We Comfort Those Who Grieve

Whether you are a professional caregiver or a close friend or family member who has experienced the loss of loved one, Dignity Memorial® providers recognize the important role of caregivers in the lives of loved ones suffering from loss. We remain as committed to supporting caregivers as we are to the families we serve, and we provide a multitude of resources to ensure their success in this vital role.

Family members comfort one another while resting on a bench near a community mausoleum.
Close up view of the flowers on a memorial wreath on a stand at Pacific View

Dignity Memorial Guidance Series®

Dignity Memorial providers understand that the loss of a loved one and the accompanying grief can be an extremely difficult experience. Developed by renowned grief experts, the Dignity Memorial Guidance Series is an extensive collection of booklets, brochures, DVDs and CDs that offers professional advice and compassionate insight to help caregivers assist the families they serve in dealing with the complex emotions of grief.

Toll-free 24-hour Compassion Helpline®

For up to 13 months after planning a Dignity Memorial service, you will have access to our toll-free 24-hour Compassion Helpline. This service allows you and your family to speak with professionals trained in grief counselling at any time, for any reason. (Services provided by Charles Nechtem Associates Inc.)

Dignity Memorial LIFT®

Dignity Memorial LIFT is a social support program that helps widows and widowers adjust to the loss of their spouses by socializing with others who share similar feelings and experiences. The LIFT program offers many engaging activities like luncheons, sporting events, holiday activities, day trips and educational seminars. There are no fees or dues to participate; LIFT members are only responsible for their own meals or personal expenses, and participation is not restricted to those who have been served by Dignity Memorial providers.

Continuing education units (CEU)

Medical professional comforting another person by holding their hand.

Dignity Memorial providers also offer continuing education for professional caregivers, hospice staff, clergy, social workers, nurses, counsellors and physicians. We partner with the Hospice Foundation of America to provide free funeral education courses taught by licensed funeral directors so caregivers can more effectively support families of all cultures and religions.