Robert Moore Johnson

30 October, 192910 October, 2020
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Robert Moore Johnson was born on October 30, 1929 and passed away on October 10, 2020 and is under the care of National Funeral Home.

Visitation will be held on October 16, 2020 at 10:00 am at National Funeral Home, 7482 Lee Highway, Falls Church, VA. Funeral Service will be held on October 16, 2020 at 2:00 pm at St. Leo's Catholic Church, 3700 Old Lee Hwy, Fairfax, VA.

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  • Visitation

    Friday, 16 October , 2020

  • Funeral Service

    Friday, 16 October , 2020

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Robert Moore Johnson

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Ihssan Tamimi

27 October 2020

Bob was a great friend to me and my family. I learned very much from from him, and he had a story for everything. I agree that he is 1 in a million. We’ve enjoyed many holidays with him and he was a very intelligent man. Love to him and his family.

Winston Chan

26 October 2020

Most saddened by Bob’s passing and thoughts are with the family. Bob played a significant role in Multimax’s startup, and led to our eventual success. Thank you, Bob, you are a legend, and will always be in our hearts and memories forever.

Velma McClure

22 October 2020

I had the pleasure of working with Bob at the Navy Yard. He was a sweet man who will be missed.

Jeff Huskey

21 October 2020

I met Bob back in the mid 90s. I was amazed on how easy he made complicated technology issues simple and always with a sense of humor. When I first met him, he managed a network my organization was taking over, back when everybody owned there own, the Navy was trying to settle on a protocol Bod already had. We were briefing the Navy’s N6 who said he wanted 100MB on every desk, and without blinking Bob said “people who think they need 100MBs on their desktop’s probably reads d to many magazines.” I’m biting my tongue so hard not to laugh until the 3 star started laughing. That was Bob. And he was right...

I was part of a startup of a new organization and hired Bob to manage our applications. He gave a baby organization, instant credibility. One of the smartest guys I’ve met. He would help anybody and did it with a smile and probably a sarcastic comment. He made me look smart.

All the best to his family, he was great friend.

Rob Baker

19 October 2020

Bob was a Great American who gave most of his life for this Nation. I was proud to serve with him at CNIC.

Steven Eng

18 October 2020

Bob and I met in 2007 when he interviewed me for the CNIC Datacenter effort. I was told that he would warm-up to me once I had proven myself. His warming up was more than I could have ever expected or imaged.

We worked side by side for three years and traveled together from Norfolk, VA, to San Diego, CA and to the island of Guam. He taught me so much about life and business through his life stories and in his daily actions.

Bob had a passion for life, a heart full of giving, a wealth of knowledge gain through years of experience, and an entrepreneurial spirit that knew no limits.

Thank you Bob for sharing and letting me a part of your life.

My sincere condolences to Jazmin and the family.

Evelina Evangelista

17 October 2020

I have not much memory about Bob but through my dearest friend Jazmin that I happened to know but and how he really love and cherish my dear friend and how he had helped a lot especially Sagrado and having a beautiful heart I am really saddened by his passing I could only say this that my sincerest sympathy and praying for his soul to rest in peace in heaven with the Lord.

Jeff Wu

16 October 2020

I first met Bob when he gave me an opportunity with his team in Alexandria to support his Navy data center initiative in 2008. He hired me on-the-spot after a single handshake and conversation! In the following years, Bob shared his wisdom, mentorship, and guidance with me, showing me what it meant to really understand people and empathize. What was amazing about Bob was that he was able to get the most out of me with so few words. Since then I have worked and developed relationships with many other amazing people who have also shared that same experience with Bob. I cherish that time I had with Bob to this day; I try to emulate his leadership style; and, I am forever grateful for the risk he took on me to give me an opportunity that I needed. Above all, I will very much miss our conversations comparing notes on where to get the best of any particular food around town. I wish you godspeed, Bob.

John Rivers

16 October 2020

I’ve known Bob for about 40 years. In the early 1990’s, I talked him into coming to Washington to build the infrastructure for a program that would radically transform the way NAVSEA provided IT services to the Command. For the next 20 years, we, and his team, spent many hours at Bob’s white board planning new projects and solving the roadblocks that came up. Bob looked at opportunities and roadblocks as challenges to overcome – not reasons to surrender. Bob used his entrepreneurial skills to come up with ideas to help the Command and the Navy perform its mission better. He was what we would call today an “out of the box” thinker. A special project that Bob undertook that meant a lot to him was his support for the Wounded Warriors. Bob was more than the work. He was one of the most friendly, outgoing, social people I’ve met. Everywhere we went, he would start up a conversation with someone. When he first came to the east coast, he would spend weekends traveling the back roads of the area stopping in diners (especially barbeque places), barber shops, etc. to talk to people and learn about the area. I spent many hours listening to stories from time of his childhood, to his time in the service, to his work in the far east. Many of the things he talked about were of his children who I know he loved very much, and was extremely proud of. When he met, and later married Jazmin, a new love and focus came into his life. Her family, her work and her interest in helping the poor in her native Philippines took on a special meaning to Bob. As with everything else Bob did, he approached it with new ideas and vigor. Many writers would describe him as a “character”. Someone who gets etched into your mind. I cherish the time and memories I have of the time I spent with Bob. My thoughts and prayers go out to Jazmin and her family, Bob’s children and family, and to all those who lost a little bit of their life’ history this week.

Gil Ward

16 October 2020

Jasmine and your entire family,

Please accept my deepest sympathies for your loss. I had known and worked with Bob for approximately 25 years and he was very much a mentor to me (unknowingly at the time) very willing to teach others his knowledge and experiences. If you were interested in listening he would teach more than one could absorb and made it fun! He was always thinking of ways to make work easier for the US Navy and was a true visionary and great American. Above all Bob was a great person who did love life and when things were not always progressing as planned he had an expression "remember things will always change". In closing my favorite memory of Bob was attending the Navy Birthday Ball here in New London, CT with him. At the end of the evening he stated "Best Navy Birthday I have ever attended". Then I reminded him we had to brief the Admiral in the morning. His response, "Should not be to bad he is still here"!

Will always remember Bob!

Very respectfully,
Gil Ward


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