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Vien Chu

3 septiembre , 193025 abril , 2019

Vien Chu nació el 3 septiembre , 1930 y falleció el 25 abril , 2019.


  • Visitation viernes, 3 mayo , 2019


Vien Chu


Xuan, Quynh, Thai, Long, Cuong, Dung from Doan Family, California & Georgia

3 mayo , 2019

Vien Chu is our first cousin , on the mother side. Actually his mother and ours are two sisters from a village about 50 miles from Hanoi. However, he was not born there. But in his memory, this is the place he spent the good times when he was force to leave Hanoi.
In “Anh Viên”, we learnt that in order to overcome the challenges of your life, you must rely on yourself. When he grew up, his father passed away! Without the support from parent, he followed his way of life by himself: Being a student of the famous high school Chu Văn An in Hanoi is not an easy going thing for an young man at his time.
The second world war blew its fierce wind to South East Asia countries. It burst out the peace atmosphere in Vietnam. To serve the country Vien Chu was sent to The Military Academy in Dalat, then he become an officer.
“Anh Viên” married to Châu in the year of fifty of the last century, his wife belong to a family with famous writers of the time. This encourage him to begin his writing skill after graduate the BA Degree at The Faculty Of Letter in Saigon University. His successful translation of Morris West “The Ambassador” is accept by many readers in the war-torn country.
As a high rank officer Vien Chu is qualify for the role of military attach in Republic of Vietnam Embassy in Taipei and after that in Washington DC. Until the day Vietnam was collapsed in 1975.
Vien Chu did not give up his dream, he came back to school then become an engineer and survive his life a s a great father in this country.
At his age,” Anh Viên’ pass away is the big loss for us, for his children and for the next generation of The Chu Family.