Choosing a Final Resting Place

It's important to leave family and friends a permanent place to gather and reflect, and people often purchase cemetery property even before they plan a funeral or cremation. There are many reasons to purchase property in advance, but how do you decide what to buy? First, start by learning about your options.

Explore your many options for cemetery property.

The range of possibilities at a Dignity Memorial® cemetery might surprise you.



There’s a property that’s right for you

Whether you choose cremation or traditional burial, you have many choices. Those choices will vary from cemetery to cemetery and can reflect your cultural heritage, religious beliefs and personal preference. As with all property, certain choices are more desirable and that will be reflected in availability and price.

In addition, when you choose a final resting place and make other final arrangements, you're likely to select other items. What you choose depends on the type of ceremony you wish to have and how you want to be remembered.

Financial protection for your family

Losing someone you love can be very painful. Planning your funeral and purchasing cemetery property in advance makes it easier on your family. In fact, one of the greatest gifts you can give your loved ones is planning and funding final arrangements ahead of time, but not everyone understands how prepaying for cemetery property works.

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Relocation protection

You may not know that when you have a pre-paid plan with a Dignity Memorial provider and wish to transfer the plan to another location more than 75 miles away, every detail of your plan moves with you. All of our pre-paid plans are transferable and will be honored by any of the qualifying Dignity Memorial providers in North America. That's a promise you won't find anywhere else.