Cresmount Funeral Home - Fennell Chapel

322 Fennell Ave East Hamilton, ON


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    Stephanie Solveig Scales

    Funeral Director

    Funeral service is a second career for Stephanie, and she is passionate about the choice. She did her internship and was licensed at Cresmount Funeral Home.

    Stephanie enjoys community service, especially the annual Kids Help Phone bowling fundraiser, Boolathon, sponsored by the Toronto Bereavement Sector. In fact, she was the driving force in organizing a team for the event. 

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    Philip Seagrove


  • cresmount-funeral-home-fennell-chapel-jessica-lynn-capretta-3121-funeral-director

    Jessica Lynn Capretta

    Funeral Director

  • cresmount-funeral-home-fennell-chapel-d'andre--leslie-3122-funeral-director,3121-funeral-director

    D'Andre Leslie

    Funeral Director

    D'André Leslie was born and raised on Hamilton Mountain and is of Jamaican decent. A licensed funeral director since 2017, D'André finds great fulfillment in guiding families through one of the most personal times in life. He is an active member of ACTS Community Worship Centre at The Living Rock, enjoys traveling to new places and participating in fundraising events.
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    Ian Mckechnie

    Funeral Director

    Ian has worked at Cresmount Funeral Home – Fennell Chapel for more than 2 decades. Outside of work, Ian stays busy with community theatre groups, including The Player's Guild, Hamilton Theatre and Hammer Entertainment. His stage roles include Henry Higgins (My Fair Lady) and Uncle Fester (The Addams Family). Ian loves Halloween and volunteers as a zombie at Bingemans Screampark.

  • cresmount-funeral-home-fennell-chapel-jenny-lee-young-3121-funeral-director,3122-funeral-director,3186-funeral-director

    Jenny Lee Young

    Funeral Director

  • cresmount-funeral-home-fennell-chapel-robert--young-3121-funeral-director

    Robert Young

    Funeral Director