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The driving principle of Glendale Funeral Home comes down to these 5 words: "Our home is your home."


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Welcome to your funeral home in Glendale

Lobby at Glendale Funeral HomeWe are honored to be your community funeral home. It's our mission to be there for Glendale during the joys and emotional times of life. To reflect this spirit, we changed our previous name of Callanan & Woods Scovern Mortuary to become Glendale Funeral Home. We honor the people we serve, as well as our community of Glendale, California.

Renovations to better serve you

Chapel at Glendale Funeral HomeAt Glendale Funeral Home, we are excited about becoming an involved and active participant in our Glendale community. We will also be going through a comprehensive remodeling project to include doubling the size of our existing reception/community event room and public Wi-Fi access. Though our venue will be temporarily unavailable during the construction, our funeral and memorial services will remain uninterrupted with several other venue options.

Open for our community

Being consistent with our commitment as your community funeral home, please let us know if there are any organization or group meetings that our new community room may host for you after our construction is complete.

Available through construction, day or night

Service room at Glendale Funeral HomeAmidst the funeral home name change and remodeling of our facility, Glendale Funeral Home remains dedicated to serving your family and our community with the same consistent, unsurpassed and personal service that our experienced staff provides with nearly a century of experience.

We want to make your family a part of our family. Whether you are looking for a traditional funeral, cremation or custom memorial service, we stand ready to serve you 24 hours a day.

Our historic Glendale Funeral Home

Glendale Funeral Home has been a pillar of Glendale and the surrounding community for nearly a century. Originally named Glendale Mortuary, the funeral home has only been under a few ownerships since its inception. We recently came full circle with our new name: Glendale Funeral Home. Though we have transitioned through different names, owners and additions, we remain dedicated to providing the warm family atmosphere that has been handed down across the generations at our inviting funeral home.

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