Celebration of Life Planning

Few people are experts at planning a celebration of life, but Dignity Memorial professionals are. To us, every detail matters—because we understand the smallest details made your loved one unique. And capturing that essence creates an unforgettable send-off.

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Celebrating the details that make a life unique.

When we remember someone, it’s not the big things we miss most. It’s all the irreplaceable little things that made them special.


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Be inspired to plan your perfect service

A funeral or cremation memorial that celebrates the details that make you unique in the world takes a little thought and planning. Fill out the form to get your free copy of Imagine: A Memorial Inspiration Guide and start thinking about how you’d like to be remembered.

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A unique tribute for your special person

At a celebration of life, friends and family gather to remember the details of a loved one’s life. Highlighting a person's hobbies, skills, passions, occupation and memorable personality traits can create a one-of-a-kind service.

Elements of a meaningful memorial

Behind every great event is a lot of planning, and a life well celebrated is one in which every little thing is remembered. We celebrate life with compassion and attention to detail. That is our passion, our purpose and our promise.

Religious and cultural traditions

A celebration of life can be as religious as the person whose life it celebrates. Including religious and cultural traditions in a celebration service is a significant and special way to honor a loved one. Dignity Memorial professionals are well-versed in the customs of many religions and cultures.

Plan a Celebration of Remembrance

Gathering and travel restrictions during COVID-19 have made it difficult to honor loved ones properly. You can still plan a celebration of life to reflect and remember loved ones the way that friends and family would have wanted and give them support they need.

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