Brandon Charles Fletcher

25 abril , 200219 septiembre , 2020

Brandon Charles Fletcher nació el 25 de abril de 2002 y falleció el 19 de septiembre de 2020 en Roanoke, Virginia y está bajo el cuidado de Whitten Funeral Home/Park Avenue.

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Brandon Charles Fletcher


Todd and Denise Ford & Family

5 octubre , 2020

Tania, Keith, Luke, & Family,
Words can not express the sadness we feel for your tremendous loss. Our hearts ache knowing that there are no words or actions that can lift the pain and weight that your hearts bare. Your Brandon is and will always be loved by so many and he will surely never be forgotten. Please know that you all will remain in our hearts, thoughts, and prayers; not just today but all the days going forward. We are here for you, no matter the time. We love you all and pray for an abundance of strength and comfort as you navigate through this unimaginable time.

Continued love and hugs,

The Fords

Ed McQuarrie

4 octubre , 2020

My favorite memory of Brandon was when he came to Dylan's birthday party at the Fountain Green Swim Club. It was a hot day that July 24th, we had a covered pavilion spot right next to the grills. The boys were running around playing wiffle ball, basketball and diving off the boards, just being boys. Every now and then they'd come back for their towels, grab a drink or snack. I was just sitting by myself in the pavilion waiting for my spot on the grill, drinking a beer. Brandon comes running over and sits down across from me at the picnic table drinking a soda and asks me what's up and how's it going, happy he got invited and we talked about football, school, vacations, etc. I think they were all like 8 or 9 years old back then.

It was just a great conversation with such a nice, respectful and funny little dude. He was definitely a well rounded kid all around from school to the football field and seemed to have a good perspective of life. He had a sense of humor like his dad, was smart, athletic like Luke and had his mom's looks, no offense Keith.

While at the funeral home, it was difficult to be there, but seeing all of his friends, classmates, coaches and football buddies from all walks of life there remembering Brandon. It was a very powerful and positive spirit feeling in the room, I could feel Brandon's presence there. May he rest in peace and I'm sorry for your loss Keith, Tania and Luke, God bless.

Michelle Thibaudeau-Johnson

26 septiembre , 2020

Unfortunately, I didn't have the opportunity to know Brandon since we live in MA. I do remember smiling every time I saw his photo on Christmas cards and such. What a sweetheart! Watching the beautiful tribute movie, it was clear that he had a handsome face, a bright smile, many friends, many fun times, some craziness, brotherly comradery, bountiful achievements, fun family times, and then some. Thank you for the tribute and for sharing memories of him with the rest of us. His expressions and actions in his photos, and those along with his words in everyone's memories, will always touch people's lives and paint the world in many beautiful colors that would otherwise not have been available to us. Our gratitude, love, thoughts, and prayers are with you. God bless you and grant Brandon peace. Amen.

Allen Jordan Jr

26 septiembre , 2020

I first met Brandon 5/6 Terps football. It was my first Head Coach job and i was extremely nervous to coach and show the young guys the fundamentals of football. So i am looking across the field and I see Brandon and i was like wow he gonna be my tackle for sure! I remember his Black glasses and his big blue eyes. He was always respectful and the funniest guy in my huddle. I had 8 plays and 6 of them went between Brandon. You was always life of the sleepovers we had. You was my best lineman i ever had cause all i would say is B we coming your way open the hole. He would shake his head and do just that! You will be missed and We will never forget you bud! This picture shows I always looked him in his face and said we need a big block B lets go! One Love!

Colby Bransky

25 septiembre , 2020

I am not sure where to start, I guess I’ll start at the very beginning when I first became friends with you on the 5u Whitesox baseball rec team. We played 3 seasonal sports together year round from us being 5 all the way the until high school. We would have sleepovers (Or at least try to) after every basketball game. We would stay up all night playing video games until either of us could keep our eyes open. Brandon, you were the brother I never had and I am truly honored to have been apart of your life. I really wish we could have went to the same high school and we could have continued to play football together and just goof off in general. I will miss you.
Colby Bransky

Julie Bechtel

25 septiembre , 2020

We have been so fortunate to raise our kids in the EVO neighborhood. Brandon was the oldest kid in “the pack” and I always admired what a good kid he was. He was always willing to hang with the younger kids and they loved it!!! He had a contagious smile and was a perfect mix of his parents. My boys loved their snow lunches at BWW and Looneys. Brandon will be missed by us all. ❤️❤️

Patrick Young

25 septiembre , 2020

Tania, Keith, and Luke

My deepest condolences for the loss of your son, your big brother, and such a fine young man. He was growing up to be a gentleman and he's leaving us way too early.

One memory of Brandon I will always have is driving out of our neighborhood to work in the morning and seeing Brandon at the bus the dead of winter...with snow on the ground...wearing shorts. I'll never forget that. I'll also remember that anytime Carl was over at your house playing I never had to worry about him. Brandon was a very, very good kid.

Erica Earl

25 septiembre , 2020

Over the past year or so, Jake, Brandon and Colin have decided that the English language should be condensed to 2-word sentences. I would hear Jake walking down the steps when his phone rings:
Jake: "Hi" in low, caveman-like voice
Brandon: "Where are?" in lower, caveman-like voice
Jake: "Play ball?" etc...
Honestly, it was becoming very irritating. Then, after Xbox one night, Jake comes upstairs and says, "Brandon's mom came into his room while he was on Xbox and guess what she said?"
Tania: "What doing?"
Needless to say, I love that language.

Brandon and Luke are so much a part of our family. They've always been the complement to Jake and Malcolm. Brandon, you are so missed! May your spirit fly high!

Teresa (Brethauer) Sypolt

25 septiembre , 2020

There are so many fun memories filled with The Fletchers & they all center around sports. Brandon & my oldest son, Josh, became instant friends when they played 5/6 Terps football together. They went on to play basketball & baseball together over the years. Their younger brothers, Luke & Jake, also were the same age so all 4 boys usually hung out together. Many birthdays, sleepovers, & playing together at the fields. Brandon was always fun, competitive, & really a great young man to be around. I cherish the memories our families had together.

The Harcarik Family

25 septiembre , 2020

All of the memories we have of Brandon make us smile. A trip to Deep Creek, OC breakfast dates, snowy day lunches or just the smiles and waves we got coming in and out of the neighborhood. He was Jon’s loyal friend, Jackson’s oldest and BEST Terp football role model and Gretchen’s tolerant gentle giant . The memory that remains constant is his gorgeous, sweet and incredibly charming smile. The neighborhood “pack” both young and old are better people for knowing and loving Brandon. We will miss him so much.

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