Leo "Spreadman" Hill

2 January, 19403 July, 2021
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Leo “Spreadman” Hill, age 81, passed away peacefully at home surrounded by family on July 3, 2021.

He was born at home in Connersville, on January 2, 1940 to James and Freda Hill. He spent his childhood and teen years in Milton. He ran track for Milton High School, where he graduated in 1960. He was also employed at the Milton gas station. After high school, Leo took up the family occupation of being a painter, working for contractors in the Richmond area. On July 20, 1968, he married Katherine Jean Towler in Springersville. Leo and Kathy enjoyed purchasing homes and fixing them up together. Leo continued to help on projects for family and his own home, long after he stopped painting. He quite enjoyed being a “supervisor.”

Leo enjoyed playing cards, and he had mastered his poker face. He spent many weekend nights at the Mecca cardroom in Connersville, where he earned the nickname “Spreadman.” Leo frequently went camping with his family when his daughters were young. He enjoyed cooking; baking; sitting at the park feeding the squirrels; getting a coke and sitting at a restaurant; and watching the news, old westerns, and war movies. Leo’s influence and unique catchphrases will forever be etched in the minds of those he loved.

He is survived by his devoted wife of 53 years, Katherine Hill of Connersville; daughters: Carletta Harris of Connersville, Tina (Lee) Hampton of Richmond, Michelle Hill of Indianapolis; brother: Donnie (Sue) Hill of Kentucky; uncle: Bud Rees of Noblesville; grandchildren: Jennifer (Donnie) Ellison, Tiffany (Grover) Kirkland all of Maryville, Tennessee, Le’Tia Hampton (Aaron) of Indianapolis, Maddison (Brian) Barnes of Warsaw, Morgan (Cody) Sparks of Greensburg, Whitney Hampton (Shannon) of Indianapolis, Tylee Hampton (Taylor) of Richmond, Mariah (Brendan) Granger of Connersville; twelve great-grand children; one great-great grandchild; two great-grandchildren on the way; several nieces and nephews.

Leo is preceded in death by his parents; brother: Richard Hill; sisters: Stella Bell, Margie George, Naomi Remmler; son-in-law: Darrell Harris.

A funeral service will be conducted at 7 p.m. Thursday, July 8th, 2021 at Showalter Blackwell Long, Myers Chapel, Connersville. Friends may visit the funeral home from 4 p.m. until time of service. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to an organization of your choice.


  • Visitation for Family & Friends

    Thursday, 8 July , 2021

  • Funeral Service

    Thursday, 8 July , 2021


Leo "Spreadman" Hill

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Michelle Hill

8 July 2021

Dad, I miss you so much! I am so grateful that I had you for a dad. Growing up, you didn’t tell me you loved me often- but you didn’t need to, because I felt it. I knew by the way you took care of us. It was little things- like peeling and deveining my daily orange in the winter-so, I’d get my Vit C; sitting at the kitchen table and making times table quizzes, and drilling me so I could be fast at it; teaching me how to play gin, and tricks to cheat lol; falling asleep on your lap-loved the smell of your Brutt; hiding quarters in wood chips at the mall for us to find. Surprising us for a Saturday night out of town-you would drive to the end of the street and ask us which way to turn- that determined if we went to Ohio or Indianapolis. I remember sitting between you and mom on the console so I could watch you drive. When we went to Pennsylvania, we left home so early that we got to watch the sunrise together-that was a special moment for me. You would take us to buy mom’s Christmas gifts at Kmart, and then we would sit in the living room floor and wrap her presents- most of the time you bailed out of wrapping though lol.
Then, when I had my own family, you and mom took care of my girls too. I am so glad that they were able to spend so much time with you and make their own memories. Often times, it was difficult to get them to leave- I know it was because you spoiled and catered to them lol. I remember one time I called you when you were watching Maddison and Morgan, you answered the phone, “Michelle, I can’t talk. I’m changing Morgan’s diaper and she has poop everywhere”.
I’m going to miss arguing with you about politics- sometimes I agreed with you but acted like I didn’t so I could get you fired up, watching movies together, and you telling me how to spend and invest my money- you’d say, “Michelle, I’ve been thinking…” Dad, thank you for loving us-unconditionally! You took care of us and didn’t ask for anything in return. Love you always, Michelle

Rick Porfidio

7 July 2021

I knew Leo from when he worked for my father, Nick Porfidio. Dad always liked Leo and appreciated his painting abilities. I hope he finds a good game of cards. I recall he use to play.? Find comfort in your family and each other, and smile as you remember Leo .

Rodney Caldwell

7 July 2021

My condolences to Leo's family. One of my special memories of him was during track meets while at Milton High School. He and I were both running in the 100 and 220 yard dashes. I would be leading for the first 50 yards and then......whoosh...Leo would pass me by on his way to the finish line. He was always the winner.

Tina Hampton

7 July 2021

The very best Dad a girl could ever ask for.
The memories and life lessons will last a lifetime.
I can remember always going to the grocery store with you on Wednesday nights and we would go to 2 or 3 different stores ,because one item would be a few cents cheaper at the other store.Memory and a life lesson for me cause to this day I do the same thing lol.
Our weekend camping trips was always the best.
Saturday night going to MCL Cafeteria then walking over to the mall to window shop as you would say.
Trips to Kings Island.Random trips out of town to just get away and swim of course.

I’m pretty sure out of us 3 girls I spent the most time sitting at the kitchen table,I don’t need to elaborate we all know what that was about...(yep I was in trouble for something) lol, I never remember ever getting a whooping by my dad.But I sure remember them talks.
You would always end with I’m only telling you this because I love you.

Thank you dad for grabbing my hand in the parking lot when the car was coming.
(I asked you not long ago if you remembered saving me from getting hit by that car and you said “yes that car was going fast”)

The memories go on and on and those memories I will carry in my heart ❤️ forever...
Thank You Dad for always loving us
And thank you Dad for never giving up on me...I love ❤️ you

Whitney Hampton

6 July 2021

Papaw, I will never forget the memories we shared together.

A lot of the memories I remember with Papaw was when I was younger!
We used to go over to Nana and Papaws all the time and every time we would walk in Papaw would be sitting in his chair at the head of the kitchen table watching his tv. I also remember Papaw never missed dressing up as Santa for Christmas! I couldn’t wait to go back to school to tell all my friends I met Santa Claus.
One thing all of his grandchildren can agree on is that Papaw was always there for us no matter what!

This past April was the last time I visited Nana and Papaw and the most recent/favorite memory I have with Papaw. If you knew Papaw you know how much he loved scaring the kids! He would get such a big grin on his face when he was able to scare them!
Well this day was the first time he met my baby boy Aycen (3 months old).
The whole time we were there Papaw kept trying to scare him and Aycen was not budging. Papaw really had met his match. As we were getting ready to leave, Papaw tried one last time to scare him by sticking his tongue out and making a scary face! Needless to say Papaw scared him and he started screaming crying. I glanced over at Papaw and he just had the biggest grin on his face! I will never forget that day and I am so thankful that Aycen was able to met his great-grandfather!

Papaw was a very low profile type of man but everyone knew who the man in charge was. You will be missed by so many.
We love you forever! 🖤

Carletta Harris

6 July 2021

Dad, I have so many memories with you it is hard to choose. I remember when you taught me how to mix up wallpaper paste, spead it on the wallpaper and how to fold it to hand to you. Playing Chinese Checkers and you always won. Taking
rides, going out to eat on Saturdays and then going to the mall. Going to the zoo. You getting on the floor and playing with the girls when they were little. Thank you for giving me everything I needed and then some. Thank you for all of my precious memories. I love and miss you Dad.

Morgan Sparks

6 July 2021

I could write a book of memories that I have had with papaw. One memory that I will always remember was when we were at Burger King when I was younger. He would do his "people watching" while us girls played on the slides. This one specific time I remember he had me go up and order him tator tots and he told me to get whatever I wanted. I remember sitting across from him and watching him pour his ketchup packets on each individual tator tots one at a time. I thought it was so "cool" that he was taking so much time to make the perfect tator tots. Instead of dipping his tots in a pile of ketchup. From that day forward I have always ate my tator tots the "papaw way".

Another memory that I have was when we were about to leave to go to Burger King we would pile in his truck. He would always ask if we were buckled up but still waited about three minutes before he actually left. I'm not sure if this was because he was listening to the radio, or if he was waiting for a specific time because we were on a routine, or if it was his way of telling us girls to slow down and enjoy every minute we have with loved ones. He always had a way of doing things that I will never forget.

Growing up there was multiple times where I pretended to fall asleep at Nana and Papaws so I could spend the night with them. I will never forget sleeping there and listening to papaw talk in his sleep and just listening to him snore. He was the loudest sleep but during the day he never really talked much I always thought that was so funny.

I loved when he would dress up as Santa, I will never forget him dressing up and he even did it for Logan! There was also his fried pizza rolls and French fries (mom and dad never fried anything) so I thought it was the best food ever. Maddison and I would sit at the table with papaw and put ketchup on our ruggrats plates and we would always try to uncover the character that the ketchup had covered. There are so many more but I have no more room. Love you papaw!

Maddison Barnes

6 July 2021

I love you so much and I already miss you. How can I write a “favorite” memory when I just have so many?
I think about all the time I spent with you, and what sticks out the most was how unwaveringly consistent you were. You always took me to Wendy’s after school and got the same order for me. When I watched cartoons in the back bedroom, you quietly brought me a snack, and dinner was always ready when Nana got home. If you knew we wouldn’t like it, you’d make us something separate. It wasn’t a bother to you. You loved doing things for us.
Every Saturday we’d get breakfast. When there was a buffet, you’d sneak me some sausages. After that, you’d play cards and give Nana 7 kisses for good luck.
But it wasn’t just about being a kid with you. You’ve always been there for me as a teenager and adult, too. In high school, I’d go over after school to hang out with you, because honestly I couldn’t think of anyone else I’d want to be with. We watched Stargate and just sat at that dining room table. A few years ago, we worked on our house, and you and Nana just had to come up and help. My mom was kinda mad at me for thinking I asked to to. The reality was that you couldn’t sit still knowing we were doing this and you wanted to “supervise.”
I love you. I will always love you. I have appreciated every single day I’ve gotten with you, and I know I will get to see you again and you’ll be able to give me a hard time about all the things you’ve been watching me do!

Tiffany Kirkland

6 July 2021

I have so many memories of Papaw! I loved coming home after school and going to the old house in Richmond and taking naps in his recliner! I always giggled to myself growing up through the years that we would have to knock and tell who we were and give him a minute because he loved to sit at his seat at the table in his underwear and watch wrestling! We used to pretend to be sleeping when mom and dad would get ready to leave so we could spend the night on a Friday night and go to huddle house for breakfast or have nana make us pancakes!

Mariah Granger

6 July 2021

It’s never easy losing your loved one or your first best friend. Papaw was both of those to me. I was blessed to have Papaw watch me most of my childhood. We would split TV time together in the morning between Rugrats and CNN (where i watched the gas prices across the country). We would head to Burger King at 10:15 (Nana and Papaw’s time) so we could get French fries and tater tots in the same bag along with our 2 senior cokes. I played on the slides there while papaw watched me at his favorite table. We would head up to the park and feed the squirrels. They always came right up to papaw! (I was jealous!) If it wasn’t warm out we would sit in the truck and listen to country music. We would then head home and I usually would play Super Nintendo; Papaw would make me French Fries or a grilled cheese and bring it to the back room.

I enjoyed every minute I could with Papaw and he is still here with me. I love you Papaw I’ll always be your Queenie!

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