David M. Seery

January 4, 1955November 12, 2020

David Michael Seery (65) of Golden, CO, passed away peacefully at his home on Thursday, November 12, 2020, surrounded by his loving family, after battling cancer.

David was the third of five children born to Daniel and Isabelle (Pinsoneault) Seery on January 4, 1955, in Missoula, MT.

He grew up in St. Ignatius, MT, where he attended Ursuline Catholic School, St. Ignatius High School and graduated as a proud Mission Bulldog. He helped his dad run the most popular restaurant in town, The Malt Shop, where he learned the value of hard work at an early age. From captaining his sports teams to flipping burgers and spinning milkshakes, he was always involved in the community. David attended the University of Montana, College of Business, graduating as a passionate Grizzly alum. He then went on to become an accomplished Petroleum Landman, working at Marathon Oil, Equity Oil, and Whiting Petroleum Company. He retired as an Executive Vice President in 2018 from Whiting Petroleum. While his professional life was successful, David’s greatest accomplishments were being a loving husband, father, son, and brother.

David married former landman turned love-of-his-life, Diane (Scholz) in 1987. They raised two beautiful children in Golden and remain active residents in the community.

He enjoyed family, friends, sports, and traveling the world. He believed relationships were of the utmost importance, whether personal or professional, and forged many lifelong friendships. He was instrumental in continuing traditions, planning vacations, and creating lasting memories. David was a tenacious but fair-minded competitor in all arenas. He was a gifted athlete and subsequently a dedicated coach for Kyle and Shannon. He was an avid golfer and a long-time member at The Club at Rolling Hills. His passion for golf was evident in the numerous rounds shared with close family and friends, both here in Colorado and around the world. He was an ardent sports fan; especially of the Montana Grizzlies, Colorado Buffaloes, Rockies, Broncos and Avalanche.

David Seery was a force of nature. He was known for his generosity, humility, and unconditional love. He truly had a zest for life. Some say, "You can take the boy out of Montana, but you can't take Montana out of the boy." He loved and cherished his ties to his home state and the many people with whom he made many memories.

He is preceded in death by his parents; infant brother, Daniel; and foster brother, Tony.

He is survived by his wife of 33 years, Diane; his children, Kyle (Alaina) Seery and Shannon Seery, of Golden, CO; sisters, Danielle (Tim) Smith of San Diego, CA, Debbie (John) Maher of Tempe, AZ, Denise Seery of Golden, CO; and numerous extended relatives.

Services will be held at St. Joseph Catholic Church on Wednesday, November 25th. However, due to COVID-19 restrictions it will be a private service. Please see below for the live streaming link for those who cannot attend.

In lieu of flowers, donations can be made in David’s honor to any of the following listed below.



  • Private Funeral Mass

    Wednesday, November 25, 2020


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David M. Seery

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Sophie Farwell

November 26, 2020

Cousin David always had a way to make you feel like you were the most important person in the room when he talked to you. In a big family with thousands of cousins, I always noticed how he was able to find time to catch up with everyone individually, no matter how little the cousin (he would always ask me how my T-ball was going). I can remember our 2013 family reunion and big group of us walking around downtown Missoula after dinner. I was walking near Dave and he was talking to everyone around him (as he often would), then in crossing the street I felt him reach to hold my hand. Being 12 at the time he held my hand so I’d be safe from traffic I’m sure , but after crossing he kept holding it. Funny enough, I can remember at first feeling embarrassed he was holding my hand because my older cousins were around and I always wanted to seem older like them, but that thought quickly passed my mind as Dave began to talk to me. He started to talk about Montana and how much he loved it! He briefly reminisced about the good times in Missoula and he mentioned that no matter where he’s been or will go, Montana is his paradise! He looked and pointed at the “M” on the hill with the Montana sunset in the background and said, “how could you want anything more than this.?“ I remember him jokingly saying “if you’re gonna be anything, at least be a Griz!” Well Dave, I’m glad I took your advice!
My story is not unique though. David carried countless of those moments with countless people. Whether if he was talking to you for a hour or brief couple of minutes he had a way of making it feel special. A family function will truly not be the same without him. Rest In Peace David, we love you. To Diane, Shannon and Kyle you are in my heart and prayers.

Sherwin Artus

November 25, 2020

Dave, I will always remember the memories of Montana we have shared over the years. When we realized that you delivered the newspaper to my aunt and uncle in St. Ignatius it made us both realize what a small world we live in.
Rest In Peace, my friend.

Bob and Lori Fearon

November 25, 2020

Seery’s, we just learned of David’s passing. We are so sorry for your loss! Bob and Lori

Michael Pinsoneault

November 25, 2020

My first memory of Dave would be highly illegal by today's vehicle safety standards. I don't remember exactly who was with me in the back of Dave's Ranchero, but we were on Highway 93 (pray for me) and subsequently on Pinsonneault Rd, although I am not sure if it was Pinsonneault Rd at the time.
From the back we would call Dave's prized Ford a "Rancheroo" and he would speed up to what seemed like light speed, dust and rocks flying, but was probably closer to 65 mph. Every time he slowed down we would shout it was a "Rancheroo"; he would shout at us and gleefully speed up again.
My last personal memory of Dave was at a Broncos game. He found out I was going to be at the game and invited me to Gate 5 as the Seery Clan was there. We met up, took some pictures and Dave insisted that I sit with them saying that there several empty seats in their rows. Of course we had a great time, drank a couple of beers, shared stories and caught up on what was up.
Thank you Dave, for the first memory, the last memory and all the memories in between.
P.S. "Rancheroo"

Trish Willett

November 25, 2020

Dave was one in a million - a Gentleman among men - who was highly respected by all - Never to be forgotten - Alive Forever -
Our sincerest condolences to Diane, Kyle & Shannon and all of Dave's family.
Dave's service today at St. Joseph in Golden, officiated by Father Jim ReVello, was truly a beautiful tribute, especially the words spoken by his loving children, Kyle & Shannon.
Rest in Peace, Dave -
Trish & Rogers Willett

John Obourn

November 25, 2020

We have lost a great one. Always a professional, no shortage of humor & wonderful to be around. Dave made the DAPL ski day bus trips a must ride event. After a day on the hill and a couple beers, the joke fest on the bus ride back to Denver would begin and Dave was always in the center of the bus with a crowd around him creating 1.5 hours of humor. I can't think of anybody that could keep up with Dave's repertoire. The ride home always went too fast! You will be missed.

Amanda Stamper

November 25, 2020

When I moved to Denver three years ago, the Seery family almost immediately "adopted" me, bringing me on trips to Mexico and California, showing me around a golf course or two, and welcoming me into numerous holiday and birthday gatherings in Golden.

Dave, my Colorado dad as we'd like to say, loved on me when my family was far, taught me how to play golf (or at least how to attempt to play golf), and always made me feel so special. And I know I wasn't the only one - that was so Dave, to make people feel seen, special and welcome.

My all time favorite memory was the new years trip to Cabo. We met a fiery woman named Dr. Terry - who couldn't get our names right and became the source of many inside jokes for years to come - entertained our entire hibachi table, critiqued golf form while soaking in the nearby pool, threw back a few Hornitos shots and danced the nights away.

I can't truly express the impact Dave Seery has had on me - his generosity, his zest for life, his humor and jokes, his warm spirit had a way of making you feel both at home wherever you were and inspired to live life to the fullest. Above all, Dave was a family man, and it wasn't hard to see - through his tear-filled holiday toasts, the way he looked forward to family gatherings, how he treasured his wife, Diane, and simply in the way he lived day to day. While I selfishly want more Dave Seery, more trips and memories and laughs and life lessons, I can't help but feel so overwhelming lucky to have known and loved him. Rest easy, Colorado dad. <3


Danny Maher

November 25, 2020

My most cherished memories with my Uncle Dave are in Montana and on a golf course. Our mutual love of those two things cemented a special bond between us. Spending my summers in Montana as a kid, what I looked forward to most was when our whole family got together for good old days celebrations, cheeseburgers at the Malt Shop, and homemade ice cream and fireworks at the ranch. One summer Dave and I went down to Evaro and I think he bought one of every firework they had, and it was the best fireworks show we ever had.

Dave taught me a lot on the golf course, like how to forget bad shots and always focus on your next one, and probably a few cuss words too(he was competitive).

Dave taught me through his own actions how to be a good man. He just had a way with everyone, he made you feel important. He was humble and generous, he always said he felt like he was lucky. The truth is he was hard working and charismatic and he earned all that he had. He never let any of his success go to his head, he always kept is small town Montana roots.

When I was attending the University of Montana I spent Thanksgiving with the Seery’s and grandma in St. Ignatius. Dave noticed my car didn’t have snow tires on it(being from AZ what are snow tires??) When I got up the next day he had already taken it down to Napa and had Stuart Morton put a set of snow tires on my car(I think we got a good deal). That’s just who my uncle Dave was, he took care of the people around him.

I will always remember his kind heart and joyful laugh, his jokes and how he made you feel loved. All the golf rounds, spring training games, lake days and road trips to Glacier park.

Save a seat at the spades table for me partner.

Love, Dannyboy

Todd Kalstrom

November 24, 2020

40 years ago in Casper, Wyoming Marathon Oil Co. hired 35 young aspiring Landmen to roam the Rocky Mountains and buy oil and gas leases and negotiate with farmers and ranchers. It's an understatement to say that we learned on the job since most of us had little clue about what it would take to get the job done. But more importantly, this group of guys would remain friends and comrades for the rest of our careers. But if you ask any of these 35 guys who the most sincere and personable guy was, 35 would answer without hesitation that it was Dave Seery. Dave was loved by all! My many memories with Dave are all filled with smiles and laughter and that is how I will always remember him. Good friends are few and I’ll always be fortunate to count Dave as one. Rest in peace Dave and I will always feel you left us way too soon.

Betty Ehrhart

November 24, 2020

Dave Seery has been our neighbor for over 25 years and has been a loving and dynamic presence in the lives of our children and family. Every time we would see Dave, he had a big smile on his face and was always eager to listen and share stories. We spent years at school functions, sporting events and neighborhood parties and it was always a pleasure to be around Dave. He was a loving father, husband and friend. You always felt important in his presence and he had a wonderful sense of humor. If Dave was there you wanted to be around him. He was always encouraging, sharing or making you laugh. He leaves a beautiful legacy in Diane, Kyle and Shannon who are "salt-of-the-earth" people (as my grandmother would say) loving, caring, kind, intelligent and delightful. We pray God will bring comfort to Dave's wonderful family as they cherish his memory. Dave was a man whose life was well lived.
Love, Mark & Betty Ehrhart


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