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Elliott-Hamil Funeral Home and Elliott-Hamil Garden of Memories Cemetery & Crematory have served families in and around Abilene, Texas, since 1933. The funeral home address at Highway 277 South was opened during the Great Depression by Pete and Mittie Elliott.





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Funeral planning can seem overwhelming. These guides can help you every step of the way—from choosing between traditional burial planning and cremation, designing a religious ceremony or a celebration of life, and deciding on cemetery property or filing for veteran's benefits.

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Compassionate, creative funeral services

Elliott-Hamil Funeral Home is a modern, warm and welcoming setting to gather with family to plan a funeral or memorial service. Our staff is here to guide you every step of the way. We can arrange everything from a traditional church funeral and cemetery burial, to simple cremation with ashes scattered in a personally meaningful spot, to a modern celebration of life with live music, favorite foods and a send-off that reflects the personality and passions of yourself or your loved one.

Imagine a true West Texas tribute with country tunes, barbecue and a backdrop of big sky and longhorn cattle. Or, perhaps you envision a sweet garden party with favorite flowers nestled in teapots, finger foods for nibbling and guests enjoying the sunshine. Whatever your wishes, we at Elliott-Hamil Funeral Home go the extra mile to make it happen.

Though Elliott-Hamil Garden of Memories Cemetery & Crematory is our sister location, we happily work with any cemeteries in the area.

Elliott-Hamil Garden of Memories Cemetery & Crematory

Cemetery grounds at Elliott-Hamil Funeral HomeAdjacent to the funeral home, Elliott-Hamil Garden of Memories Cemetery & Crematory is a quiet place of serene beauty. Lushly landscaped grounds, artful statues and a peaceful water feature make the cemetery a reassuring choice for families. We provide a variety of burial options, including traditional ground interment, an upright monument garden, double-depth lawn crypts, cremation gardens and a columbarium.

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At Elliott-Hamil Funeral Home and Elliott-Hamil Garden of Memories Cemetery & Crematory, we consider it an honor to assist with funeral and cemetery arrangements in Abilene. Please contact us if you need immediate assistance or would like more information about our services.


Front exterior at Elliott-Hamil Funeral HomeIn 1933, Pete and Mittie Elliott founded Elliott's Funeral Home at North Second and Orange Streets in Abilene. Many considered it a bold move; skeptics had a difficult time believing a new business could survive during the Great Depression. In order to be available to the community at all times, Pete and Mittie built their house next to the funeral home. It was not unusual for people needing assistance to knock on the their door at all hours of the day and night.

In 1947, the Elliotts and their daughter Jo Ann moved the business to 542 Hickory St. After Jo Ann graduated from Abilene High School, she followed in her parents' professional footsteps. She attended the Dallas Institute of Mortuary Science, where she was 1 of only 2 women in her class. In 1958, she married John Hamil, also a funeral director. In an effort to handle the increasing needs of a growing city, they built another funeral home—our funeral home—in 1974 on Highway 277 South.

At that time, they decided to call both locations Elliott-Hamil Funeral Home.

An ideal burial in Abilene

John dreamed of establishing a cemetery next to the funeral home on Highway 277. In 1996, that dream became a reality when Elliott-Hamil Garden of Memories Cemetery & Crematory opened.

Today, the funeral home and cemetery staff continue to be a family of dedicated professionals serving all faiths. Our commitment is still that of Pete and Mittie Elliott: to be sensitive to the needs of West Texas families in every way.


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