Michael Evans Mutersbaugh

February 21, 1997December 12, 2020
Obituary of Michael Evans Mutersbaugh
From the Mutersbaugh Family Thank you and merry Christmas to everyone here and those watching online today. We would like to express our sincerest prayers, and well wishes to the three recovering friends that were in Michael’s car. We would also like to thank Duke University for the generous support, love, and kindness that they have graciously bestowed. Michael told us that he had met some wonderful new friends at Duke, and over the past year and a half, he was blessed to be welcomed into the Duke community. He forged great relationships with his employers, teachers and fellow researchers, and made new friends all around Durham, North Carolina. Michael spent Thanksgiving making sure his research animals in the lab were doing well, and since he was unable to be home with family, he happily ate dinner with a few graduate students. He actually cooked his favorite side dish for the occasion “Au Gratin Potatoes” which he said turned out “okay”, but truly it was the “wonderful event with good friends” that he really enjoyed. Michael’s genuine concern and love for others has been echoed in the kind words, and the tributes we have been receiving. In his short 23 years he absolutely lived life to its fullest extent, and shared with others how to do the same. Just as when a great big star, burning brilliantly dies, a shock wave goes out into space triggering new star formation, and new life everywhere it touches. Michael would want this for all of us, to have this trigger the opening of our hearts, and a change in our lives. For us all to begin loving each other…AGAIN, more strongly than ever before! Also, Michael would want for this to inspire us to achieve our greatest potential, so that we can not only care for ourselves and families, but those who are less fortunate. Let our resolve to honor Michael’s memory be strengthened in our actions, and reflected in our kindness, and love. Let this motivate us to heal broken friendships, & make new ones. Let this provoke, & exhilarate us to rescue those in need, and reduce our own selfishness. Let this guide our minds to find peace, and most importantly, to share that peace with others. We love you all, and thank you so very very much. Michael's family and relatives will gather for a Funeral Mass at St. John the Beloved on Tuesday at Noon. A limited number of seats are available in church for Michael's classmates. Those who wish to attend should contact the parish office at Michael Evans Mutersbaugh, age 23, of McLean, Virginia, passed away on December 12, 2020 in Raleigh, North Carolina. Michael was born in Reston, Virginia to James and Ann Mutersbaugh on February 21, 1997. He received the sacraments of baptism, communion, and confirmation at St. John the Beloved Roman Catholic Church in McLean, VA. He attended school at Kent Gardens Elementary, Haycock Elementary (for the FCPS Advanced Academic Program), Longfellow Middle School, and McLean High School (Class of 2015). Mike graduated from the University of Virginia in 2019 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biomedical Engineering. While attending UVA, Michael spent the summer of 2018 as a Research Assistant in the lab of Dr. Yeka Aponte at the Neuronal Circuits and Behavior Unit National Institute of Health Biomedical Research Center in Baltimore, MD. Michael was recently made aware that he is listed as an author on a scientific paper which will be published soon. After graduation from UVA in the summer of 2019, he joined the lab of Dr. Court Hull at Duke University in the Department of Neurobiology as a Research Technician. After a year of work in the lab, Michael was accepted unanimously into Duke’s Neurobiology Ph.D. program. He proved to be an asset to the lab, and among many other research tasks Mike performed surgeries to assist in the study of neural circuits in the rodent cerebellum. He analyzed the data with sophisticated software to study various brain activity functions. As a kid, Michael tore it up on the playground and later enjoyed sports such as track and field, swimming, soccer, uni-cycling, biking, skateboarding, jumping 15 feet off the deck and so much more. In college it was hiking, river rafting, snowboarding (GO VASST!) and boogie boarding. Also he played the alto sax beautifully in the nationally renowned McLean High Symphonic Band. Marching band was the best time for Mike in high school. He loved to read, play vids, use social media with friends, play D & D, and every type of board game! He was pretty good at trivia night at the Mellow Mushroom. As a young adult, hanging with friends and eating every type of restaurant food became a regular occurrence. During this pandemic, Michael spent gobs of time becoming a chess expert by studying the game intensely and playing live online. Although an extremely adept mathematician, Michael had a true love for the arts, music, nature and really lived life to the fullest. Most importantly of all, he cared deeply about his friendships. He stopped and took the time to help others in need. Michael volunteered for organizations such as Share, and the Lewinsville Retirement Residence. A Place Called Heaven I have a place that waits for me A place I love, called Calvary Where angels sing and rejoice all day And children laugh, run and play. Here the Masters holds my hand As we walk through Heavens land. This is the place Ive dreamed of for so long So beautiful, so heavenly like the angels song. -Prayers for Special Help

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