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William "Bill" Joseph Mooney III

May 4, 1933March 23, 2020

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of William J. Mooney III, at the age of 86 in Indianapolis, IN. Bill’s irreverent spirit combined with his deep love of fun and family will be missed by his wife, siblings, children, grandchildren and friends who were lucky enough to know him. Bill passed away at St. Vincent’s hospital in Indianapolis. Shiela, his wife of 59 years, was at his side.

With a tear in his eye, Bill was always one to respond with a song, toast, or quick remark – the marks of a true Irishman. He passed his love of gathering and enjoying the company of good friends (and good whiskey) to his eight children, 26 grandchildren, and countless others who knew him.

Bill was born in Indianapolis, IN on May 4, 1933 to William J Mooney II and Dorothy Clune Mooney. As the third of four children, Bill grew up on the near northside of Indianapolis and attended St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church, beginning a life-long relationship with northside Catholic parishes, including St. Lawrence and St. Pius X. He then moved downtown to Cathedral High School, where he graduated in 1951. Notre Dame was next and his love for all things Irish - especially blessing and cursing Irish football - became a passion for life. The Korean War took Bill to Korea, where he served as a corporal running payroll for two years. He returned to Notre Dame in 1955 and graduated in 1957 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy.

Bill married Shiela Moynahan on June 25, 1960 and moved to a big old farmhouse on Sargent Road that many of us in Indianapolis are sure to remember. The self-proclaimed ‘city slicker’ who would do anything for the girl he loved became a ‘city farmer’. Over the years, the farm was filled with kids, dogs, a few horses, music, and laughter. From milking the cows to hosting barn dances for friends and family, Bill embodied the farm life and lived country life to the fullest. He was quick to gather friends and family around him, something he continued late into his life through Friday After Work gatherings and tennis matches well into his eighties.

This lust for life carried over in everything Bill did, including his career. For 22 years Bill led the Mooney Mueller Ward Company, establishing his career in the pharmaceutical industry. He leveraged this insight, knowledge, and education in the industry to become one of the nation’s leading experts on pharmaceuticals and pharmaceutical distribution. He served as President of the National Wholesale Druggist Association and President of the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Distributors.

After selling his pharmaceutical business, Bill used his industry knowledge and negotiation skills to become the President and CEO of three start-ups: The Alliance of Indianapolis Hospitals, Circle Pharmaceuticals and Dureen Development. He served on Governor Evan Bayh’s Medicaid Pharmacy Reimbursement Task Force to help design cost-containment initiatives for Medicaid recipients.

Bill embodied the excitement and entrepreneurial spirit of the Indianapolis community throughout his entire life. A devout Democrat, Bill’s commitment to inner city growth and urban development was felt in the far reaches of Indianapolis.

As a member of multiple clubs and societies throughout the city, Bill was an avid part of the Indianapolis social scene. He was a charter member of the Northside Knights of Columbus and a champion handball player at the Indianapolis Athletic Club. He served on the board of directors for many community organizations including The United Way of Central Indiana, Community Service Council, Urban League, Indianapolis Zoo, and Flanner House.

In 1998, Bill was selected as Indianapolis Irish Citizen of the Year by the Indianapolis Athletic Club. For a man who embodied the spirit of Ireland (and who had a wife whose birthday is on St. Patrick’s Day!), this recognition gave the family a new tradition to embrace. For the last twenty years, the Mooney Clan (and all its subsidiaries) have been a steady - and loudly recognizable - presence at the city’s annual parade. Many a’ reveler have come across Bill in his element on this day and have raised a Guinness or whiskey in an Irish toast with the man himself.

Bill is survived by his loving wife Shiela Moynahan, his eight children: William J Mooney IV ( Jenifer Farrington), Kathleen Mooney Jeffers (Tom Jeffers), Erin Mooney Young (John Young), Robert Mooney (Leslie Moore), Maura Mooney Lee (Stephan Lee), Patricia Mooney Lautenbach (Jeff Lautenbach), Eileen Mooney Walthall (Jeremy Walthall) and Bridget Mooney McIntyre (Conor McIntyre), and his 26 grandchildren that will miss him each and every day: Liz, Erin, Lucy and Dan Mooney; Tom, Connor and Molly Jeffers; Joe, Jack and Abby Young; Bob and Jackie Mooney; Stephan, Megan, Maddie and Clara Lee; Bridget, Sam, Maura, Katie and Luke Lautenbach; Liam and Lily Walthall; and Eamon, Casey and Griffin McIntyre.

Bill is also remembered by his sisters, Mary Jo Mooney Furgeson Carr and Anne Mooney Degnan, his brother, Michael Clune Mooney, and many, many great nieces, nephews, and cousins.

When we are able, we will gather friends and family together to celebrate a wonderful life well lived. In the meantime, many of us have a story or memory of Bill that is sure to bring a smile to our faces and a twinkle to our eyes. In lieu of flowers, please share these stories with your families (both in person and online) and raise an Irish toast to the man who made every day a little bit brighter. Slàinte!


  • Shiela Moynahan Mooney, Wife
  • William J Mooney IV (Jenifer Farrington), Son
  • Kathleen Mooney Jeffers (Tom), Daughter
  • Erin Mooney Young (John), Daughter
  • Robert Mooney (Leslie Moore), Son
  • Maura Mooney Lee (Stephan Lee), Daughter
  • Patricia Mooney Lautenbach (Jeff), Daughter
  • Eileen Mooney Walthall (Jeremy), Daughter
  • Bridget Mooney McIntyre (Conor), Daughter
  • Liz Mooney, Grandchild
  • Erin Mooney, Grandchild
  • Lucy Mooney, Grandchild
  • Dan Mooney, Grandchild
  • Tom Jeffers, Grandchild
  • Connor Jeffers, Grandchild
  • Molly Jeffers, Grandchild
  • Joe Young, Grandchild
  • Jack Young, Grandchild
  • Abby Young, Grandchild
  • Bob Mooney, Grandchild
  • Jackie Mooney, Grandchild
  • Stephan Lee, Grandchild
  • Megan Lee, Grandchild
  • Maddie Lee, Grandchild
  • Clara Lee, Grandchild
  • Bridget Lautenbach, Grandchild
  • Sam Lautenbach, Grandchild
  • Maura Lautenbach, Grandchild
  • Katie Lautenbach, Grandchild
  • Luke Lautenbach, Grandchild
  • Liam Walthall, Grandchild
  • Lily Walthall, Grandchild
  • Eamon McIntyre, Grandchild
  • Casey McIntyre, Grandchild
  • Griffin McIntyre, Grandchild
  • Mary Jo Mooney Furgeson Carr, Sister
  • Anne Mooney Degnan, Sister
  • Michael Clune Mooney, Brother
  • Many, many great nieces, nephews, and cousins.


William "Bill" Joseph Mooney III

have a memory or condolence to add?

Dave McNulty

March 30, 2020

I feel that I have known Bill my entire life he was family to the McNulty's. May he rest in peace. To Shelia and their family Mary Jo, Ann & Mike he is now being held in the palm of Gods hand. Much Love & prayers. Dave & Kathy McNulty

Mark Varnau

March 29, 2020

I have wonderful memories of working with him, Bill Quigley, and Dr. Jim Trippi on how we could work together to bring affordable medication to those who had not the means to buy it. We continued to meet after Quigley's death and Bill was always thoughtful, strategic and, yes, good humored about our plans. Medicaid and Medicare D made our plan somewhat less urgent and we eventually dropped our efforts. But getting to know Bill more closely other than through our association in the pharmaceutical world (I worked for Hook's) was a treat.
RIP, Bill, you made the world a better place! Mark Varnau

Kathleen Desautels, SP

March 29, 2020

Bill was as gracious as he was so thoroughly good, kind and fun to be with. Bill’s family and ours were Central Avenue neighbors. Our Mothers were monthly “sewing club” friends, but no group did as little sewing as these long time Joan of Arc-ers. Port wine with lunch kept them talking and laughing all afternoon.

Bill and Sheila never lost touch with the many friends they had no matter the years between seeing one another. Bill was the sunshine in every person’s life he called friend, and the list is even longer than those of his extended family.

Bill rests in the peace of his God who surely is Irish when in Bill’s presence. Live on, Bill, in the peace you deserve.


March 29, 2020

Bill and Shiela and the whole Mooney/Carr/Monaghan/Clune/Shiel families were all class people. Kind and caring, fun to be with.
I rate Bill as one of my top handful of friends in my life and will always remember all the good times we had at Palisades, in our homes, at the farm/in the barn.
And old Daisy and Goldie pumping out milk for about 15 or 20 growing kids (and parents.) And how about picking up 15 bushels of Niagara grapes in a Kalamazoo winery and driving home with two station wagons FULL of kids/bushels and gnats - which only bothered us at the stoplights. And the wine seemed to get worse every year, and it started out as not very good :)
And I recall a photo shoot Bill asked me to do at the Mooney farm for Dorothy's 75th Birthday party. What fun! And the time Bill brought the goat into the family room with that gorgeous fireplace, when the two priests (I forget which two - one had a German name) were visiting.
Life is GREAT when you think of all the fun we had for so many years.

Bob Desautels

March 29, 2020

The Mooney family has a warm spot in the hearts of the Desautels family. Our home in St. Joan of Arc parish was within site of the Mooneys and my parents were very close to Bill and Dorothy as well as their children. I got to know Bill Mooney, III and Sheila and was always happy to see them when I would come in contact at St. Pius X Church when they moved into the parish.

Bill always wanted to enter into conversation with me no matter what I was doing. That included the moment I would serve him Communion at Sunday Mass. “ Hi, Bob, how are you doing.” His warmth was a gift to me. A great family man and generous friend. God Bless you!

Dave Stuhldreher

March 29, 2020

In the Spring of 1996 I attended a Golf School in Pawley’Island, SC. I was alone and one night I went into Charleston for dinner. In the restaurant Bill Sr. was there with his wonderful family. He saw me and called me over, and insisted that I join them. We shared a tremendous meal together and he was even adamant about paying for my meal. I’ve never forgotten his warmth and hospitality. I’m sure there are hundreds of people who would have similar stories of his fine qualities. Dave Stuhldreher

Andrew Ratermann

March 29, 2020

My sympathy on the loss of your father, father-in-law, and grandfather.

Sara Koehler

March 29, 2020

I will never forget Bill's wonderful smile and welcoming attitude.
We worked together on the Voice of the Faithful Conference in Indy years ago. Bill knew we have a responsibility to make our church more open to reform. It is wonderful to read about the many causes he espoused, making life better for our city and its people.
It has been my privilege to have known many members of the Mooney Clan through Cathedral High School. The world will just not be the same without this wonderful man. My prayers are with you all.

Janet Manning

March 29, 2020

Working at Mooney Mueller Ward was my first "real" job - I worked for my dad (Wayman Byers) at his pharmacy from 8th grade thru high school, and after a short college stint, I decided I needed a job independent of my dad. I trained in the warehouse but worked on the order desk where I made many wonderful friends. I owe Bill Mooney so much - he was definitely a man ahead of his time. In 1972, where women were truly fighting for equal rights, he promoted me to sales rep - the only woman in the state of IN and one of the few in the country - I truly loved this job but, as we know, things changed a lot in the mid-70s in the wholesale drug business. I have never forgotten that this wonderful man gave me a chance that not many others would ever have been given. My condolescences to the Mooney family, and I hope you will let me know when you have his celebration of life. Love to all.

Anne Daly

March 28, 2020

The John Shiel clan is deeply saddened to hear of passing of Bill Mooney. What a lovely obit, kudos to all who shared in creating it. You captured his wonderful persona beautifully!

One of my fondest memories includes when Bill and Shiela had begun dating while she was in college in St. Louis; they came up to Decatur on a few Sundays for late afternoon meal. Mom and dad were so excited to be part of watching their relationship developing at that time. I recall mom served something called corn chowder which was new to me (I would have been about 10 yrs old at the time). Bill loved the corn chowder, so did I; I make it regularly now, and always think of him.

Mike and I had the pleasure of attending a barn dance fall 1972 at Chape Shiel's urging; as I recall, that was the nite we decided we would marry the following summer. Definitely a significant time in my life.

I recall visiting your farmhouse when the first child was born ("Billy"); such excitement amoung our parents' generation as a new generation of Shiels was beginning.

We would love to join you once you finalize plans to have life celebration for Bill.