We Honour Military Veterans and First Responders

Honouring first responders who have fallen in the line of duty and members of the military are deeply important to Dignity Memorial® professionals. It’s so important, in fact, that we offer special military and first responder funeral services, ensuring that we properly celebrate and honour the people who make it their life’s work to protect ours.

Through the Homeless Veterans Burial Program and Public Servants Program we provide honourable tributes to those who have served at home and abroad.

Close-up of American flags and flowers on marker in cemetery outside at Palm.

Homeless Veterans Burial Program

The Dignity Memorial Homeless Veterans Program offers dignified funeral services with military honours to eligible homeless and indigent veterans in 32 U.S. states. We recognize that these individuals deserve to be honoured for their service despite having fallen on hard times. We are proud to partner with the Veterans Administration and other veterans organizations to ensure the fine men and women who serve this country are not forgotten.

From flag pins to special music, we believe each service should be as unique as the life lived.
A EMS professional waiting looking to the side waiting outside his emergency vehicle.

Public Servants Program

The Dignity Memorial Public Servants Program offers no-cost tributes for career and volunteer law enforcement officers, firefighters and emergency services personnel who fall in the line of duty. In addition to alleviating financial stress, the Public Servants Program also provides extended counseling services to the grieving family.

Since 2000, the Dignity Memorial network has provided more than 3,000 military and first responder funeral services. It is our honour to pay tribute to the people who have faithfully and courageously served their country.


Plan a memorial fit for a hero

Serving in the military is a badge of honor that deserves recognition. Our free guide, 10 Important Facts About Your VA Burial Benefits, will walk you through everything you need to know to plan a dignified funeral for a member of the Armed Forces. From the folding of the flag to the playing of “Taps” and other government benefits, we’ll help you plan a memorial fitting of your loved one’s service to our country.

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