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Jaimie Daphne Fortuna

29 mayo , 198518 noviembre , 2019
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Jaimie Daphne Fortuna nació el 29 mayo , 1985 y falleció el 18 noviembre , 2019.


  • Memorial Gathering domingo, 24 noviembre , 2019


Jaimie Daphne Fortuna


Robert Peterson

28 noviembre , 2019

Jai Mie,
You rolled into my life 13 years ago as an exchange student from Australia who was ready for a challenge. You immediately jumped into a sales competition with students across this country and your style and appearance was memorable.

Over the years I enjoyed exchanging messages on FB with you…often dealing with how dangerous wildlife is down under. Things that could kill you include spiders, snakes, jelly fish, great whites, crocs, and we’d laugh and you’d let me know you live in the States now. I look out our messages and a smile is brought to my face.

Your spirit and zest for life will be missed, you left us way too soon,

Rebecca Sprodowsky

24 noviembre , 2019

My lovely friend Jaimie,

I remember the first day when we have met at the Oktoberfest. I was wondering who these girls are who are coming to Oktoberfest not even wearing a Dirndl or a Lederhose. At this moment I have never thought that you would become such an important part in my life.
Spending time with you and Glory was the best thing that had happened to me. You have always made me smile and laugh. You were my auntie that always took care of me. You were my friend who stood outside in the cold with me and enjoyed some cigarettes. On my birthday you did invite me to your place to spend the day with you. We went out for a walk with Molly and Tyson and we were chatting the whole time. When you said you guys are leaving Germany, I was sad that I could not spend more time with you. I remember it like yesterday when you said to me that I am straight as hell but you still love me. I love you so much my friend and I am thinking a lot of you. My thoughts feel like they were hibernating and are waking up now to remind me of all those special moments we had together. I am so thankful that you have let me be your friend and that I was part of your life. I will miss you so much. I love you


David Bloom-Nater

23 noviembre , 2019

Dear Jaimie,

First of all let me say that I always thought your name was spelled just "Jamie" but, because you're just that much more unique, I figured Jaimie would suit you better. When I first heard about you and your wife moving in, I could tell that both my parents were extremely excited about being acquainted with you both. Though the excitement may have been more intense because Glori is Puerto Rican (and it's always exciting to meet another Puerto Rican outside Puerto Rico), I've come to learn that you and Glori are phenomenal people. People so amazing that I consider the both of you family.

Jaimie, the memories you've given me are pretty much only filled with laughter, your sharp wit, and smiles all around. You have always been unapologetically yourself and I have always admired that. I'll never forget the talks we've had together smoking a cigarette or four outside the apartment in Frankfurt and having deep, insightful, and important conversations about life, growing up, and even love. You're akin to being my cool-yet-wise Aunt but you always treated me like an equal, even though you were you were a fully fledged adult with a wife, a home, and a successful career. I felt like I was genuinely your friend and you were my friend too. I wish I had talked to you more and kept more in-touch. However it doesn't make sense to think like that Jaimie. Though you're not here anymore, you'll always live on in the hearts of those who love and care about you.

I'll always treasure the time we've had together and as shocked, furious, and as sad as I am about your passing, I'll always love you and I hope that in your eternal rest or whatever happens after death, that you find peace. When a tree sheds its leaves in Autumn, they don't just rot and die. They become the nourishment for the new and fresh leaves to grow and bloom in Spring.

I wish I could smoke a cigarette with you just one last time but as you already knew, I always wanted one more.

Best Regards,

Ramni Kortman-Bedi

23 noviembre , 2019

To my dearest darling Jaimie

You were a light on this planet. You had a heart of gold and so much love to give and bought laughter to so many people.

Your internal strength to do it your way and how you were now beginning to love yourself more and succeed at this difficult time was a true inspiration. I am so proud of you.

I will never forget our friendship and love for each other.
I’ll miss you and the funny faces you pulled.
Love you always.
Ramni xxxxxxx

Carmen Lazaro

22 noviembre , 2019

I met you and Glory just a few days after I moved to DC. My friend Yuya said I had to meet you because you were a great friend and a great person and sure she was so right. Immediately you made me feel welcomed, like if I had known you for years. Your friendship meant a lot to me. I know that you are in a good place now. Take care!!

Carmen Lazaro

22 noviembre , 2019

I met you and Glory just few days after I moved to DC. My friend Yuya said I had to meet you because you were a great person and a great friend and sure she was right. Immediately you made me feel welcomed, like if I had known you for years. Your friendship meant a lot to me, thank you! I know you are in a good place now. Rest in peace.

Robyn Bouchard

22 noviembre , 2019

Jaimie, you were a strong, fun and caring woman I always looked up to, and I treasure the time I got to spend with you. Thank you for your friendship. I miss you.

Margarita Hawk

21 noviembre , 2019

W.H. Auden.
"She was my North, my South, my East and West , My working week and my Sunday rest. My noon,my midnight,my talk my song"

Jamie's light shined brighter than most and many will miss her. Muchos besos y abrazos de Florida.
Dan, Margarita and Mary Hawk

Sarah Locke

21 noviembre , 2019

Jaimie was genuine, caring and generous. We became fast friends living at the Thornton and she made me feel as though I was important! Her honesty and authenticity was infectious and everything I needed! I wish we had more silly nights playing pool and rooftop barbie nights! I know she is in the best place now and my heart breaks until we meet again! Thank you Jaimie for everything you have done to let me know I was loved! Your friendship will never be forgotten!

Kathy Hamilton

21 noviembre , 2019

Our hearts are broken. I did not know Jaimie very long, time wise, to me she was elegant, brash, tender and caring and she went straight to my heart. There she shall remain. For you, her Family, I am so terribly sorry.