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Zane Richard Heninger

November 24, 1967June 17, 2019
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Zane R. Heninger (affectionately “Zaner” to many who loved him) was pure heart, love and life. He will be missed far and wide by all the many lives he touched so dearly. Zane was a force who brought light, joy and humor into every interaction and every moment. Never one to shy away, Zane treasured getting to know people, to hear stories and to tell stories. He was always at the ready to lend a helping hand or a caring shoulder. If you needed a companion for a long drive, a hike, a movie, or any adventure, Zane was your man. He was immensely devoted to family and friends and was a tremendously loving husband and father.

Zane’s life began in November of 1967 in Driggs, Idaho. His love of family began that day as he was welcomed into the world by his parents, Dick and Sheral Heninger and his three older siblings: Zeke, Sherene, and Sherese. In 1971 they moved to Egin Bench, Idaho – this is the first place he would conquer.

In 1972 he met his best and lifelong friend, Jared Richards, in Kindergarten at Parker-Egin Elementary School. It didn’t take long before Jared became another member of the Heninger clan. While growing up, Zane loved baseball, art, student government, scout campouts, listening to music, being a DJ, skiing, biking, swimming in the canal, and just hanging out with his many friends. His mom had many late nights waiting up for him, even though he would always reassure her, “I’m okay” or “…it wasn’t my fault.” Zane and his large group of friends - and his trusty car the “dragon wagon” - shared many adventures from the time he learned the love of driving at age 14 though his high school years.

During his younger years, he helped with the family wedding business, growing his love for cooking and learning how to throw a good party – skills that served him well throughout his life. During his high school and college years, he worked at Inkleys, a photo/stereo store, where he developed his passion for photography and music. Zane was rarely without a camera and music. Ever the entrepreneur, he also had a side business as a DJ for school functions and parties.

Zane graduated from South Fremont High School as valedictorian in May 1986, and he received a scholarship to start at Utah State University that fall. Zane took a two-year break to serve a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints from 1987 to 1989 in Porto Alegre, Brazil, where he learned and remained fluent in Portuguese. He graduated from Utah State University in June 1993 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in business finance and a minor in Portuguese. After Utah State, he worked for Keystone Communications in Salt Lake City.

Zane moved to Miami in 1994, where he accepted a job with Goldman Sachs, a job he loved and was extremely honored to hold. Continuing with his theme of lifelong learning, he decided to go back to school to get his MBA and settled in Hanover at the Amos Tuck School of Business for a few of the most treasured years of his life. While at Tuck, Zane made some of his dearest and closest friendships with a group that he could count on. This group always held a special place in his heart. He learned, played, skied, and hiked a lot.

In 1999, Zane graduated from Tuck School of Business and was hired by Goldman Sachs again. He trained in New York City and went to Dallas, where he became roommates with big brother, Zeke. After his stint in Dallas, he moved to the city he loved, Denver, where he opened an office for Lehman Brothers. Shortly thereafter in Denver, Zane became a first-time dad to Maddie, his beloved chocolate lab. They shared many adventures, car trips and hiking miles, as he explored the mountains of Colorado and brought back a piece of each summit.

For the next several years, Zane’s Denver family grew and grew with every new person he met. The girl next door caught his eye, and Kerri came into his life. In February 2007, Zane proposed to Kerri at Beano’s Cabin, in Beaver Creek, Colorado. A year later in February 2008, despite the weather’s best attempt to foil the special day, they again met in the mountains, where they were married in Vail, Colorado.

After a few years, Zane and Kerri had two children. Emily had Zane wrapped around her finger before she even came into the world in 2012. Nolan, his little buddy, followed up his sister in 2014. Zane adored his kids and loved encouraging their interests. He enjoyed being a soccer dad. Even as busy as Zane was, he always put his family first, as a husband and father.

Zane last worked for BCIT and Booth Creek Management Corporation.

Zane loved traveling with friends and family, visiting almost every corner of the world. He got the bug to travel as he ventured out with his family as they visited many states - his view often facing backwards from the third seat of the station wagon. When he was older, he was always on a road trip, traveling through several states. Many friends have wonderful memories of their adventures with Zane. He could never just stay on the main road - many back roads were taken to make the adventures even more fulfilling. When this country became too small, he visited places like Australia, Scotland, Fiji, New Zealand, Oman, Mexico, and many other countries in Europe and the Caribbean. With his family in tow, he began to go back to his roots and instill the joy of adventure in his kids with lots of trips to the mountains, the Lazy AZ Ranch in Wyoming, the beach, and of course, Disneyland.

Zane will be missed by all. He touched so many lives. We all benefited from his selfless giving and willingness to always lend a helping hand and listening ear. May we all keep those many fond memories close to our hearts, and pay it forward as we look to Zane as an example of being a brother’s keeper.

Those who desire to contribute to a 529 plan (please use the code 937-V14 in order to access the plan), or do a bank to bank transfer for the Memorial Fund, can contact Sherene Heninger at 713-569-5323, ccmom50@gmail.com. Donations to the Zane Heninger Memorial Fund can be mailed to the address listed below.


  • Zane Heninger Memorial Fund
  • 529 Education Plan


  • Memorial Service Monday, July 1, 2019


Zane Richard Heninger

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Ken Sheridan

September 2, 2019

Zane and I were missionary companions in Rio Grande, Brazil. I absolutely loved Zane! There was never a dull moment. I loved his sense of humor. Zane and I had some tailored suits made for a great price. I'd have to say, his looked much better on him than mine. Although we never kept in touch after our missions, I thought about Zane often. Zane, thanks for making life much easier for me away from home in a foreign country.

Fanny Heninger

July 13, 2019

It is with deep shock and grief that we share in the passing of a wonderful human being. Zane’s ability to problem solve and help others was his gift. Zane is the brother to Zeke, my husband. Though nearly ten years apart in age, they were like twins and I always envied such a special , loving bond between siblings!

Zane was a person who lived life to the fullest and was instantly loved by everyone he met. He did not know a stranger. Rich, poor or in between—-he always had a kind word and found common ground with everyone, regardless of their background.

He left his beautiful wife Kerri and his two vibrant and highly intelligent (and charming) children: Emily and Nolan; his beloved Father, Richard, and his siblings:Zeke, Sherese and Sherene.
His Mother in law, Anita and the spouses of his siblings, as well as his nieces and nephews and living extended family

Zane will be missed by all whose lives he touched. In fifty years, Zane accomplished more things than most of us will ever be able to. I do believe that his spirit remains with us and that he will never leave those he loved. Zane will forever be remembered in our hearts.

Annice North

July 9, 2019

When I think of Zane, I think of the welcoming warmth that encompassed him. I met Zane through his brother Zeke, and was first impressed by how highly Zeke spoke of his brother. Zeke was right, Zane was someone that just drew you in with his generosity, zest for life, and genuine concern for people. While visiting him in New York and also in Miami with Zeke, he freely gave of his time, his accommodations, and of his knowledge of anything that interested those visiting. I consider it a privledge to have spent time with him and to have witnessed the actions of a really good human being. My thoughts and prayers continue to be with his entire family, especially his wife and his children.
Annice Parker North

Ashley Freeman

July 6, 2019

The most brilliant person. The most witty, capable, honorable, interesting, successful, worthy person. The person that mattered more than anyone else in the world.... was always the person sitting across from Zane, as that is how he made everyone feel. When you had his attention, you had his admiration and his heart, and he gave it generously and sincerely. He made you feel significant. Thank you, Zane for the years of loving our little family. For making Dave and I feel all of these things and seeing in us what we are often unable to see in ourselves. Thank you for giving us courage. Thank you for laughing with us, for crying with us and for celebrating with us. We will always remember you for your contagious smile and huge heart! We will mourn your absence but will always take joy as we watch you live on through your beautiful family.

Darcie Castigliano-Ball

July 2, 2019

I first met Zane in the hallway at our apartment building Commons Park West in Denver. He was carrying a brand new Chocolate Lab, Maddie. I instantly talked to Maddie and we became good friends! Millie, my chocolate Lab had many adventures with Maddie. As we did with Zane! He welcomed everyone and joked once with us about his monthly “eating out” bill. Zane’s apartment was always unlocked so you could pop up and visit or see Maddie. I’d drop in to see what they were doing and usually end up walking together to the park. I often watched Maddie as he was away and she would get into mischief! I needed a towel once so looked for one and found his amazing organized closet with stack of freshly ironed and folded white dress shirts. He was really an amazing person, so caring and loving. He will be missed for sure.

Aaron Delfausse

July 2, 2019

I am so, so sorry for you loss. Zane was an amazingly caring man. He made me, a fellow Tuck alum, feel so welcome when I moved to Denver years ago. The world is going to miss this great, great man.

paolo giordano

July 1, 2019

It was the first year at Tuck. The year had just begun and I had found myself in the same study group with Zane. Everything was new and very fast paced, but that study group stood out to me particularly against that background. It was an oddly heterogeneous group of individuals all peculiar in their own way who found themselves spending hours studying together and trying to put their minds together to solve problems and cases. We were all a bit tense and nervous at first as we tested our comfort zones and adapted to each other. All except Zane. Zane demeanor: calm, laid back and with a big easy smile was different. Often at the end of convoluted group debates (whose direction wasn't always clear as deadlines approached) Zane would offer exit ramps to park the conversation at least temporarily and gain perspective to complete the task at hand on time. I recall one of his favorite quotes: "it is all about managing expectations". He used it often and with various nuances. At the time i had lived in the US only for a short period of time and his perspectives always felt very novel and intriguing. Unfortunately after Tuck I kept in touch with Zane only occasionally but the messages we exchanged every once in a while always brought back to me the same image of Zane: kindness, calm and cheerfulness. And if Zane were here now he'd still have the same advice for all of us: "it is all about managing expectations".

David Link

July 1, 2019

Dear Heninger Family, this was posted on Facebook at Colorado History Center's site.

RIP Zane Heninger (aka "Zaner")
I am so sad to report such a big and unexpected loss for the Front Range Business Community and for
The Tuck School of Business and it's loyal Alumni Base.
As well as for Zane's Family and Friends and his Business Partners & Colleagues.

I wish I had spent more time with Zane. The Zane I knew would take a meeting when asked, hire your son for an internship or remind his partners to check in.

I can see Zaner as his closest friends called him... looking me or Anyone close in his life, looking that person straight in the eye and saying “keep going”.... on whatever it is your are up to.

May Zane's memory be a blessing in the face of this unexpected and unexplainable.

Highest Regards,
David J. K. Link
Class Secretary -- Tuck School Class of 1994
Five (5) Years Prior to Zane's class of 1999

Nancy Pierzchala

July 1, 2019

Who DIDN’T love Zane?!?? He was one of the most genuine, inclusive and warm guys I’ve ever met. I just hate that our lives didn’t allow us to see one another more often, but when it did, the exchange was always treasured. My heart breaks for all of us who’ve been blessed in having Zane in our lives. He may be gone, but will never be forgotten. Sending love and deepest sympathies to Kerri, Emily, and Nolan.

Steve Kindred

July 1, 2019

Zane and I met over lunch many years ago after realizing we were the only two Tuck alumni who had completed our undergrad degrees at Utah State, and we both lived in Denver. About five minutes after meeting we realized he was related to my wife and knew many of her relatives in Utah. As we were leaving the restaurant, I remember him stopping at three tables to say hello to people he knew, and I wondered how one person could know so many people. The answer became very clear over time: Zane was a fun, kind, charismatic, sincere person who remembered details about people's lives and cared about maintaining relationships. I'll miss our lunches and laughs and Zane's big personality. Sending love and condolences to Kerri, Emily, and Nolan.