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Richard White MANLOVE

May 15, 1942January 26, 2020

Richard White Manlove (U.S. Army Retired), 77, died Sunday, January 26, at his home in McLean, Va., with his family and friends by his side.

Richard was born in Fayetteville, Arkansas, the son of Col. and Mrs. Almon White Manlove. He graduated from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point in 1966, beginning his 26-year-long career in the U.S. Army, including two tours in Vietnam and four years on the Army General Staff. During this time, Richard also earned a master’s degree from Vanderbilt University.

During his military career, Richard distinguished himself as a highly effective infantry combat leader in Vietnam and a member of the Military Advisory Command. For his extraordinary performance of duty and exceptional courage in Vietnam, Richard was recognized with several awards for valor including the Soldier’s Medal for putting his life at risk to rescue a fellow soldier. Richard also received the Legion of Merit award for meritorious service.

Richard was selected to serve as a member of the senior military advisory group in Lisbon where his military expertise, diplomacy and foreign language skills resulted in the strengthening of US-Portuguese military relations and a marked improvement in Portuguese military readiness.

Following his retirement from the U.S. Army in 1992, Richard served the United Nations for almost 20 years in a variety of senior security positions, responsible for ensuring the security of UN personnel serving in global high-risk, high-threat areas in the Balkans, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Based on his record of successful security operations, Richard was designated as principal security advisor for the United Nations’ Operation in Iraq, and as one of five advisors appointed to the Best Practices Panel to report on security after the attacks on Benghazi.

In addition to his extraordinary accomplishments as a military leader, peacemaker and diplomat, Richard was beloved and admired by his family and friends. Richard is survived by Carolyn Christian Manlove, his college sweetheart and wife of 53 years; his daughter Marian Manlove; his grandchildren Caroline and Christian Keith; his brother Joe White Manlove and his sister Virginia “Ginger” Knudson. His son, Richard Christian Manlove, predeceased him. Funeral arrangements are pending at this time. Richard will be buried at Arlington National Cemetery.


9 June

Funeral Service

11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Fort Myer Old Post Chapel

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Richard White MANLOVE

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Jack Norris

February 23, 2020

I was shocked and saddened to hear of Dick's death. Dick was a great guy and good friend. We grew up as Army brat kids starting in Alaska and I have fond memories of camping out and fishing in the early 50s. We also lived and played together at Ft Rucker, Ft Monroe, and wound up as classmates at West Point, Career Course at Benning , and CGSC. Our career paths brought us together again at West Point where we taught in different departments. Although our paths separated we still got together too infrequently. I will miss my friend.

My prayers go out to Carolyn and her family.

François Dureau

February 21, 2020

I cannot think of Richard without remembering one particular episode in Lebanon when we stopped over at the Beaufort Castle. It once was a formidable medieval fortress. The dark monumental castle walls have survived centuries of fighting from the time of the Crusaders up to the most recent wars in Lebanon. Overlooking the Litani valley that cuts deep into the mountains, it was harshly disputed during the IDF presence in South Lebanon. It had since returned to a relative oblivion and remote isolation. As we reached the place, the day was wearing off, bringing spectacular colors in the sky and rendering the view even more dramatic. Richard and I spent some time there admiring the magical beauty of a desolated landscape made of bare rocks and low bushes battered by a cold eastern wind. One could easily have fantasized that its strong gusts were silently echoing the many battles fought there for centuries. Regardless, the Litany River was streaming down the impressive escarpment some 800 feet below, carrying its water to the Mediterranean like it did at the time of the crusaders. There was something magic about the whole scenery.
There was much of Beaufort’s dramatic beauty in Richard’s personality. The strength of the citadel reflecting his own deeply-rooted personal and professional convictions, his strong belief in the higher principles of justice, solidarity and human dignity; The majesty of the place matching his unique mix of peaceful force and powerful charisma. As for the wisdom, the Castle’s walls were a reminder that history provides us with lessons of hindsight and the wisdom of experience, all things that Richard always had in mind.
Richard was a remarkable figure, a man of exceptional courage and unequivocal integrity. I will cherish the memory of a true gentleman, a noble character fully dedicated to his family, friends and country. He served the UN with dedication and fortitude. I will always miss him dearly as a fellow officer and a spiritual brother.

Buz Buczacki

February 18, 2020

Dick was a good friend and classmate at West Point. He was always known for his infectious smile and cheerful outlook on life. He will be missed but we should instead think of all the joy and accomplishments that Dick did and the memories he left for us.
May he rest in peace.

Varmun Kamara

February 16, 2020

A Note To My Friend, Mentor and Boss - Mr. Richard W. Manlove

I’ve heard of your passing to the great beyond and I must confess that I am still shocked and saddened; I’ve actually sobbed – sorry I forgot that my 10 years old son has been nearby and never seen me cry, at least not openly. My emotions stem from my recollections of how we crossed paths in war-torn Liberia in the 1990s, to include how you engineered my departure from Liberia to the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY), based at the Hague, Netherlands, then to the United Nations Observer Mission in Georgia (UNOMIG). To me and many others, you had a heart of gold and you were a true leader of men who never failed to demonstrate courage, modesty and humility; your knowledge, wisdom and humor…priceless.
Thank you for being my friend, mentor and unwavering supporter and cheerleader for the 20+ years I was privileged to know you. I’m fully aware that you never accepted full credit for my achievements, and I can still hear you saying, “you are welcome Varmun, but you are doing the heavy-lifting and I’m proud of you and always happy to be of help.” Thank you for affording me OPPORTUNITIES that transformed my life for the better – personally and professionally. You are the one who elevated me from a local staff in war-torn Liberia to respectable UN Security positions around the world. You, Sir, are my HERO and will continue to live in the most cherished part of my heart forever! I’ll see you one last time on 9 June so we can say our earthly goodbyes. May the Good Lord strengthen your family for sharing a great soul with me and the rest of the world! And may He grant you an eternal abode worthy of the many good deeds you performed during your earthly sojourn!

Very Best Regards Always,

Tanja Bunjac

February 15, 2020

Rest in Peace dear friend and colleague. You will be remembered and missed. Tanja

Patrick Nebo

February 15, 2020

Richard played a significant role in my career with the United Nations, which opened the path for me to advance to senior security management positions.

It wasn’t a coincidence that I eventually worked along side him when I returned to UNHQ from my service in the field.

Ever since I met Richard; I admire his charisma.

Patrick Nebo.

Bill Kirtley

February 4, 2020

I am a classmate of Dick's from West Point. I didn't see him much after graduation but I have great memories of him there. I simply remember a guy who constantly had a big smile, great sense of humor and made life enjoyable for all who were around him. Well done, Brother! Be thou at peace.

Donna Maxfield

February 1, 2020

Always vibrant, always strong, always taking care of us all, it’s so hard to think you are no longer with us, dear Richard. Thank you, for your service to our country and to the peoples of the world. We are all better for having been blessed with your presence in our lives and, in Chris’ and my case, at the very start of our life together. You will always have a very, very special place in our hearts. Our hearts are also with you, Carolyn, and the entire family. There are no words - except maybe ‘thank you’ for sharing your Richard with us all. God bless and comfort you all, and may Our Lord grant our beloved Richard eternal peace and rest. Yours ever, D

Peyton Ligon

January 30, 2020

Rest In Peace my fellow USMA Classmate


Stuart Groves

January 30, 2020

Richard inducted me into the UN security business in 1996. We were roughly the same age, had similar previous experiences, I too a recently retired Army Colonel. He was the only person to provide me information and guidance before I traveled to Africa to be plunged in the middle of a war zone. Shortly after I arrived he came to help me settle in, a completely unexpected but welcome visit. He brought me every piece of information he could find to help me with my new job.
We sat having a refreshment and a talk when a truck was blown up across the street from us and as panic ensued he asked as calmly as could be if I would like another. He was completely unflappable.
This was the start of a friendship and bond that lasted almost 25 years. He was a mentor and a leader. We worked on many issues together, including Iraq. He was consistently calm, reasoned and often with a twinkle in his eye would cut through the noise and nonsense of situations to come up with a workable solution.
Always a Gentleman as well as a Man's Man, he always had your back.
He will be missed, My sincere condolences to his family
Stuart Groves