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Howard Albert BALZER

29 October, 19368 July, 2019

Howard Albert BALZER was born on 29 October, 1936 and passed away on 8 July, 2019.


Howard Albert BALZER

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Dani Jayleen Whitfield

14 July 2019

The last of this series of "protector" stories occurred in my early 20's. I worked as a bartender two towns away. I rode my bicycle to work. I had a car, but I preferred my bicycle....kind of like the star of "Flashdance" at the time. I never told my parents this, I didn't think to mention it because I was living on my own - I was independent after all! One late night (or early morning), I was riding home when I felt the presence of a car slow down behind me. I sped up, slowed down, but the car kept pace. I turned to look over my shoulder to see it was a yellow cab.....my dad of course was the driver. I stopped, he yelled at me that I was crazy, and then followed me the entire way home. That happened two more nights. Me peddling as fast as I could, my Dad riding right behind me. Since I didn't want to take a huge detour home, I started driving my car back and forth to work...

Thanks for watching out for us, Dad <3

Dani Jayleen Whitfield

14 July 2019

Always the protector
Shared by: Dani Whitfield on 07/13/2019

I have 3 stories which I remember very well. Dad was a large man, a bit formidable you might say. He was a man of few words, but a fierce protector of his family. 2 below, 1 later.

When I was about 9, we moved from an apartment into our first house. It was on a corner, and had a sidewalk on two sides. My brother and I loved to ride our bikes or rollerskate around and back the house. My sister at the time was about 3, and of course always wanted to join in. One day the whole family was outside. I think my mom & dad were tending to the yard, and my brother and I were playing. My sister was riding her small tricycle back and forth on the side walk. At one point she was moving too quickly to turn the corner and headed into the street. My Mom had seen this and started running, but slipped on the sidewalk and fell. My dad was right behind her....he literally scooped her up and then stopped my sister in her tracks. It was a super-hero move to me.

The next story takes place when I was about 14. I used to babysit for the family next door. One evening, I heard a knock on the door. I never answered the door when I was babysitting. The knock became a pounding (there was no doorbell). A little wary, I called my parents to look and see who might be there, and if they appeared to be dangerous. Within moments I heard a scuffle outside, so I ran downstairs to the door to find my Dad holding a large man whom I recognized immediately. When I opened the door the man shouted "tell him who I am, I know you!!!". the man was Brother John from our church. The couple I babysat for were members of the same church and the brother was stopping by for a prayer visit..... The story doesn't seem all that odd until I tell you that the Brother was not in plain clothes, he was in his brown robe and carrying his bible....it didn't matter....in my father's protective eyes he was guilty until proven innocent!