Ms. Kam Peng Fong

 Obituario de Ms. Kam Peng Fong
Mrs. Kam Peng Au (née Fong) was born on November 26, 1925 in Guangzhou, China. She peacefully passed away on March 14, 2023 at Rosewood Manor in Richmond at the age of 97. Her husband, Mr. Au Fok Man, preceded her in death. Ms. Fong was a devout Christian and had a kind and caring personality, taking great care of her relatives, friends, and younger generations. She served as the principal of Heep Woh Primary School for decades, where she nurtured countless talents. After retiring and moving to Vancouver in 1994, Ms. Fong volunteered at the Chinese Community Library Services Association for many years and received numerous commendations. Her passing deeply saddened her family, friends, and former students, who will sorely miss her. A private memorial service will be held at Mount Pleasant Universal Funeral Home, followed by cremation. Fond memories and expressions of sympathy may be shared below. 區馮錦平女士,一九二五年十一月廿六日生於中國廣州,二零二三年三月十四日於列治文 Rosewood Manor 安祥辭世,享壽九十七歳。其夫區福萬先生早她一步駕鶴西去,膝下並無兒女。馮女士篤信基督教,敬虔愛主;為人仁慈和藹,對親朋晚輩照顧有加。馮女士曾任協和小學校長多年,春風化雨、作育英才無數;1994年退休移居溫哥華後,亦長年於溫哥華中文圖書館擔任義工,屢獲嘉許。其離去實令一眾親友學生深感惋惜,無比懷念。 私人悼念儀式茲訂於孟碧珊世界殯儀館舉行,遺體隨即發引火化。親友可於下方留言悼念慰問,亦可上載照片或影片,分享與馮女士之間的點點滴滴、美好回憶。

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