Linh Alexander Nguyen

July 4, 1967June 7, 2019

Alex was an amazing husband, father, brother, uncle, and friend. He will be missed by all who knew and loved him. Alex was born in Vietnam on July 4th, 1967. His parents immigrated to the United States in 1975. He was the oldest of 4 siblings. His family briefly lived in New Mexico before moving to California. Alex attended Costa Mesa High School where he played soccer and tennis. Throughout his career in Information Technology, Alex worked for various IT companies. Most recently, he was a Cloud Technical Account Manager at Magento (an Adobe company).

Alex met his wife Natalie through his cousins. After two years of dating, Alex and Natalie knew they were right for each other. He was a kind soul and a family man. They were married in 2001. Together they raised their 2 boys Cameron and Ryan. Alex loved the outdoors and was passionate about baseball, golf, children’s education, and spending time with his family. You can expect Alex to shuffle his schedule to attend his son’s baseball games, practices, water polo, or school events. Alex was a generous person who donated his time and money to further various causes. He was a volunteer and coach for Rancho Mission Viejo Little League where he helped run little league for the benefit of the kids and community.

Alex is survived by his wife Natalie and their two children Cameron (age 16) and Ryan (age 13); his sister Kim Okamura and family; his brother Phoc and family; and his brother Hieu and family. He will truly be missed!

In lieu of flowers, monetary donations are greatly appreciated to support their family in time of need. Thank you.


  • Visitation Friday, June 28, 2019
  • Visitation & Service Saturday, June 29, 2019
  • Reception Saturday, June 29, 2019


Linh Alexander Nguyen

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Melanie Sanders

June 29, 2019

I've known Linh since we were all teenagers, as he was good friends with Sven Keasberry - the younger brother of my BFF Linda Keasberry.

Linh & I really got to know each other as we waited for No Show tickets for the sold out run of Phantom of the Opera - the 11 people ahead of us got tix; but we ended up grabbing dinner and spent the evening talking. He introduced me to 7 courses of beef and I think I introduced him to camping at Joshua Tree. He and Sven came out to several group campouts in JTree; one where Don had a wee meltdown as he realized there was no connectivity, and the last time was pre-kids with Natalie - who was such a good sport at doing something that she wasn't really enthralled by! (She and I talked about it recently and her memory was - "What? No outlets for a hair dryer!")

Linh & Hieu also joined a group of us in San Diego for a 20 mile bike ride called Midnight Madness, as indeed we started cycling at midnight in costumes on bikes outfitted with lots of lights. LA Marathon route was another ride - such fun to cycle through car-free streets of LA. Plus the party at Irvine Meadows, prior to a Jimmy Buffet concert . . . where none of us had concert tickets, we simply showed up with margaritas and surfboards, wearing Hawaiian shirts and joined the impromptu luau in the parking lot!

Linh was undoubtedly the most selfless, generous person I've ever known. He was so proud of Natalie - her creativity, her amazing organizational skills and her immense capacity at loving and giving (such a perfect couple!) He talked of Cameron's passion for baseball & water polo, and Ryan's love of gymnastics & making everyone laugh.

We've all lost a beautiful human being, but the universe received a new shining star. He may be gone from our sight, but never from our hearts; and as night falls in the days, months & years ahead . . . may the glimmering stars remind us of his presence and offer us comfort.


Tiffanie Thornton(Cheng)

June 28, 2019

It has been several years since I last saw Alex. But I can't forget how kind he was to me and how special he made me feel when I was a child. He was a family friend that we called Uncle Linh, and he felt like one. When I was little, we would sing "Please Don't Go" by KC and the Sunshine band together and say catchphrases from Full House. Now I can't think of the song without picturing him. I loved seeing his updates and pictures of his family on Facebook. He was so proud of each one of them. He leaves huge footprints everywhere he went.

Al Vilca

June 27, 2019

At work, I would see Alex in the morning, we talk about baseball, Angels, Yankees, Cubs comparing players today to players from other eras.

Alex would also tell me about his sons playing the game. Alex showed me the video of one of his son’s walk off hits, he said” you live for those moments”. Alex also shared, video of one of son’s HS teammates being drafted by the Diamondbacks. Alex was very proud of the people in his life.

I am reminded of the film Field of Dreams, “the one constant through all the years has been baseball”. I never realized we talked a lot about baseball, I miss that.

Last summer, at work Alex gave his TV login, so the office was able to watch the World Cup in the break room. It was an extremely nice gesture that the whole office appreciated.

I gave Alex a gift card from my department as a ‘thank you” for his gesture.

This is a direct quote from Alex:
Hey @avilca - thanks for the gift card, my kids used it towards my
Father's day present...hahaha

I now realize why Alex and I connected, we are both Cancers, born 1 year and 1 week apart.

I hope this note brings comfort to Natalie, Cameron and Ryan though I am sure you know, Alex was a good, decent and caring man.

Al Vilca

The Vido Family

June 25, 2019

God Bless Alex, Natalie, Cameron and Ryan! We met Alex in baseball but shared many life stories and life lessons. He would share heartfelt stories of his father and family history. Alex was always grateful for what he had, especially for his family. He was a wise and caring man! While he supported his children’s athletic and scholastic endeavors, he always kept them in perspective. He was a loving husband and father first and foremost. We will always remember our Cooperstown and Arizona baseball adventures. Alex truly was an amazing man, and the incredible memories we shared with him will forever be cherished. He had an innate ability to never think twice about helping someone in need. His kindness will always be in our heart. My family and I loved the man! We will miss Alex, but his enormous heart and endless capacity to form an instant connection with anyone he met will not be forgotten. From God’s Kingdom he will always look out for his family and his presence will never fade. Alex truly touched the heart of everyone he met!

In loving Memory,
Ed, Lisa, Michael and Mathew Vido

J.P. Giuliotti

June 18, 2019

Dear Natalie, Cameron, Ryan and all of Alex's family:

As Natalie knows, I met Alex at Magento in December. He was assigned to train me and I will forever be grateful to him with how he took me under his wing, showed me the ropes and got me up to speed. He was patient and caring and because of his amiable demeanor, I got to know more about him personally. He was particularly fond of sharing the activities of the boys and it was easy to see that he took the role of father seriously. I immediately knew he was a "good man".

Alex was highly respected on the job - from senior execs, team members and other partners he worked with. I think for most of us in this world, earning respect from our peers is a true marker of success in human affairs as a whole. From some of the comments I am reading here and from speaking with you, Natalie, it's obvious that Alex commanded respect in all circles of his life.

May God Bless his soul - and I'm sure he has. Alex is now resting and I'm sure his spirit is with you guys now and always. My wife and I are praying for you all to get through this difficult time. Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you.

With Love and Respect,
JP & Jade

Tara DeGiusto

June 18, 2019

It was such a great pleasure knowing and working with Alex for the short period of time that I had the opportunity to. My deepest condolences, thoughts, and prayers are with his family during this difficult time.

Joe Shelton

June 18, 2019

Great to have known and worked with you, Alex. Rest in peace, and prayers for your family.

Darren Hentschel

June 17, 2019

Dear Natalie, Cameron, and Ryan,

My condolences on the passing of your father and husband. Alex touched so many lives for the good.

I know that words are inadequate at a time like this, but I wanted you to know how very sorry I am for your loss.

I had not known Alex for long, but in that short time I can without a doubt say he was one of the greatest friends and mentors I have ever had. It was apparent how much he loved and cared for you every day. Whether it was talking about baseball, golf, or just getting a new pair of earphones for his kids; you could see the excitement and passion for you in his words, his voice, and in his eyes.

Like many people, Fridays were Alex's favorite day of the week. But this was not because it was the end of the stresses of the work week, but because it meant it was time to spend time with his family. One Friday afternoon while messaging each other he wrote out a message that I believe will stick with me for the rest of my life. He said this: "Friday afternoon is my favorite time because my family and I talk about what stuff we have going on for the weekend and it's our opportunity to be reminded that we have each other no matter what". He cherished every moment he had with all of you. Alex is still with you and you are still with him.

It is rare that you come across a person that changes your outlook on life. Alex was one of those people. I am honored to have had the opportunity to know him.

God bless you and comfort you,

Darren Hentschel

Nick Stoianov

June 16, 2019

It is so sad knowing that Alex is gone from this world. But my firm belief is that our life doesn’t end on the physical plane.
One of my favorite memories is how proud he was of his kids and how excited he was about their interest in baseball, in economics, in school.
He would tell me about their interests and I could tell that he loved his family more than anything in the world.

Rest In Peace, buddy.

Good bye for now....until we meet again.

Jeff Messineo

June 16, 2019

The one thing you could count on was Alex’s deep love for his family- it drove his every decision and action. We met on the baseball field. We had some fun times and rough times for and against each other on the field (as coaches) - that’s sports - but his drive was always to make things better for Cameron, Ryan and, of course, Natalie. I’ll never forget his smile and his laugh. My deepest condolences. Alex will be missed.