A Complete Guide to Planning a Cremation

Cremation is an increasingly common choice. When you choose cremation for yourself or a loved one, the type of service, cemetery property and cremation memorialization items such as urns and keepsake jewelry can all be customized to suit your needs.

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Cremation Costs

Cremation Costs

Like the cost of everything else, cremation costs are rising. Still, cremation can be less expensive than traditional burial—and when you plan ahead, you protect your family from inflation.


Cremation Costs

Cemetery Memorialization

Having a permanent place to visit, remember and reflect can assist in the grieving process. It also creates a lasting legacy for generations to come.


Cremation Costs

Complements & Alternatives to Cemetery Property

Families appreciate the flexibility that cremation provides, especially when it comes to a loved one's ashes. Because ashes can be divided, they can be memorialized in more ways than one.

When you choose cremation, you also have options for a personalized cremation funeral or memorial. A Guide for Families Choosing Cremation will help you understand your choices.