Jack H White

January 20, 1953August 9, 2018

Jack Hutchins White, Jr., loving husband and father, passed away on August 9, 2018 in his home surrounded by his family and good friend Kenny Cribb after a yearlong, bravely fought battle against cancer. He was born on January 20, 1953 in Kings Mountain, NC, the first child of Jack and Dorcas White. He grew up in Kings Mountain, NC where his father was an attorney and state Senator. Jack was proud of his father's accomplishments and the bills his father passed in the senate during the 1960's. His mother was a beloved elementary school teacher in the Kings Mountain school system, teaching 2nd grade for 37 years. Jack was a Phi Beta Kappa. He graduated with honors from Davidson College and went on to Magdalen College at Oxford University where he received his law degree. Jack also received a second law degree from The University of Virginia. As a young attorney, Jack began his career at Mudge, Rose, Guthrie and Alexander, a Wall Street Firm, though he chose to work in their Washington, D.C. office. During this time, he met the love of his life, Marianna Florestano, and married her on May 28, 1983. In 1984, Jack took a leap of faith in his career by making the decision to join Bell Atlantic, which later became Verizon. Jack excelled at Verizon to become Senior Vice President and General Counsel of Services, Networks and Technology. When Jack was in his 30's, he frequently talked about retiring and in 2010, he was able to enjoy an early retirement due to his success. Jack's interests then turned to genealogy, conducting extensive research and uncovering an impressive and interesting family tree. He was most proud to discover that he is a direct descendant of six pilgrims who came over on The Mayflower. Jack received The General Society of The Mayflower Descendants certificate, The Alden Kindred of America, Inc. certificate and The National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution certificate. In addition to his genealogy work Jack was a true Renaissance Man. Jack is survived by his wife Marianna White, his two sons, Ian and Winston White, his daughter-in-law Lorena White, his father-in-law Ernest Florestano, his sisters Nancy Mauney and Alyson Hall, his nephew Hunter Mauney, and his nieces Jaclyn Mauney and Alyssa Hall. The family will hold a service to celebrate Jack's life at Christ Church in Alexandria, VA, date as yet to be determined. In lieu of flowers, the family requests that you please consider making a charitable donation in Jack's memory to VITAS at


Jack H White

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John White

September 20, 2018

My name is John Robert Hutchins White, Jack's first cousin.
Athough we never met to my knowledge, Jack and I started corresponding when he asked me to take a DNA test to prove a theory he had about our family tree. He educated me on our bloodline as far back as the Vikings in modern day Denmark.
Just like my late father, Emmett Royce White Sr., Jack's knowledge was very impressive, to say the least.
Thanks Cousin Jack.

Candy Guy

August 13, 2018

I’m Jack’s 2nd cousin. His mom, Dorcas, introduced my mom to her cousin Bob Cline(my dad) in the late 40’s. During my growing up years, there were yearly Cline reunions when I would see Button(Jack’s nickname to all of us). My years in Cleveland County were wonderful! All of our parents socialized together and we grew up knowing each other. We lost touch over the years but found each other on Facebook years back. I could always depend on Jack to straighten me out on political the best of my understanding! He ordered decorated cookies from me to share with his family. I was honored. It broke my heart that I never got to visit him. Thank you for sweet memories.

Patti Mason

August 12, 2018

We only knew each other for a short time but Jack's keen intellect and knowledge made him one valuable consult. His research abilities were exceptional. The most important part is that Jack was a Christian and that was his foundation for everything. He always was looking out for the other person. His last night, he posted to all his Facebook Friends and concluded that he felt comfortable and would see us all on the other side - Jack knew who he was, who he belonged to, and where he was going - how exciting. Jack was a blessing from God to all of us. May God hug his family in the journey ahead and turn the tears of sorrow to tears of joy remembering God's blessing and the joy to come at the reunion. May God bless us all to come to Him and to remember Jack as His man and model for us.

Larry Sledge

August 12, 2018

I want to express my sympathy to the entire family! I was saddened to hear this news about a “cousin” who I had never met.. we have shared an interest in genealogy and exchanged emails for years... My maternal grandfather married Nelia Bet White and we discovered that we share some mutual ancestors of earlier days... Also, in following his Facebook posts, I knew that Ian works for Lidl... One of their stores has recently opened nearby, and I think of both Ian and his Dad every time I pass by it! May God hold all of you close and give you many reminders of better days before his heath failed during the days ahead! I look forward to meeting him “on the other side” someday!

Leslie Voulters

August 12, 2018

"At the end of life, what really matters is not what we bought but what we built; not what we got but what we shared; not our competence but our character; and not our success but our significance.
Live a life that matters. Live a life of love."

Jack exceeded all.

Heartfelt Condolences,
Deana, Marc & Leslie

Harlan Sherwat

August 11, 2018

The day Jack came into my office at Bell Atlantic for an interview in our corporate legal department was 36 years ago. I had been impressed by his resume and experience at a law firm. In the interview, Jack's responses to my questions were clear, thoughtful, and concise. I thought he would be an excellent addition to our staff. (But, I still remember how Jack towered over me and vowed then and there that if he accepted, I would never ride in a small elevator with him.)

We hired Jack and he exceeded our expectations. He quickly became the lawyer I trusted to handle successfully any assignment I gave him. He succeeded me when I retired in 1998.

Working together for so long, we had many opportunities to discuss the issues of the day. We found ourselves on opposite sides of many political questions. I often felt he was trying to shock me, given his very conservative views. But, he was a rational conservative, so we could intelligently discuss the issues and then continue our firm business and personal relationship.

Over the years, we shared many dining experiences around town, holiday parties, and always had time to catch up on the accomplishments of his children. Jack was very proud of his boys.

Bev and I will miss him and those times very much.

Cerese Feagans

August 11, 2018

Jack and I grew up together at Kings Mountain Baptist Church, where his mother, Dorcas, sang in the choir. Jack was a few months younger than I, but we were in the same Sunday School class. In those days, he was known as "Buttons," and I was known as Tinker Blanton. In high school, we were in the marching band together and had many fun times on band trips. I will always remember his quick wit, in particular his love of puns. R.I.P, my friend.

Jonas "Randy" Bell

August 11, 2018

My name is Randy Bell. Jack and I had classes together at Kings Mountain High School! Great friend my prayers for comfort and strength for his family!

Lynn Godfrey

August 10, 2018

To Jack's family: My name, as a teen, was Lynn Cornwell. Jack and I were friends in high school. His mother was my teacher in second grade. I adored her and I adored Jack. Jack was so funny and so serious, simultaneously. I remember laughing and laughing and laughing when I visited him at Davidson. But that humor and laughter was always well - seated in a justice for all and enduring care for those close to him. Jack's big, big grin and his intellect are embedded in my memory. My best recollection of the two of us was when he and I went to Charlotte to see a movie (a movie that was controversial and thought provoking, of course); and, the two of us devouring a freshly baked dozen of hot Krispy Kreme doughnuts during the movie. We all can identify with hopes and dreams of our youth. Our high school class and friends in other classes in Kings Mountain were a solid unit of robust hopes and dreams, with a strong appetite for changing the world. I imagine Jack lived many of his hopes and dreams. In memory, Jack and his values will continue to live on in his family and in those whose lives he touched. Lynn Godfrey

Stephen Bozzo

August 10, 2018

Jack and I have been work mates and friends for many many years. He was a tough and fair boss, a mentor, a fine lawyer with a big picture grasp, something lacking in big corpaorate America, and a dear friend. His stories, his devotion to his family, and his manner, apart from work, revealed a loving bear of a man, funny, poignant, and deeply caring. His wit, honed by his love of things British, including Churchill, and no doubt reinforced by his studies there, was legendary. I was struck by his courage in battling his illness. His frankness in describing its process and treatment and its impact on his family and him. His sense of humor in a dire time. He is missed already and will be remembered as one of the good ones. RIP my friend.