people put years-old pictures in their obit, but that isn't so in this case. For 78, she never looked or acted her age.

Barb was born on August 17, 1942 in Bay City, MI. She attended Trinity Episcopal Church on Center Ave. and sang in the choir from a very young age until she left for Denver in 1965. She babysat for Rev. Bruce and Joy Moncrieff from the church who moved to Golden, CO and coaxed Barb to move out here. It changed her life forever and in turn changed mine when I followed in 1967. She attended Lincoln, McGregor and Central HS before completing her teaching degree at Michigan State. After a few years of teaching, she decided she didn't care much for kids, so she spent the next 26 years driving for UPS in Denver. She hated every minute of that job because she was one of the first women to be accepted in Denver and the men treated her with the utmost disgust AND she wanted that pension. She stuck it out until retirement at 59, sometimes lugging 100 lb. packages up 3 flights of stairs on her own. After retirement she rode as an assistant for Jefferson County Transportation for 18 years while I drove buses at the same time.

Being her only sister, I, Connie Pickering Resley, a 1963 graduate of Central HS, moved to CO in 1967, then our lives changed forever. I was always the risk taker, the life of the party, and the one to get the less adventuresome Barbara to do things like tracking gorillas in Uganda, jumping 12,000 feet from a perfectly good airplane, riding camels, elephants, and Ostrich's, go hang gliding and glider flying, cage shark diving with the great whites in South Africa, going into parts of Africa we shouldn't have been in, etc. We never met a stranger and that's what made our trips trips so great and unforgettable. We toured the world on a shoe string and NEVER had a reservation for sleeping on ANY night. We winged every trip and wouldn't have done it any other way. She was the brains and I was the common sense. We balanced each other perfectly. She'd get lost in a paper bag and I could get us anywhere. People around the world marveled at our relationship. Most of our trips consisted of landing in a country and just heading out to parts unknown. There are stories you'd never believe. We toured the 50 US states, and other countries such as: India, Russia, China, Vietnam, the Galapagos Islands, Thailand, Greece, Italy, Egypt, S. Africa, Ireland, Wales, Scotland, Uganda, Kenya, Costa Rica, cruises (too dull for us), Zimbabwe where we walked with lions and flew over Victoria Falls, Canada, Macha Picchu, New Zealand, Australia, Tasmania, Tanzania, Turkey, Norway, Sweden, Denmark , Austria, Germany, Switzerland, toured all the large parks on safaris and so much more. In South Africa we attended a wedding on the hillside being the only two whites with thousands of South Africans. It seemed we bumped into things very few people around the world will ever experience. We had lunch and dinner with Jane Goodall a couple of times. We held Pandas, Wombats, Tasmanian Devils, Koala Bears, dove 90 feet with Reef Sharks swimming between our legs and on and on and on. We were certified scuba divers for years, snow skied, water skied, and went ballooning several times.

Barb was cremated. Her ashes along with those of her deceased cats will be mixed with Connie's when she passes, Todd will scatter them somewhere in the Colorado Mountains when the wildflowers are in full bloom. Her brain was donated to The Brain Project. Barb was generous to a fault, compassionate, smart as a whip, caring and never had a bad word to say about anyone. We completed each other's lives without the tension, resentments, anger and jealousies of a married couple. It couldn't have been more perfect. She never married and I've been divorced 45 years so we had plenty of time to do it all. We were together every day for the past 50+ years. We were closer than paint on a wall. We could even walk to each others house.

Barb is survived by her sister Connie, nephew Todd, who really stepped up to the plate with her care, her ex-brother-in-law, Ed Resley, and special friends Joyce Klosowski Liejewski of Bay City, MI, Cathy Whyte Perrou of Linwood, MI, Mary Yelenick of Woodstock, New York, Jackie Pines Baker of Traverse City, MI and Joy Moncrieff of Golden, CO

There's a dear, loving, caring angel somewhere today who is already helping others. She was cherished and is missed terribly. God Bless you Barb.

Barb gave to some 25 odd charities, many having to do with animals of all kinds including donkeys, elephants, dogs, cats, draft horses, as well as women. She changed many girls and women's lives around the world. Here are some of the charities you may want to make a contribution to in Barb's honor: Heifer, Colorado Public Radio, National Public Radio, Women to Women, Children International

There will be a Celebration of Life on Saturday, May 8th from 11am - 2pm at the Elks Club on Jason in Englewood, CO. There will be a full meal, so please RSVP to no later than Monday, May 3, 2021.


  • Celebration of Life

    Saturday, May 8, 2021


Barbara L. Pickering

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Tina Lopez

May 14, 2021

My friend Barb, Such a sweet lady, so gentle, kind and smart. Our conversations were always enjoyable. I appreciate you and Connie more than you'll ever know. Thru my own trials and tribulations, I never felt judged or looked down on by either of you. Getting to spend time with you ladies and Todd was wonderful. Fly and Be Free my friend, until we meet again.


May 13, 2021

We loved having you and your sister for our happy hour. You both are great neighbors. We love you. The best going away celebration.

CJ Wilson

May 12, 2021

I knew Barb for a very brief time on a trip to Costa Rica but we continued to play Words with Friends after parting ways. She outwitted me often! We spoke on the phone a couple of times and I found her to be a very open and caring person. The world needs more like her. I’m sure she’ll be missed by all who were lucky enough to cross her path.

Mary Yelenick

May 10, 2021

I count my blessings to have had Barb Pickering as a cherished friend for more than 50 years. Barb was intelligent, curious, and thoughtful. She traveled the world, and was a perfect global ambassador: always taking an interest in others; asking them about their lives; and showing delight in the positive aspects (or commiserating the hardships) of their circumstances. She cherished animals, and nature; she loved planet earth, and strove to protect it. Barb, my family and friends, and I spent many happy hours hiking and cross-country skiing together in the Colorado Rockies; exploring the beaches of Mexico and Hawaii; playing group volleyball and tennis; and singing (enjoying Barb’s particularly mellifluous voice). I will miss her very much. My thoughts are also with her cherished sister, Connie, and her beloved nephew, Todd.

Claudia Hanau

May 8, 2021

One cannot think or speak about Barb without thinking of Connie as well. During the time I knew them they seemed inseparable! Cancer is truly the criminal of our times! Please, everyone, pray that my lab can raise the capital needed to finish the early detection test that is in the developmental.stages. Nobody will ever again have to suffer the ravages or the loss of a loved one when we can detect cells the size of a dot on a piece of paper! Cometely changing lifestyle and dietary habits of a lifetime is extremely difficult. Barb did the very best that she could and Connie and Todd certainly went over and above trying to help her! Our prayers are with you Barb, may you rest in peace. And our prayers are with Connie and Todd as they heal from this heartbreaking loss!

Nan Mcconnaughey

May 8, 2021

Barb was a strong generous woman who lived her life with integrity and curiosity . I will remember her generosity to my son , in his dying months ,forever..Barb was a truly genuine valuable person. May she Rest In Peace and Connie be supported in love. Thank you for allowing me to be part of her journey.

Barbara Becker

May 8, 2021

I,ll always remember Barb,s smile and cheerfulness. She radiated warmth. She also had a great sense of humor. And Barb was so generous to different charities that really helped make this a better world. She,ll be missed by all the animals she loved and took care of. Rest In Peace Barbara

Barbara Becker

Todd Resley

May 8, 2021

My Auntie Barbara was a huge influence on me in my life as a second mother. She let me be myself with absolute acceptance and detachment, regardless of my abrasiveness, or my unorthodox methods of being. I sometimes took thjis for granted, but I love her for that.
She had an admirable childlike innocence, good nature, ability to approach anyone with her cheerful demeanor; laughing and smiling constantly. She could talk at length to anyone about any number of topics with her curiosity, wide-ranging intellect, and life experience, due in large part to her sister /my mother; who when together, would compliment one another perfectly.

My aunt's thoughtfulness and consideration of others are unmatched. With her compassion & empathy, she led a life of selflessness and generosity toward others, especially the unappreciated & downtrodden, most people could only hope to embody.Women, girls, and animals were especially fortunate for her existence on earth. It came so effortless to her being so giving & helpful in this world of hardship & strife.

In her role as my 2nd mother, I am fortunate enough to have ingrained some of my aunt's admirable qualities and strive to incorporate more of them into my life moving forward. I am also very fortunate enough to have these two phenomenal women as role models who raised, influenced, and shaped me into much of the person I am today. She bestowed upon me so many admirable qualities, many of which I only now realize that I take for granted and more that I must nurture so they in order to flourish to the best of my ability. The best way any of us can hope to honor my Auntie Barbara as well as my mother, is to help where it is needed most in the situations right in front of us, because that is what mattersmost; not material items, but the feeling you and others get from acceptance, support for one another, and living with compassion, empathy and understanding.

Thank you Auntie Barbara, I love you!

June Wainwright

May 7, 2021

What a wonderful and fulfilling life this family has had. All the adventures and experiences are the things most people dream of. They are very lucky to have had each other and done all of these things together. Barb will be greatly missed, but you can never say goodbye to all the great memories.

Kathy Teschendorf

May 6, 2021

I have known Barb for I guess about 10 years or so , she came to me as a massage client at the nudging of her sister. I loved all the stories she would share about her and Connie' adventures around the world. Like the time they were some place scuba diving and how she would tell me that Connie would take off like a rabbit (her words) and leave her on her own when in fact they were supposed stay together I told Barb that she was a great big sister for putting up with her sisters antics , she would then laugh and tell me that it is what Connie loved to do and was there to support her. Barb was a funny, caring, & generous human being. She will be missed!!!