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Clarence Windom "Win" Wenger Jr., Ph.D.

April 27, 1938January 7, 2021

Win Wenger has passed away at his home in Gaithersburg, MD. Thursday January 7, 2021 at the age of 82. Formerly of Harrisonburg, VA., Win graduated from the University of Virginia with a Masters in Education and a Bachelors in Economics. He received a PhD in Education from the University of Sarasota. Win taught Economics, History, and Psychology at Kirkland Hall College and Ocean City College. At Cambridge College’s (Mass.) National Institute for Teaching Excellence, he taught Educational Methods and Accelerative Learning. He also was an adjunct professor at Goddard College, VT. He said that the most satisfying experience in his life was overhearing his students discussing what they had talked about in his classes as he walked around the campus.

He has dedicated his life to sharing his knowledge of creative teaching, accelerated learning, and problem solving techniques. He is the author of over 55 published books, some published in multiple languages. He has taught in universities and at workshops in numerous countries spanning 5 continents around the world. A respected member and consultant highly involved with multiple worldwide creative communities including Mensa, Intertel, Mindcamp, Creative Problem Solving Institute, South African Creativity Conference, and many more.

He had a passion for classical music, composing his own music, and he developed a unique impromptu style of composing at the piano. He had a compassionate soul, an honest love for humanity, and he was a great listener who could always find the best quality in every person he met. He referred to his teaching technique as “Teaching by Listening.” He was a genuine humble genius.

He resided in Gaithersburg, Maryland with his wife of 53 years. He is survived by his wife Susan Wenger, his two daughters Erika Mayo and Whimsy Johnson, three grandchildren Randy Mayo, Daniel Johnson, and Sydney Johnson, his nephew Clifford Taylor, and his niece Sarah Parsons.

He was preceded in death by his father Clarence Windom Wenger, Sr., his mother Elizabeth Gentry Hill Wenger, and his sister Diane Taylor.

“His curiosity inspired creativity; his humanity inspired us all”

Please feel free to share your most memorable experiences with Win Wenger, or describe a way that he has influenced you.

* “What you describe, you become more aware of” ~Win Wenger

* “You are brighter than you think” ~Win Wenger

* “The answer to nearly every question in nearly every field: Articulate your subtler perceptions in a feedback-rich context” ~Win Wenger


Clarence Windom "Win" Wenger Jr., Ph.D.

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paolo sbuttoni

January 15, 2021

Dear Win
in your brand new house now you will be surrounded by your insipiring thoughts, incredible visions, amazing ideas and, once more, come out with new questions. We met at CPSI in the nineties, and mine were the first steps in the field of the “real creativity”. I will never forget the way you sat there, looked at us, and shared your unforgettable visions. Thanks to you I discovered that there is so much more in us than what we can even think. Maybe you will meet Einstein and his factor. Please take care of your beautiful mind.

Whimsy Johnson

January 14, 2021

Here's a slideshow of Win Wenger's family life.

Volker Knöringer

January 14, 2021

Dear family and friends of Win,

yesterday evening I was contemplating how Image Streaming would relate to something I had just read. Then I "heard" Win say: "You perceive more and better if you focus on the inner world, because this is where the sensory input of ALL senses is present at the same time. Focus on one sense and you lose all the others."

So I focused on what my inner world related to me about the noises I was hearing in the background and described that to myself (in thought). Suddenly I got the impulse to check emails on my phone. Doing this I realized I had just gotten an email from Pete Bisonette of Learning Strategies where he related the sad news of Win's passing and a short tribute.

After reading the details on the page here, I was very sad until I realized that Win himself had just given me an incredible gift. The master had me realize the truth and depth of his wisdom by giving me this experience as a farewell gift.

Win, I'm very glad you became my friend through your books, courses and website. And, indeed, it is not a farewell, for you will stay with me as a mentor and torch of sanity and of what it means to be human... and ohh... the potential.

Volker Knöringer, Germany

Robett Solomon

January 14, 2021

Win was a rare exceptional unique human being. I treasured our long hours of in-person conversation - from our first meeting at Cambridge College Accelerated Learning to my life changing awareness at a 1990 & later 1992 CPSI wonderous weeks + 2 Mensa meetings later which contributed to my discovery of MultiDimensional Thinking & recent development of Viteracy & DynaGram which frees humanity from the shackles of linear literacy & Visual Thinking Blinders. Win will always be present in my mind as a dear kindred spirit. Much condolences to his soul mate & enabler Susan Wenger.

Dr. Robert D. Solomon, PhD, MIT

Dimis Michaelides

January 14, 2021

Dear Win,

You have been a teacher unlike any other. Behind your gentle personality and fine penmanship I found profound wisdom and true inspiration.

Thank you and may Susan and your loved ones stay strong.


Seth Weine

January 14, 2021

Win's work will be discovered more widely---and the world needs (more than ever!) positive and innovative ways of solving our problems. His great contributions will live and be ever more appreciated!

Manou Schreiner

January 14, 2021

Dear Mrs Wenger and family of Mr Wenger,

I am saddened by the message I just received of the passing away of Mr Win Wenger, your dear husband, father, grandfather, and great teacher, as he certainly was to everyone who put his teachings into practice. I have only very recently discovered Mr Wenger’s work (about a month ago) and it has already profoundly enriched, and indeed changed, my life. Especially his technique of “borrowed genius” has allowed me to overcome blocks in my music-making that I hadn’t been able to solve even with the use of a host of other techniques. He will be dearly missed for everything he offered the world.

With heartfelt condolances,

Manou Schreiner

Alison Bramall

January 14, 2021

He was talking at the first conference I went to as a young Experiential Development trainer. Organised by SEAL - the society for effective affective learing, it opened my eyes to ways of working I'd not dreamed of. Win introduced NLP strategies in the form of a string of incomprehensible shorthand. However, I fell in love with NLP and trained with Ian MacDermot for years and subsequently Art Guiser, the creator of Energetic NLP.

Stein Hval

January 14, 2021

Thank you for influencing us in your own subtle yet impressing way.
Stein Hval, Norway

Rosslyn Miller-hardy

January 13, 2021

My condolences to his loved ones at this time. He inspired me to look behind the looking glass when my visionary skills needed honing and not aligned! Only a short time the invite from his lesson was available? He lives on from his skills of visionary intuit from above as a GUIDE now!