Everything You Need To Know About Prepaid Funeral Plans

Losing someone you love can be very painful. Planning your funeral in advance makes it easier on your family. In fact, one of the greatest gifts you can give your loved ones is planning and funding final arrangements in advance, but not everyone understands how prepaid funerals work. We're here to help.

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Celebrating the details that make a life unique

When we remember someone, it’s not the big things we miss most. It’s all the irreplaceable little things that made them special.

100% service guarantee

At Dignity Memorial, we strive to get every detail right the first time, every time. That's why we offer every family we serve a 100% service guarantee. Should any detail of our service not meet the expectations as promised in our agreement, we’ll do everything we can to make it right, up to refunding that portion of the service.

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Be inspired to plan your perfect service

A funeral or cremation memorial that celebrates the details that make you unique in the world takes a little thought and planning. Fill out the form to get your free copy of Imagine: A Memorial Inspiration Guide and start thinking about how you’d like to be remembered.

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Plan a beautiful, personal remembrance

Each life is like no other. Particular passions, milestone moments and legacies created weave together to tell a story that is completely unique. The Insider’s Guide to Funeral & Cremation Planning will walk you through inspirational ideas and the simple steps to planning an unforgettable memorial of a loved one’s life—or your own when you plan in advance. Get started today.

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Financial protection for your family

When you plan ahead, you get to carefully consider your options and make choices that ensure that your life is remembered and celebrated the way that you want—but you also lock in today’s prices and protect your family from worrying about money.



Breaking down costs and options

When it comes to planning and funding a funeral in advance, there are options—and some are better than others. Considering all the choices can get confusing, but a professional planner will take the time to get to know you and carefully explain what you need to understand.



Planning ahead is a loving gesture

As a parent or partner, you will give your loved ones many gifts. A lifetime of presents may include everything from a birthday puppy to a college education, a dream vacation to a listening ear. But the next time you want to give them something special, consider planning your funeral ahead of time.



Plan a celebration of your unique life

Each person is one of a kind. We all like different things and have different life experiences—and funerals can be as individual as the lives they honor. When you plan ahead, you get to decide right down to the smallest detail how you'd like your service, whether a traditional funeral, a contemporary celebration of life or a cremation memorial. We consider every little thing to create a fitting tribute that reflects your values, character and traditions, no matter what they may be.

Get The Insider's Guide to Funeral & Cremation Planning.

Find inspirational ideas and learn the simple steps to planning an unforgettable memorial.

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