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Komkai Bupasiri

16 mayo , 193325 octubre , 2019
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Komkai (Kai) Bupasiri (86)

May 16 1933 - October 25, 2019

Kai is survived by two sisters, two brothers and five children, nine grandchildren and two great grandchildren.

Born to Buakai and Ken Bupasiri, in the town of Tha UThen, Nakhon Phanom, Thailand, Kai was the oldest of 5 children. Her parents took her out of school after the fourth grade to help them care for her younger siblings who later went on to become educators and administrators. Kai worked tirelessly to help her parents. She grew crops and prepared food to sell, and as soon as she was able to paddle a boat, she helped her dad carry merchandise across the Mekong River into Laos to trade. This was a dangerous endeavor as she witnessed the trauma and brutality of the Japanese invasion during War World II. She later also witnessed the bombing across the Mekong River during the Vietnam era.

Little did Kai know that helping her parents to support her siblings would prepare her to raise her own children. She worked hard to cook and sell food as a street vendor. She provided laundry service to hotels, restaurants and American soldiers stationed in town. While working her laundry service, Kai met a US Airman, Walton (Walt) R. Kenner, who married her and adopted all her children and brought them to America.

Komkai’s legacy is truly amazing, considering her humble beginnings. Her children and grandchildren have gone on to become high ranking officers in the US military, civil service, and others found successful careers in the private sector. Kai’s life is an American dream - started in hardship and full of adventures and ended with much happiness, love, and respect. She will be dearly missed and always forever in our heart.


Sayings/Actions: “I love you infinity”. “Take care of each other”. “Your number one”. “Up to you”. “Thank you George Washington”. “I love you”. “Where they at”. Big thumbs up.

Songs: I love you more than I can say by Leo Sayer; Thai classic songs


  • Visitation miércoles, 30 octubre , 2019
  • Funeral Service jueves, 31 octubre , 2019


Komkai Bupasiri


Vina Truong

30 octubre , 2019

One of my favorite picture of us taken on May 2016.

One of the world’s best grandma! Both Jonathan and I will truly miss you and are grateful for the time spent with you. The amount of love you poured on us will always be cherished! I will miss counting in Vietnamese with you and being around your contagious smiles. Hugs and kisses grandma 💜 til we meet again.

Ken Seale

29 octubre , 2019

Mama's food! Lots of memories of her cooking delicious Thai food. Mama's egg rolls were the best. Other memories, her saying ... 'Come eat honey', 'I love you infinity', and 'Take care each other'.

Kataliya Quinlan

29 octubre , 2019

Grandma Kai was one of the happiest person I’ve known to this day. Her smiles were so contagious that no matter what type of day you were having, you were just overfilled with this feeling of peace and joy. I’m going to truly miss her. I’m going to miss her laughter, her humoring small talk and her hugs and kisses. However, I’m going to really miss when she would say, “I love you darling... Grandma loves you” and then kiss me on the cheek. Her affection goes a long way. From me, to her daughters, and to her grand and great grand children. Her loss will be felt by many but her impact in everyone’s lives will live on. I love you Grandma and may your soul be forever at peace.

Dianna Kenner-Staves

29 octubre , 2019

July 2019, San Antonio airport. Beautiful smile from Grandma. She always had one for everyone. She took great pride in her dental health and beautiful smile lol

Kitty Seale

28 octubre , 2019

I love you infinity too! 💕
Thank you for all of your love and sacrifice. No one compares.
You will forever be the love of my life and will always live in my heart.

Denis Navarro

26 octubre , 2019

Great Grandma last picture taken October 12,2019 with her 2 great grandchildren from her right. It was the 7th birthday celebration of her eldest great grandchild. What a memorable photo to cherish.